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    We are Manufacturer/ Producer and lumber supplier. Our Company established in Chełmno existing since 2016 has a huge experience in lumber industry. Primarily, we specialize in two kinds of European wood: Larch and Douglas. We have extensive expertise in crafting products using premium European Larch and Douglas Fir. Our range includes decking boards, soffit boards, rail boards, fence panels, gates, and wickets. With years of experience in the lumber industry, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. We take pride in providing tailor-made lumber solutions that precisely match your requirements. When it comes to constructing roof structures, load-bearing frameworks, gazebos, pavilions, and various garden architectural elements, nothing beats the quality of lumber from Wojt - Drew. Wood is an invaluable resource, and the region of Chełmno and its surrounding areas are blessed with abundant forests and premium quality timber. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we proudly offer our customers the finest products crafted from this exceptional wood. By collaborating with local businesses, we not only deliver excellence but also contribute to the growth and development of our region. Together, we are building a strong foundation and unlocking the true potential of our local community. Our products are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, ensuring the highest level of quality guaranteed.



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    WeMaFlex GmbH prepares customised solutions for a wide range of industries – solutions which go beyond simply using board and panel materials. As a wholesaler and further processing business, coming to us means going directly to the producer/manufacturer. Our position in the B2B business makes us a key component in helping the supply chain process run smoothly. Import/export with Europe-wide shipping, enclosed storage (domestic and abroad), further processing with woodworking machines, panels, specified dimensions, drilling, milling, canting, glueing and folding, MDF/HDF boards, chipboard panels, Birke plywood panels, sprung wooden slats, laminated wood slats, laminated wood beams, veneers, hardboard panels, OSB panels, insulation panels, edge protectors, new EUR-pallets, used EUR-pallets, production of special pallets, sample pallets, building prototypes, decorative films, finishing films, packaging pallets, choice of two pallets, rough/coated, cover panels



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    Our products: Timber for the garden and for landscaping, medium density fibreboard (MDF), chipboard panels, edge-glued panels, plywood, mobile dancefloors, indoor sports floors, pallets, wooden pallets, wooden packaging


    United Kingdom

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    Berg Trading Co. is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing comprehensive trading solutions in the global marketplace. With a strong focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of international trade. At Berg Trading Co., we specialize in facilitating the exchange of various commodities, including agricultural products, energy resources, metals and other raw materials. Our diverse range of products encompasses a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, frozen/Live/fresh Seafood products sourced from around the world. We offer an extensive variety of fresh and high-quality produce such as apples, bananas, oranges, berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, onions, and much more. As a socially responsible company, we are deeply committed to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. We actively seek out suppliers who adhere to stringent environmental standards, promoting sustainable sourcing and responsible production methods. Whether you are a producer, supplier, or buyer, Berg Trading Co. offers tailored solutions to meet your unique trading needs. We strive to exceed expectations by providing personalized service, swift execution, and superior support at every stage of the trading process. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the global market and achieve sustainable growth and success.

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    Frati Luigi SPA manufactures particle board and melamine-faced panels with special bonding. Manufacture of wood-based panels for preforming, particle boards and MDF chipboard panels enriched with special papers, Electron Beam-dried particle boards and MDF chipboard panels treated with solvent-free varnishes. Panel production: ECOPAN unrefined particle boards, F 100 water-repellent particle boards, FIRPAN fire-resistant particle boards, ECOPAN N ennobled melamine-faced particle boards, flexible MDF chipboard, 12-60 mm MDF, ennobled melamine-faced MDF.



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    José Vale Madeiras is a timber agent operating in the Portuguese market for over 10 years. We work with various wood import and export companies, including sawmills for cutting wood, machining companies and the manufacture of wooden structures and components. We supply wood for carpentry, wood for construction, wood venners, multilayer woods and many more goods. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field and our focus is on construction work and carpentry. Our work is adaptable to many different areas, so don't hesitate to contact us. When you work with us, we will provide you with an excellent and personalized service, as our products are versatile, with a wide range of applications, guaranteeing a high level of quality. Check our catalogue and find out all our goods.



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    Wooden panels, veneers, plywood, import-export, natural wooden sheets and panels. Veneers and plywood. Flexible panels. CHIPBOARD PANELS



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    The company RUDOLF HENRICHSMEYER FORMAPLAN GMBH & CO. KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Panels, chipboard industry. It is based in Hövelhof, Germany.



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    The company HANSWILLEMENKE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Panels, chipboard industry. It is based in Rietberg, Germany.



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    The company ETS WATHELET, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Wood, undressed industry. It also operates in the Wood - sawn and treated, Thermal insulation materials, Panels, chipboard, exotic wood, Wood - sawn and treated, Thermal insulation materials, and Panels, chipboard industries. It is based in Sambreville (namur), Belgium.



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    The company ZEG ZENTRALEINKAUF HOLZ + KUNSTSTOFF EG, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Panels, chipboard industry. It is based in Kornwestheim, Germany.



