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    The BCKE (Bureau de Certification Kosher Européen), founded in 1990, is a certification body that issues the "kosher label". It is a quality label for the production of kosher products. Below we present the certification criteria, its strengths and how it can benefit your company. This certification covers all food products, be they industrially processed or from the farm. It can certify: - A specific product; - A production manufacturing or processing process. The benefits of "kosher label " certification are: brand awareness; better product quality; development in the national and international market; standing out from your rivals; The interests of "kosher label" certification are; gaining consumer confidence as the product is inspected from its production launch to packing by the effective presence of a rabbinical supervisor. The "kosher label" certification logo applied to the product certifies the quality and compliance with special manufacturing rules. The checks are carried out by private, independent, impartial, efficient and competent organizations accredited by the relevant rabbinical authorities. These independent signs of quality meet a strong consumer demand. Feel free to contact us for more information!



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    Bürkle develops, produces and markets sampling devices, sampling systems and accessories, filling devices, drum pumps and container pumps for aggressive and hazardous fluids such as acids, alkalis and solvents as well as many kinds of laboratory apparatus and equipment, mostly made from plastic. More than 2000 products are sold by our trading partners across the world. Bürkle's customers are mostly active in industrial fields including chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food and luxury items as well as environmental conservation. Bürkle offers the widest range of manual sampling equipment and filling devices in Europe. Bürkle products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Problem solutions and niche products are our specialism and the secret to Bürkle's success. Many products were developed from a practice-oriented perspective in collaboration with chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Bürkle has been certified in accordance with DIN/EN ISO 9001 since 1994.



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    At N.O.O.H. AS, we are proud to offer you a truly exceptional culinary experience. Our passion for superior quality sunflower oils drives us to scour the globe seeking out the most delectable sources. Discover the essence of culinary perfection by trying our meticulously selected sunflower oils. Quality drives our pledge to Nature at N.O.O.H. AS based on our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. We believe that nature offers us precious treasures. Intransigence on quality: Every drop of our sunflower oil is the result of combined passion and quality. We select the finest sunflower seeds scrupulously to produce a 100% pure oil, free of any additives or modifications. We believe in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our production process is designed to minimise our impact on the planet. We are investing in a better future starting with our responsible agricultural practices through to our environmentally-friendly packaging. Our partnerships with local and international producers are grounded in ethical principles. We undertake to offer fair and equitable working conditions. Every batch of oil is subjected to thorough quality tests to guarantee no-compromise products every time.



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    We are the end result of an idea, inspired by commonly shared ambitious ideals and guided by proven experience. The idea of exceeding the goals that each of us is committed to, with the determination, the spirit and the strength to dare and to achieve new expertise, skills and specializations. IQS’ employees are working and trained so that know-how, new ideas, expertise and skills are shared. This is the only way to spark new inspiration. This allows us to continue improving the services we offer to the market and to our Customers. Generating the added value that distinguishes our services is the main goal we strive for. The continuous evolution of our know-how gives our Customers the certainty that our company is an efficient, reliable and trustworthy partner. The only and best way to achieve this is to share our competence, experience, expertise, ideas, and know-how. An ongoing ‘lessons learned’ that spurs us to learn from the past to improve the future through innovation and yet a renewed positive approach

  5. GEOLAB S.R.L.


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    Accredited materials testing and geotechnics workshop, that conducts load tests, EC marking of aggregates, structure surveillance, structural and compliance inspections on building materials. The workshop conducts test on materials specified in Law 1086/71 and on materials not subjected to governmental authorisation, required for performing road tests and making bituminous conglomerates. Geolab can run official tests on land and rocks.

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    The company QUALITY & INSPECTIONS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Quality - certification industry. It also operates in the Quality control and certification, Management consultancy, Quality control and certification, and sight inspection check-up industries. It is based in Rambouillet, France.



