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  • ...entertainment, education, laser, and oil & gas industries, amongst many others. Now a global leader in optical solutions, with offices in the United Kingdom and the USA, our goal is to continue building our reputation by delivering the superior optical... Supplier of: optical products for industrial use | optical components for industry | Electronic optic components | infrared filter | precision optical components [+] custom optical solutions | infrared optics | uv optics | vis optics | nir and ir optics | stock glass optics | optomechanical components and accessories | optical windows | sodium chloride windows | germanium optical components
    UNITED KINGDOM - Harrietsham
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  • Supplier of: optical products for industrial use | Glass, industrial | optical glass
    SWITZERLAND - Sevelen
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  • ...and quality in sophisticated industrial vacuum processes in highly specialised sectors. These products are essential for gas leak detection in air conditioning/refrigeration technology and automotive manufacturing.... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Vacuum pumps | airtightness control device | vacuum systems and components | gas mass flow controllers [+] airtight components | gas leak detection systems | high vacuum pumps | metrology | control engineering | rf sensor systems | vacuum measuring equipment | tools for air conditioning/refrigeration technology for houses and vehicles | vacuum measuring equipment controller | vacuum feed-throughs
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  • ...is renowned in the field of lighting and the use of plastic and silica fibres in industry. Thanks to our experience, we have become a reference in lighting, signage and industrial control. All our products are bespoke.... Supplier of: Optical fibres | Lighting, street, industrial and commercial | fibre optic lighting | illuminators | light guides [+] optical fibres for lighting | optical fibre systems for lighting | fibre optic lighting systems | lighting | lighting systems | exterior lighting | technical consultancy and design services for electric lighting systems | optical cables | glass fibres | bespoke fibre optic harnesses
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  • ...the smallest of dimensions. These are largely used in production automation and robotics, the aerospace industry, optical systems as well as in medical and laboratory technology. Besides Germany, we have further... Supplier of: Moto-reducers | Electric motors - dC | encoders | electric motors | linear motors [+] servo motors | absolute encoder | drive systems | drive technology | brushless motor | brushless motors | brushless dc motor | dc micro motors | dc motors | ec motor
    GERMANY - Schönaich
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  • ...and quality in sophisticated industrial vacuum processes in highly specialised sectors. These products are essential for gas leak detection in air conditioning/refrigeration technology and automotive manufacturing.... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | airtightness control device | seal testing | gas chromatographs | leak detection/locating technology [+] airbag testing systems | gas analysers, automatic | biogas analyses | leak testing instruments | leak testing systems | leak testing systems for pipe and hose production | leak testing systems for high-pressure die-cast components | leak testing systems for series parts | leak testing instruments for gas pipes | tightness testing equipment
    GERMANY - Köln
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  • ...has specialised in trading clean room products and technologies since 2011. We stock much more than 800 different products that are used specifically in clean rooms. The pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor,... Supplier of: Clean room systems and processes | clean room cleaning accessories | clean room clothing | clean room glasses | clean room syringes [+] clean room equipment | clean room fittings | clean room utility carts | clean room accessories | clean room hand dryers | clean room anti-vibration tables | esd ionisation | safety workbenches | laminar flow boxes | clean room pump compressors
    AUSTRIA - Wien
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  • ...conductor technology. We manufacture our products ourselves and are committed to guaranteeing sustainability and high quality. However, establishing solid relationships with our customers and suppliers, providing them with... Supplier of: Optical fibres | optoelectronic components | optical fibre cables | fibre optic cable preparation | optical fibres [+] fibre optic technology | lwl interface converter | optical transmission cable | illumination | fibreglass assembly | plastic fibreoptic cables | fibreoptic assembly | optoelectronic components | interface converter | fibreoptic (optical fibre illumination systems)
    GERMANY - Emmendingen
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  • ...calibration and distribution of optical radiation measurement instruments for use over a broad spectral range, from ultraviolet through to near infrared. As an independent company, we benefit from... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Optical measuring equipment | metrology | software | radiometers [+] light measurement instruments | lux meters (illuminance measuring units) | optical measuring technology | spectral photometers | broadband light measurement instruments | spectral light measurement instruments | integrating spheres | homogeneous light sources, luminance standards | diffusely reflecting materials | transimpedance amplifiers
    GERMANY - Türkenfeld
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  • ...specialises in industrial precision optics. The applications of our products range from laser technology, measurement and control technology, aerospace, medical technology, image processing and research right up to the semiconductor industry. The... Supplier of: Optical instruments | vitroceramic | optical filters | sapphires | precision optics [+] optical mirrors | laser optics | microprisms | optical glass | technical glass | quartz glass | colour filter glasses | lighting optics | imaging optics | flat optics