    Erdemler Soğutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district. By targeting the firsts in the cooling sector in 2000, it is one of the distinguished companies of the market with its quality products. Erdemler Soğutma Inc.'s main goal is being an excellence in quality, and giving unlimited satisfaction to the customers. We manufacture products that are increasingly improving the quality and the technology to the leading companies in the field both in domestic and abroad projects in the Kahramankazan district of Ankara. In our production facility, we are carrying out : Cold Storage Panel Manufacturing, Cold Storage Door Manufacturing, and Monoblock Production of Refrigeration Units, Production of Split Type Cooling Units, Industrial-Type Cooling Manufacture of Groups, Production of Shocking Units and also contracting projects are carried out by our company starting from the projecting phase and we also provide services like; installation and maintenance services for the products are manufactured by our company. Our aim is always to keep the quality of the products by understanding the customer's requests and to offer new alternatives to the product range in the sector constantly. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

  3. Global Olive Wood Dekorasyon Ihracat Ithalat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi


    We are proud to present to your appreciation of our handcrafted products, which are produced by our skilled craftsmen only with the help of traditional carpentry tools. In order to reveal the unique texture and brightness of the olive tree, which is not found in any other woods, we maintain our products with the olive oil of our own region. At our 3000 square meter production facility located in the middle of the North Aegean, we are in all local and international marketplaces with a global approach. As “ZEYTINIZ”, we aim to be a brand that extends from the local to the global, with traditional production methods that adopt an integrated production model is as environmentally friendly as possible.



    Bricoflor is an international firm. It imports and exports top-class timber all over the world, wholesaler and retailer. Wood processing with finishes. For plywood we have two production lines: one for standard film plywood, made of poplar wood 1250 × 2500, with variable thicknesses, and more recently we have reopened the production line for niche products: Jumbo film plywood up to 2500x6100x21 ( 24.27) mm and non-slip plywood, also large. The company uses high performance equipment and guarantees the compliance of the products with the quality standards. This, together with a complete transport infrastructure (road, naval and railway) helps us to be able to use to our advantage the rich poplar forests along the Danube.



    Located in Chernihiv Region Ukraine, We are a young fast growing wood industry, we have been operating in the field of wood production and supplier and even import for same years. We are a family base oriented company and with the full structure management body, own not by a single person, but by a group of directors. The company was founded in 2010 but officially became a Ukraine base company in 2018. We are proud of our experience and our handle process, we saw ourselves broken barriers especially, during this era of the pandemic, this has straighten us and make us stronger to face the future with 100% certainty. We are equipped with the best wood cutting and producing machines which meet the exact needs of clients demand.



    Artboard AB is a Swedish company founded in 1984. With over three decades of evolution and innovation the company applies its solutions to the field of railway, shipbuilding, marine construction and automotive market. Our company offers products RECORE - phenolic composite panels, composite panels on silicate foam base and reinforced with fiberglass. RECORE are lightweight but dimensionally stable and robust fire-resistant or non-combustible composite panels and solutions for air ducts, floors, partitions, ceilings, furniture and interior parts. Our panels are water resistant and with the effect of thermal insulation and noise isolation, conduct a wi-fi and cellular signal. We have certifications and product tests: including Railway EN 45545-2, Marine MED-B / D from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and ISO 9001.Thanks to our dedication on providing the highest quality products we are trusted by leaders of train & marine industries. Please visit our website or contact us for any inquiry.



    Company EmBraVerde was founded in 2011 in the state of Goias in Brazil.We are specialized in the growing of giant Bamboo plants to provide the raw material for top quality briquettes and pellets made of Bamboo charcoal.Therefore, EmBraVerde is running its own plantation and a nursery for the production of Bamboo seedlings, preferred species are Dendrocalamus (D.C) ASPER and D.C. STRICTUS.The Bamboo culms are growing up to 30 meters high and show diameters of 12 to 20 centimeters in diameter. We are harvesting more than 40 tons of biomass (bamboo) per hectares and year. The bamboo continues growing while we are harvesting. The plants reach lifetimes of up to 80 years.It is a very sustainable business, using Bamboo for biomass.The production of top quality briquettes and pellets is performed on-site at the plantation, including the process of pyrolyzing to create the charcoal.The briquettes are packed in bags (boxes) of 5, 10, 15 kg and more, pellets are delivered in sacks of 15, 20 and 25 kg or bulk.Printing of bags is provided on customer’s advice. Shipment is done by ISO-containers, packed with bags containing the briquettes.The Bamboo charcoal is 100% carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral; CO2 emissions due to transports can be fully compensated by planting additional Bamboo seedlings, produced in our own nursery.In addition to the production site in Brazil the international administration and management of EmBraVerde is located in Switzerland.