    Asia Quality Inspection (AQI) Service Co., Ltd as a professional quality control service company in China specialized to provide a complete range of sourcing and quality inspection service for importers, buyers, retailers and sellers. Since 2004, AQI has been providing the services of supplier audit, consulting, lab testing, quality control inspection and customized repacking services, we also provide services like engineering, prototype, virtual office management, business investigation, sourcing assistance and so on. The service includes: PPI-Pre-Production Inspection, FAI-First Article Inspection, DPI-During Production Inspection, PSI-Pre-Shipment Inspection, DSS-Defect Sorting Service, CLS-Container Loading Supervision, Supplier Investigation, Factory Audit(FA), Social Audit(SA) Production Monitoring, Lab Testing, Engineering Service, Mockup/Prototype Service, Customized Repacking Service and Sourcing Service. Our product inspection experience in Construction & Mechanical items, Personal Care, Fashion & Accessories, Electrical & Electronic products, Textile, garment & accessories, Homeware, Gardenwares, Toys, Office Supplies, Packaging & Printing and Gifts etc. Our QC network includes China mainland, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia etc. Asia areas. Your benefits from booking quality control service from AQI: a) Risk reduction; b) Supplier control; c) Convenient; d) Budget control; e) Wide presence; f) Save your time and money!



    At EASTWEST Fresh Service & Logistics GmbH, we view ourselves as the interface between producers/suppliers and food retailers. As an independent distribution platform with many years of experience in the sectors of fruit and vegetables, flowers and fresh goods, we offer you services for storage logistics, packaging and sorting of fruit and vegetables. Alongside packaging, the rectification of any quality defects is one of our strengths. With us, you have an impartial service provider without any self-interest in the retail of products. As such, we can assess your products objectively, repack or label them if required and supply them in the best possible quality to your customers in the retail trade in order to meet their requirements. With state-of-the-art technology across a storage area of 4000 m², embedded in high-performance infrastructure and with reliable partners, we deliver more than 4000 articulated lorries of fruit and vegetables per year, as well as flowers and fresh goods, to retail chains.



    Turkey Project Procurement Consulting We help our clients who would like to supply building materials (furniture, facade, panels, insulation materials, wallpaper, access system, sanitary ware, aluminum doors, steel cabinets, …) from Turkey. Building materials that you will supply from Turkey are evaluated based on the same parameters. They are reported with detailed content and analysis. We provide many services in your procurement processes, including BOQ and Interior 3D works of either your individual housing projects or complex large projects. To organize the whole of your procurement process via a consultant will ease your business in your problems such as compulsory travels, losses of time because of research and preliminary interviews, final quality control before transport. Please send us the details of your requested products or projects (Autocad, pdf, jpg, ...) now, Let's prepare a FREE pre-report by analyzing your projects according to your requirements. We can manage the procurement process of your projects together after your approval. TPROP Consulting, Your procurement consultant in TURKEY.



    We provide services in consulting, support and supervision for SME companies who are exporting and looking for new markets. Our company GRAND GECTOR was established in 2003. For over fifteen years GRAND GECTOR has been helping companies expand into global markets and so far we have gained both considerable experience and competence, and have worked our way up with many companies by helping them gain foreign customers' interest. We help businesses to find partners in retail and corporate sectors (B2B and B2C); we also help to establish beneficial relationships with professional communities so that our clients could obtain and develop contacts within the scope of their business interests. Our key focus is to provide consulting services to companies willing to enter European and other foreign markets. Our core competence is to make your business go global! Grand Gector offers flexible pricing and delivers personalized engagement to every client.



    Over the protected territory known as the “path of oil” in Umbria, on the rolling Amerini hills is where our olives are grown. We extract our oil FenOlio exclusively from our own olives.The oil is rich in polyphenols, powerful natural anti-oxidants with high levels of vitamin E capable of opposing the damaging effects of free radicals.The quality of FenOlio isn’t merely characterized by the low level of acidity, but by a number of organoleptic qualities achieved through impeccable production processes.The exceptional quality of this product derives from an accurate selection of organic local olive tree groves. It is a result of a constant and careful meticulousness applied throughout the olive transformation process; defoliation and cleansing as fundamental work model contribute to higher standards of hygiene throughout the process, while harvest and storage occur extremely speedily in order to avoid fermentation thus fully preserving the taste properties. The traditional method of pressing entails a temperature over 26C° which prevents damage to the phenolic concentration and fully preserves the nutritional value, while elevating the fruit’s genuineness and the essence of its taste. Fenolio is the Extra-virgin olive oil (DOP) made from fresh fruit from the prestigious area of the Amerini hills. An enchanted landscape of mountains and woods, valleys of rolling hills, emblem of Umbria, “the green heart of Italy.”