    GERMANY - Freiburg
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  • ...systems for the optics and hearing aid industry. Other industries such as the watch and jewellery industry also find innovative presentation ideas with us. During the development of the presentation systems,... Supplier of: Shop fittings | counter displays | display concepts | hairdressing salon equipment | shopfitting systems [+] shop fittings for ophthalmic opticians | shop fittings for retail outlets | planning offices for interior design | shop-in-shop systems | wine racks | displays made from acrylic glass | metal displays | displays for glasses | displays for cosmetic products | displays for jewellery
    GERMANY - Schorndorf
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  • ...network technology, for TV and film studios and industrial communication, cables in tunnels and for mobile communication, we rely on innovation so that we can begin laying the foundations for future communication solutions, today. Although... Supplier of: Cables & Networks | connector cables | audio cables | data transmission cables | optical fibre cables [+] coaxial cables | loudspeaker cables | miniature cables | aerial cables | data cables for industry | data networks (cables) | data transmission cables | development of cables | telecommunications cables | hyperfrequency cable
    GERMANY - Köln
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  • ...of audio, video, multimedia and fibre optic cables. Our products are used by equipment rental companies, recording studios, TV broadcasters, theatres, stadiums, arenas and even cruise ships. We are extending our expertise... Supplier of: Compound-filled flexible leads | Electric cables | Connectors, electronic | loudspeaker cables | audio-video cables [+] data transmission cables | cables | audio cables | optical fibre cables | video cables | system cables | audio connectors | aerial cables | cables for musical instruments | fibre optic systems
    GERMANY - Vaterstetten
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  • ...manufacturing, hardware and electrical industries. Our core competence is the compatibility of an optimal ratio of the often difficult to reconcile requirements for optics, corrosion protection, functionality and... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | Nickel plating | electro plating | galvanisation | polished chrome plating [+] hard chromium plating | high-pressure zinc die-casting | surface treatment | plating metals | chromatisation | anodisation | aluminium film | metal treatment | surface engineering | passivating
    GERMANY - Rheinmünster
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  • ...telecommunications, district heating, fibre optic cable networks and in the waste water disposal industry. Customers for these special machines mostly come from the civil engineering and specialist civil engineering... Supplier of: Construction machinery | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Bending machine tools | earthmoving machinery | pipe bending machines [+] earthworks | plots drilled | horizontal drilling operations | laying of load-bearing pipes | pipe-bending work | pipe bending and tapering | soil drills for horizontal and vertical boreholes | horizontal drilling systems | soil displacement hammers | pipe bending machines
    GERMANY - Lennestadt
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  • ...of the optical and optoelectronic industry. The ZEISS Group develops, produces and markets measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology and eyeglass lenses, as well as photographic and film lenses, binoculars and... Supplier of: Eyeglass and contact lenses and accessories | Optical instruments | Lenses, camera | optical filters | precision optics [+] environmental simulation | emc services | precision-mechanical optical assemblies | optical components | optical lenses | precision measurement technology | optical precision components | customer-specific special optics | climatic testing in climatic chambers | aspherical optics
    GERMANY - Jena
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  • ...a wide range of products, covering optics, crystals and lasers. Impex's core business focuses on cutting, grinding and further processing synthetic sapphire. This unique material is used to manufacture precision... Supplier of: Optical instruments | Lasers - medical applications | quartz | laser | precision optics [+] laser optical instruments | laser diameter measurement instruments | optical lenses | optical filters | components, sub-assemblies and systems for laser technology | optical mirrors | sapphire lenses | sapphire crystals | laser diode drivers | sapphire hemispheres
    GERMANY - Rheine
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  • ...technology. CONEC products are used in automation, telecommunications and energy technology, machine manufacturing, agriculture and medical technology, transportation and the aviation industry. The headquarters in Lippstadt has a... Supplier of: Connectors, electronic | sealed connectors | round connectors | actuator connectors | usb connectors [+] d-sub connectors | ip67 d-sub connectors | bayonette connectors | power connectors | appliance connectors | ip67 rj45 connectors | sensor actuator connectors | valve connectors | mounting flange
    GERMANY - Lippstadt
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  • ...types of our current sensors have been widely used in industrial machinery & equipment and automatic assembly lines of plastic, light industry, shoemaking industry, textiles, chemical industry, petroleum, tobacco, food industry, metallurgy and... Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | Sensors | Inductive sensors | pressure switches | magnetic switches
    CHINA - Changsha
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  • ...System (BMS), Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), optical pick-up, PCB assembly and automotive decorative plastic component. We also provide OEM & ODM services and factory automation (FA) service for global leading companies. For over 60... Supplier of: Cars - electrical and electronic parts and components | factory automation | electronic equipment
    HONG KONG - Hong Kong