    Since 1929 JSC “FanDOK” has been practicing complete processing of wood from logging, producing of lumber, plywood, furniture board, blockboard, wood products to the production of artistic furniture. Raw materials for production are mostly prepared by the company itself (roundwood, lumber, crossband and peeled veneer, plywood, curved laminated wood parts, , furniture blanks, blockboards, furniture boards etc.) JSC “FanDOK” is an export-oriented company, carrying out supplies to over 30 countries. All business processes are built on the basis of STB ISO 9001-2009 quality management system concerning the development and production of case furniture, doors, lumber, plywood, Our company is one of the few woodworking companies in the Republic of Belarus to have an ecology certificate under the Third Party Septification (TPS) in compliance with standards of California Air Resources Board (CARB) for plywood production.



    Headquartered in Ebersdorf bei Coburg in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria, our company produces milled CNC parts and pre-cut panels for a great variety of industry sectors and areas. Here, we give you an insight into our daily work. We introduce our company and our range of products and show you the production resources at our plant. Take a look at our service area, as we always try to achieve the absolute best for our customers and bring our years of experience to the production of pre-formed parts. We have also consistently implemented environmental protection and attempt to not just process renewable resources, but apply the spirit of environmental protection to our daily production and our fleet of vehicles. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of in-house production during a personal meeting.



    In 1959, Wendelin Rauch & Sohn in Freudenberg am Main took over the chipboard plant of Otto Kreibaum & Co which went into operation in 1953. This plant was built in Markt Bibart (Franconia) was started up with two extrusion press systems. The daily output was 35 m³. In the years that followed, the capacity was increased by the installation of additional extrusion presses. In 1976, extrusion-pressed chipboard panels were only used in furniture building to a limited extent. For this reason, the extrusion presses were decommissioned and a completely new factory was built. Markt Bibart now boasts the most modern chipboard plant in Europe with a daily capacity of 500 m³, the heart of which is the 20 m single-daylight press. The Rauch furniture plants are supplied "just in time" with cut-to-size furniture.



    We are the Finnish company who is specialized in the import of different wooden products from Russia. Than we are supply around the world our products like : -Birch plywood plates -MDF plates -Laminated MDF plates -OSB plates -Chipboards -Laminated chipboards -Dried pine and spruce boards All our products has international certifications and we provide whole complex of logistics deliveries to any places in the world. By truck and by sea from the Russian port Saint-Petersburg and Kotka in Finland WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY FOR PARTNER LIKE YOU! ! !





    We introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Plain and Pre-laminated Particle and MDF Boards based at Mumbai, India. . • We are a part of the Fishfa Group, India which has nine production and distribution facilities across India, UAE and Singapore.• Our processing capabilities and machineries (Wemhoener, Germany) are the best in the industry. • The plant has an advanced in-house laboratory to ensure the best possible quality. • Our products are as per International certifications like CARB & EN.• Currently we produce Suede and Matt finished boards and shall introduce newer textures soon. • Besides our standard shades and designs, we can provide any shade based on lowest MOQ.• Our group exports products to more than 15 countries around the world.



    European producer of poplar wood-based plywood panels. Exports 90% of its plywood panel output to more than 30 countries. Garnica Plywood is the leading European producer of poplar wood-based plywood panels. This type of panel is renowned for its physical and mechanical properties, and primarily its light weight. The panels are used in furniture, caravans, yachts, construction, interior decoration, street furniture, shops, toys, scenery, and other applications.



    A-S Bud, Private Enterprise is a manufacturer of solid wood panels and furniture. We can offer you our products at the lowest cost and according to your specifications. Our main products are Continuous panel and Discontinuous panel (finger-joined). The main objective of our company is the organization of jobs for people with disabilities. Over 70% of our employees are disabled.


    South Korea

    Welcome to ncplus inc. with the headquarter and plant locating famous economy-booming city Incheon, Korea. We are professional manufacturer for Architectural Acoustics and exporter for the perforated types of sound acoustic absorption board. Main products are MGO Board, Rondo cotton for sound absorption, and Jacquard with sound absorption panels, and formal mineral spray



    Our company xuzhou dayou wood co., ltd We main supply the products of plywood, film faced plywood, LVL, marine plywood, block board, MDF. OSB The plywood: Size: 1220*2440/1250*2500mm and other special size the biggest is 3600*2850Core: using poplar, combined, hardwood, Birch, pine etc. bunengCore size: 84*127cm Face/back: Okume, Bintangor, poplar, birch, pine etc; The grade: A-F grade. Glue: MR, WBP and Melamine. Thickness: from 2.5 -40mm. Moisture: 8-14%



    Design Products, Holz in Form, wodego, innovus, FunderMax, Formica, Homapal, ABET, ARPA, Panespol, MDT, IMI-Beton, IMI-Rost, Duropal, Pfleiderer, Moralt, Edgebanding, Oberflex, Leeuwenburgh, ARTI, JOWAT, Hermes, SPAX, Kronospan.

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