    PROEKT INJINIRING, LLC is engaged in tender support, intermediary activities in the business–to-business electronic bidding system, assistance in obtaining industrial patents and trademarks, as well as obtaining ISO certificates, export certificates, fire safety certificates and other types. Features of our company's work – we undertake complex purchases for any amount, offer urgent paperwork and all types of certification confirming quality in various fields: certification of products and installations for compliance sanitary standards, fire prevention, ISO certification. We advise on a wide range of issues: we are engaged in consulting on contract bidding, quality certification, e-commerce. The company has been operating since 2016, its activities relate to the service sector in the B2B segment. We offer to conclude profitable deals at tender sites: we find suitable tenders, give consultations on invitation to participate in the tender and guarantee a successful result. We help in the preparation of patent applications and registration of samples. We provide services to companies wishing to get a long-term project, scale their business and increase profits. We are ready to offer you e-commerce services, support in online procurement management and certification, participation in public auctions at the best prices. management of online procurement and certification, participation in public auctions at the best prices.



    POLYTECH Group provides services in the area of quality control and certification of products, advises companies that implement projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other EEU countries on technical regulation. The company has been working in the field of conformity assessment since 2013 and offers to organizations its services on quality certification of products, machinery, and installations, and on certification of construction equipment conformity with the applicable standards. POLYTECH Group experts test and examine the quality of products, including those intended for use at hazardous industrial facilities. POLYTECH Group helps manufacturers and importers, engineering companies and operating organizations in supplying industrial equipment to the territory of EEU member states: —develops strategies to certify the quality of packaged units; —performs quality control and certification for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU); —tests and examines the machines and equipment for issuing certificates and declarations of conformity; —prepares technical datasheets, strength designs, and other documents in compliance with the applicable laws; —translates documentation into Russian; —clarifies the provisions of applicable industrial safety standards and regulations. POLYTECH Group helps obtain the necessary certificates, permits, and approvals quickly and at a reasonable price, overcome regulatory barriers.



    Delta Group Ltd. is a freight forwarding company that provides a full range of services for the import and export of goods to and from Russia. Delta Group Ltd. speeds up cargo clearance and reduces logistics costs. The full list of Delta Group Ltd. services includes: - Customs clearance under contract of a customer or a forwarding company. Fast customs clearance: from 2 hours. - Transportation of goods by air, sea, road and rail to any point in Russia and the Customs Union, consolidation of groupage cargo. - Certification of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. - Cargo insurance. - Consolidation of goods, their repackaging, marking, weighing and paperwork. - Outsourcing of export and import operations: drafting and concluding contracts, financial transactions, passing bank currency control, forwarding services, execution and verification of documentation. - Consulting on logistics and all issues of foreign economic activity (currency transfers, analysis of logistics costs, specifics of various foreign trade transactions, etc.). Delta Group Ltd. provides a full range of export and import services.



    We aims to give the helping hand to companies by obtaining solutions to their business in the form of providing specialized consultation services that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk. Our services enable our clients to operate in a more efficient manner by professional recognized methodologies originated from Science, International Standards, Business and Technologies. We guarantee for you an effective, competitive, and practical business solution to the organizations to optimize their operational efficiency. We believe our consulting responsibility goes beyond assessment and recommendation. We provide Consultancy, Training, Auditing and other services provision for business solutions by offering : Consultancy & Training for ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 14001: 2015 Transition , Automotive Supply Chain preparation for IATF 16949: 2016 and core tools manuals , Environmental Measurements and Calibration , Training for Business Solutions , Management System Auditing , Customized ERP, MRP, CRM systems for Business Solutions , School Safety Management System Certification , Interior Design & Finishing Works . Awards National Quality Institute Certificate for The Validity of Training and Rehabilitation in the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 Products - Consultancy - Training - Auditing - Environmental Measurements - Special process qualification for the development and improvement of different ISO Systems - Interior Design and Complete Finishing Works