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  • ...to count seed, as well as insects; mechanical, optical or electronic small parts; implants and pharmaceutical products. The parts counted can be further processed using various devices: From simple manual filling equipment and... Supplier of: Flow meters | grading plants for quarry aggregates | parts-counters | piece counting scales | fillers
    SWITZERLAND - Schwyz
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  • ...one of the broadest on the market. The product range includes: electric linear, rotation, and gripping modules, cartesian robot systems, tabletop robots, as well as SCARA robots. The corresponding controllers, with all popular many fieldbus connections, further complete our portfolio.... Supplier of: Electric traction systems | Industrial robots | actuators

    Brands : IntelligentActuator | RoboCylinder

    GERMANY - Schwalbach / Frankfurt
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  • ...market segments of power & energy, industrial, transportation, medical, gaming, mil/aero and consumer. A global multinational company, Firecomms is jointly headquartered in Cork, Ireland and Tongxiang, China with a global footprint of distribution... Supplier of: Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | optoelectronics | photonics | plastic optical fiber | plastic optical fiber connectors
    IRELAND - Cork
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  • ...to simple and universal technology that can be used by both large and small laboratories, as well as by opticians... We adapt to your production's evolution and can integrate with existing production lines. Our line also... Supplier of: Eyeglass lenses | machines for ophthalmic glass | optical glass | ophthalmic lenses | optical and ophthalmic equipment
    FRANCE - Lons Le Saunier
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  • ...from "Lindner" enabling full automation of production processes and computer control on them. ISO 9001 provided.With advanced testing facilities available at the plant; we can ensure highest quality of our goods for... Supplier of: Electricity - distribution equipment | Glass, tempered
    RUSSIA - Yuznouralsk
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  • ...Sleeves. UK based with operations in the US and Far East. Global distribution. For 25 years we have been considered as the industry leaders in designing and manufacturing the largest range of 65 different splice sleeves and over 5 Million in stock. Custom... Supplier of: Networks - installation and maintenance | installation of fibre optics | fibre optics components | building out telecoms networks | heat-shrink sleeves
    UNITED KINGDOM - Swindon
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  • ...the global food processing and waste recycling industry. Our state-of-the-art optical sorters detect and remove foreign bodies as well as defective, undesirable or contaminated product from good product streams on differences in color, texture, structure, shape or... Supplier of: Sorting and sizing equipment for fruits and vegetables | food product quality control | conveyors | sorting machines | industrial detection, separating and sorting systems
    BELGIUM - Hasselt
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  • ...information on new and used Surveying Product: Optical surveying instruments GNSS surveying and GIS receivers Laser Scanners Laser and optical products for the construction industry Sales, Rental And Service... Supplier of: Laser apparatus and instruments | Surveying equipment | total topographic stations | 3d laser scanner | gps surveying
    SINGAPORE - Singapore
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  • ...connectors and all kinds of equipment in the production of fiber optic accessories began to serve. Assets that form the basis of making additional investments in technology and fiber optics fiber optic interconnection accessories in the areas of production in low-cost high... Supplier of: Cables - accessories | fiber optic cables | fiber optic closure | patch cord and pigtail | patch panel
    TURKEY - Turkey
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  • ...supply and install all aspects of LED and Fibre Optic lighting. With over 20 years experience working exclusively with (fibre optic lighting & LED Lighting) technologies alone we are one of very few Companies that can make that kind of requirements. We have... Supplier of: Lighting | fiber optic lighting | led lighting | lighting fiber | led light source
    CHINA - Shenzhen
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  • Lightings
    For stands or showrooms
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  • Q4 and Q5 3D-Laser Sensors...
    Automated Quality...
    The QuellTech laser sensor family Q4 or Q5 used for these tasks is generally mounted on an arm of a... See product
  • Luxia
    "Luxia" wet area fittings Discover our flush-mounted flush-mounted "luxia" for floor lighting. It... See product
  • Sight flow glass
    Flow glass to insert in a piping to check the circulation of the fluid See product
  • Leica DM4 M / Leica DM6 M
    Upright Materials...
    Upright microscopes for materials science and industrial quality analysis provide consistent... See product
  • Metal coated specialty fiber
    Gold or aluminum coating...
    heracle developes and produces specialty optical fiber with metal coating for application in harsh... See product
  • Load Frame 101
    Simple Load Frame
    One-column load stand, preffered for the transmission of compressive forces up to 500 N. See product
  • Compatible Vacuum Gauges and...
    Sustainable solution for process measurement, control and data log Compatible to the wide range of... See product
    Model 2080 GM
    Modern style pendant light / LUXURY LIGHTING / Pure, refined and distinguished lines for this... See product
  • On-Demand Chromatography...
    Explore the full program...
    Access our library of over 100 training webinars. These presentations cover topics for multiple... See product
  • Miniature draw-wire sensor
    wireSENSOR MT
    Miniature MT draw-wire sensors are the smallest draw-wire sensors worldwide. They are designed... See product
  • DTX-200-MDB scoring machine...
    for semiconductor...
    The DTX model is used for product separation by scratching and breaking III-V material wafers. See product
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