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    GERMANY- Oberkrämer Ot Vehlefanz
    GETRIEBEDISCOUNT RADOCH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Getriebediscount Radoch GmbH has been operating in the reconditioned gearbox market for many years. Our experience means you are guaranteed the very highest level of quality and service. Our passion...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | engine transmission | vehicle transmissions | clutches for transmissions | transmission repairs [+] manual transmissions | dct transmissions | dealer for transmissions | audi transmissions | citroen transmissions | vw transmissions | mercedes-benz transmissions | ford transmissions | vauxhall transmissions | regenerated transmissions

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    SWITZERLAND- Altendorf
    AKIM AG GETRIEBETECHNIK - Verified by Europages

    Our success is based on our established specialist knowledge, our extremely extensive experience and our outstanding commitment. Your specialist in drive technology. We have been developing,...

    Supplier of: Gears | Transmission elements | transmission gears | worm gears for transmissions | crown wheels for transmissions [+] Moto-reducers | Explosion-proof - equipment | epicyclic reduction gears | epicycloidal gear reducers | machine building | decanters | elevator gear units | worm reduction gears | assemblies for mechanical engineering | decanter centrifuges

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  • Ehgartner offers you everything from precision gears, spiral bevel gears, gearboxes and drives, gear wheels, worm wheels, splined shafts, welded constructions to repairs from a single source. Our...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | mechanical drives | nc grinding | epicyclic reduction gears | cone drive [+] cnc turned parts | c.n.c milling | high-precision gears | gear wheels | major repair | side grinding | turning | prototype production | spiral bevel gears | precision miling

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    FRANCE- Paris
    3 TRANSMISSIONS - Verified by Europages

    3Transmission, a partner of RATHI EUROPE GMBH, is specialised in the distribution of engine couplings and provides a wide range of industrial products for mechanical transmission. 3Transmissions,...

    Supplier of: transmission gearing | worm gears for transmissions | speed variators for transmissions | angular transmissions | roller chains for transmissions [+] transmission chains | cardan joints for transmissions | hubs for mechanical transmission | Couplings, mechanical | cardan shafts | cylinder gears | chains and pinions for motors | cast iron pulleys | torque limiters | mechanical jacks

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    FRANCE- Masevaux
    TANALS - Verified by Europages

    Specialised in belts and conveyor belts since 1936, TANALS is an Alsace-based manufacturer that recommends and develops technical solutions intended to improve performance by relying on renowned...

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | transmission gearing | power transmission belts | Goods handling systems, continuous | Conveyor belts [+] toothed belts | linked conveyor belts | industrial belts | trapezoidal belts | round belts | toothed pulleys | continuous woven belts | flat belts | food-grade belt conveyor | elastic belts

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    ITALY- Casalecchio Di Reno
    ITALGEAR SRL - Verified by Europages gears and pinions. We primarily produce ground Gleason bevel gears and differential gears and make mechanical transmissions and components from start to finish. We also offer design and co-engineering services.

    Supplier of: Transmission elements | Mechanical transmission - components | Gears | Mechanical transmission systems and components | transmission gearing [+] bevel gear pairs for transmissions | transmission shafts | gears | curvic couplings | mechanical drives | gear drive shafts | precision shafts | cylinder gears | helicoidal gears | differential units

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  • Bronzoni Motori was founded in 1976 by Luigi and Renato Bronzoni whose ambition back then was to introduce onto the market a high quality product. Since then we have perfected and developed all the...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | engines and transmission parts | Electric motors - aC | Electric motors - dC | Electric motors and parts [+] motors for high temperatures | single-phase electric motors | special electric motors | components for electric motors | electric motors | electropumps | goods lifting equipment | goods lifting equipment parts and accessories | manufacture and sales of engines and parts | equipment for industrial automation

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    GERMANY- Mühlheim An Der Ruhr
    RUHRGETRIEBE KG - Verified by Europages

    We have been manufacturing worm gears and worm geared motors that are utilised in almost all industrial sectors for nearly 65 years. Thanks to concentrating on this product area and long standing...