    We are an international management consulting firm based in New Delhi, India. We provide high powered, seamless and out of box solutions to mitigate your risks and seize opportunities. We are experts in oil, gas, steel, power, renewable energy, offshore & maritime businesses. Why companies choose us is because we are working only on Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) with a risk based approach.Our service delivery is worldwide and 100 percent customized for your enterprise. "Managing Risk" is what we do day in day out, 24x7x365 and it is our deep domain expertise. For example our Online “ Risk Score Calculator” & “Rapid Risk Cost Justification Calculator” can give you risk analysis with cost justification in seconds which otherwise may take hours to calculate. Principal Consultant Dipl. Eng. Jürgen Groth, Wandsedamm 13, 22047 Hamburg - Germany @-mail: j.groth@qhse-riskconsultants.com Web-page: www.eqhse.com, Home: +49-40-943-608.16 Handy: +49-1522-487-08.09



    Orient’hal Market is a French company specialised in the trade and supply of Halal certified products. Through our brand “Authentic & Halal”, we offer a wide range of premium quality fresh products such as Label Rouge certified poultry, duck, foie gras, rabbit, breaded products, cold meats, etc. Our brand is commercialised in France, in Europe and also internationally, in the UAE, in Africa and in other countries. We supply butcher’s shops, restaurants, supermarkets and wholesalers. Orient’hal Market emphasises on quality, reliability and transparency to meet our customers’ requirements. Our commercial team remains at your disposal for any question, information or order. We can speak French, English, Arabic, German and Spanish.



    Lloyd's Register was founded in 1760 as a maritime classification society. Nowadays we are one of the world's leading technical service providers, offering our customers in over 75 countries solutions to make critical infrastructure more secure and efficient. Our income flows into Lloyd's Register Foundation, a charity that promotes scientific and technical research, education and public engagement in our field of activity. This way, we can concentrate on what drives us every day: Creating a safe world together. We only use auditors who have extensive knowledge of the industry. We place particular importance on taking your company's entire process chain into consideration during audits. Our top priority is increasing your company's performance in the long term.



    ISO 9001 - Documentation Templates and Expert AdviceComplete documentation and expert help for quick and easy ISO 9001 implementation. The ISO 9001 Toolkit was created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses to reduce the costs (in money and time) of implementation. Our documentation toolkit includes templates for every single document you need to comply with ISO 9001 - all fully acceptable for certification audit, and available in several common languages.Each document guides you through the process, including comments on which elements are required, and which are optional.



    BelProjectConsulting (here and after BPC) is a team of professionals who, over 10 years of its work, has become a leading provider of quality, safety and compliance certification based on international and national standards. Main activities: - development, implementation and preparation for the certification of enterprise management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, FSSC 22000, IRIS, HACCP, ISO 13485, ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949) , GMP, etc .; - holding scientific and practical courses for specialists and top management on the above topics; - providing professional services in the development and preparation of documentation which is necessary for passing the assessment of the conformity of products produced by enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, the norms and directives of the European Economic Union. For 10 years of work, our specialists have prepared, implemented and successfully passed certification of nearly 400 management systems of Belarusian and Russian enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the standards : ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, СТО ГАЗПРОМ 9001, HACCP, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and others.



    GC-LC CONCORDANCE - developed by SPECTROCHROM - is a software created for the automatic comparisons and analysis of complex chromatograms. It dramatically enhances the possibilities of chromatography on complex products (from 10 to 1000 compounds) and chromatographic fingerprints by managing AUTOMATICALLY THE RETENTION TIME SHIFTS (RT shifts). For example, in one second they get a report with the differences between ar sample and a standard with all the missing peaks, the peaks out of tolerance globally or peak by peak (norm) etc.! It allows also to identify molecules and raw materials in a mixture with Retention Indices (Kovats) in a few seconds. GC-LC CONCORDANCE is for Quality Control laboratories and researchers in chromatography who wish to increase RELIABILITY and SPEED of the interpretation of results, while DECREASING TIME and COSTS of analysis, thus improving PRODUCTIVITY!



    Luxiberg Inspection provides a complete range of fast and reliable inspection services at very favorable pricing in China by focusing on the essential the workmanship, the product tests and the compliance of the product with the client’s requirements. We conform to the strictest international standards to make sure that products' safety and regulatory requirements are met and all the instructions, specifications and requirements of our clients are fully respected by the factory. All our inspectors have the qualification of engineer; they are experienced and we have trained them to inspect as per European and American standards. Three years ago, at clients' request, we have extended our inspection services to other Asian countries: Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Taiwan and South Korea. Factory Audit Supplier Audit: To make sure you have selected the right supplier and have the accurate information about him. Container Loading Inspection: To make sure that the right goods and the right quantity are loaded in a proper and secure manner in a container in good condition. Pre-Shipment Inspection: provides a clear depiction of your production quality status and characteristics before shipment thus ensuring the compliance of the final product with your specifications and contractual requirements Other services: During Production Inspection, Initial Production Check, Full-Inspection, defect sorting service,


    United Kingdom

    DG Solutions are a worldwide Dangerous Goods Training and Consultancy organisation. Air, Road, Sea, Rail or Inland Waterway are all covered by our accredited training. Need rapid response for a single issue? We are here for you 24/7. Here at DG Solutions, our aim is simple. Use our team's expert knowledge and resources to make your Dangerous Goods simple. Each of our specialists has more than 10 years experience in Dangerous Goods from Shipping, Logistics, Packaging and Training. Our approach is clear. We want to be your partner for Dangerous Goods and we can help you with your training, advice and packaging. We understand that you need to give your customers the best service and we need to do the same for you. Your consultant will be an industry expert and will be your one point of contact for any queries.


    United Kingdom

    Our quality control inspection services in the UK that include on site factory inspections and testing with detailed reports to help ensure that your products meet your specifications and manage product quality in your supply chain. We follow internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) sampling procedure to specify a percentage of a batch of products which must be inspected to represent the overall quality of the entire batch, commonly referred to as the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL). Our inspection services cover: Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), During Production Inspection, Container Loading Checks, Production Monitoring and Pre Customs Clearance Inspections. We are also providing Social Compliance and Ethical Audits in the UK. We provide solutions to check and prevent Modern slavery within a supply chain.


    United Kingdom

    TESOL Oxford (TOUK) is the parent company of the Padideh Teacher Training Centre (PTTC), both registered in United Kingdom, offers accreditation and quality assurance for TEFL/TESOL course providers around the world and PTTC offers internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL courses accredited by TOUK. TOUK registration number in UK: 10131965 PTTC registration number in UK: 10103805 TOUK the company is made up of a passionate group of individuals whose lives have been changed by teaching English away from their home. We are so changed by the experience that we think it is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. We’re absolutely mad about the concept of travelling to a foreign country to teach English. This passion has led us to be the market leader in Middle East and Europe for providing TESOL training and resources for the industry. You’ll notice our obsession with quality and innovation. Services We provide TEFL/TESOL accreditation for TEFL/TESOL Providers We issue certified TEFL/TESOL certificates for online, distance and face-to-face courses and TESOL courses accredited by TESOL Oxford (TOUK). We issue certificates in English for General purposes at 7 levels for our institutional members. Study whenever and wherever you want with support from your TESOL course tutor


    United Kingdom

    QA International Certification Limited is an accredited* certification body issuing internationally recognised certificates to companies across a wide range of manufacturing and service industries confirming compliance with various national and international management and manufacturing standards. Based in the UK but operating from a number of regional offices across the world, QA International offers a cost effective support service throughout the whole registration process. Companies will want to choose a certification body they feel comfortable with because the partnership between client and certification body is a close one. QA International’s assessor selection and allocation process is both thorough and rigorous to ensure compatibility between assessor and client and to give the client confidence in the whole certification process. To help with the sometimes complex process of certification, QA International can provide an advisory visit to establish relevant certification needs and to determine registration requirements - support is available throughout the assessment process. Click this link to view a flow chart showing the certification process Certification Process Flow Chart On completion of certification, QA International can record company certification details in the relevant Governmental and Industrial Directories (including the BIS Register in the UK).


    United Kingdom

    TestingXperts is a Specialist QA & Software Testing Company, and an independent division of DAMCO Group, which is a leading IT Solutions and Services company working with Fortune enterprises globally. Through our innovative techniques we are pushing the conventional norms of Quality Assurance and blending technology to yield remarkable deliverables. We are also an ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 27001: 2013 certified company. Leveraging holistic knowledge of core business processes & software development; our comprehensive suite of testing services covers functional and nonfunctional testing, professional expertise for cloud and mobile technology. Our customer centered approach assists enterprises in thriving in ever advancing market through breakthrough solutions. Inheriting the virtues of quality at job and optimal user satisfaction from Damco Group, TestingXperts aims at promoting the ethics of connected innovation, thereby seeding the integral values in our employees and achieving unmatched contentment of our clients.



    We are specialized in the quality inspection of textiles and garments, in stabilization treatments to ironing with steam, in chemical - physical lab tests, logistic services and accessory services. The headquarters of our Group is at Andezeno (Turin) Italy, Via Chieri 107, our web site www.codetex.com. Thanks to the fact we are present in the main textile areas in Italy the customer has the option to choose which company of the Group they want to work with according to their position they mayuse different location at the same time or choose to have just one interlocutor. In our offices we have personnel who speaks English, French, German and Spanish . To our Customers (garment manufacturers, textile suppliers, import companies, trading companies and all those companies operating in the textile field) we can offer the following: • Daily pick up of fabrics by all Italian mills • Quality inspection of fabrics according to customized procedures and standards • Stabilization treatments to ironing with steam • Automatic packing in polythene • Lab testing on textiles, garments , leather • Delivery of goods to the final destination or to the international freight forwarder • Stock of goods brief-medium-long term • Warehouse management of textiles, haberdashery and accessories with order preparation for delivery to Italian or foreign manufacture



    Testups offers laboratory testing services, field evaluation, technical assistance and certification for a wide range of industries across the Europe, Ireland, UK, Hungary, Russia, Turkey and USA. We are offering knowledge and technical expertise, and providing accredited EMC, radio/RF, product safety, automotive, medical testing services. Our services will fulfil your product approval requirements of many countries around the world.Testups also offers equipments and test chambers for EMC and RF test laboratories. We are offering turnkey solutions including test software, engineering, training, installation, validation, calibration, delivery and transportation. Some of the items we deliver are: Absorbers, Amplifiers, Anechoic Chambers, Antenna Masts, Antenna Positioning Systems, Attenuators, Baluns and Transformers, Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Probes, CDNs (Coupling / Decoupling Networks), Comb Generators / Noise Sources, Current Probes / Current Clamps, Electric Field (D-DOT) Sensors, EM Coupling Clamps, EMI Receivers, EMI Filters, EMC Antennas, ESD Guns / Simulators / Generators, Fiber Optic Links, Field Probes, GTEM Cells / TEM Cells, Harmonics and Flicker Analyzers, LISNs, Magnetic Field Generators, Magnetic field (B-DOT) sensors, Near Field Probes, Near Field Scanners, OTA (Over The Air) Test Chambers, Passive Integrators, Emission Test Systems, Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyser, Screened Rooms, and Surge & Burst/EFT Generator



    Established in 1985 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyd's Register (LR), Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) was the first certification body to be accredited. We are now one of the world’s largest certification bodies and are known world-wide for reliability, integrity and innovation in the delivery of our certification services. LRQA has accreditations in 48 countries. Currently, we have certified more than 48, 000 organizations management systems in the world and more than 540 organizations management systems in the Baltic countries.LRQA provides services to a wide range of industrial, commercial and public sectors, meeting the needs of large and small organisations. As well as carrying out assessment in the traditional areas of manufacturing, engineering and foods, LRQA also offers services in transport and distribution, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, telecommunications and a wide range of service industries.

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