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | transmission gears | worm reduction gears | engines | epicyclic reduction gears [+] frequency regulators | alternating current motors | hollow shaft gear units | permanent magnet motors | electric drive motors

    • Planetary Gear RPS060 Planetary Gear RPS060
    • Planetary Gear RPS040 Planetary Gear RPS040
    • SN5VH SN5VH Modular worm gear SN5VH
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  • Creating custom solutions is standard practice for us. And instead of having expertise in sub-areas, such as pure development, we offer extensive knowledge in all relevant fields. From the...

    Supplier of: Transmission elements | transmission gears | transmissions | gear design | cone drive [+] cylindrical gears | drive technology | hypoid gears | conical gears | bevel gear sets | bevel gears, ground | bevel helical gear units | miniature gears | servo gears | special gearboxes

    • PowerGear Miniature PowerGear Miniature The miniature spiral bevel gearbox
    • DesignGear DesignGear The customised gearbox
    • DesignGear DesignGear The customised gearbox
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    PRECIPART - Verified by Europages

    Precipart supplies customer-specific, micromechanical precision components to sophisticated industries. Typical products include instruments, implants, screws, panels, casings, pins, bushings,...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | Ceramics, industrial | Toothed wheels | cnc turned parts | turned small parts [+] c.n.c milling | milling | mim injection moulding | metal injection moulding | milled parts | ceramic precision parts | cim injection moulding | additive manufacturing | 3d slm | 3d printing

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    SWITZERLAND- Egliswil
    ROLLSTAR AG MASCHINENFABRIK - Verified by Europages

    ...thanks to modular design, customer-specific transmission solutions, high quality and prompt service worldwide. Hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes are manufactured using state-of-the-art machines...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | crown wheels for transmissions | transmission engines | hydrostatic transmission engines | Moto-reducers [+] Hydraulic brakes | epicyclic reduction gears | cylindrical gears | hydraulic motors | epicycloidal gear reducers | motors and starting | industrial reducers | axial piston motors | brake plates | hydraulic motors

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    GERMANY- Gescher
    APS GERMANY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In 2005, we laid the groundwork for our company and founded APS Germany GmbH in the Westphalian moors. The abbreviation APS stands for Automotive Product Solutions. The name describes us well: After...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles | Pumps, hydraulic | spare parts for industrial vehicles | brake callipers [+] gear repairs | exhaust gas turbocharger | exhaust gas heat exchangers for combustion engines | diesel particulate filter with exchangeable filter system | differential gears | spare parts for cars | gears for construction vehicles | gears for cranes | electronic steering systems | steering systems with accessories for motor vehicles

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  • We supply DC motors with outputs of 2.5 W and higher Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH specialises in brushed and brushless DC motors from 2.5 watts upwards and has established itself meanwhile as one of...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | crown wheels for transmissions | Electric motors - dC | Moto-reducers | epicyclic reduction gears [+] brushless motors | cylindrical gears | worm reduction gears | epicycloidal gear reducers | direct current brush-type motors | dc electric motors | bespoke geared motors | automated door and window systems

    Brands : Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH

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    ITALY- Carnate
    SOLZI INGRANAGGI - Verified by Europages

    Solzi Ingranaggi is now one of the benchmarks in the design and manufacture of gears and low-power motor reducers. Thanks to our experience, know-how, constant involvement in research and...

    Supplier of: Gears | transmission gearing | worm gears for transmissions | gears | speed variators for transmissions [+] Moto-reducers | cylinder gears | helicoidal gears | geared motors with fractional power | precision reducers | manufacture of low-power motor reducers | manufacture of low-power gears | gear reducers

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  • Our company is your ideal partner if you need medium and large gears or want to design and develop special reduction gears, kinematic mechanisms or machines not currently available on the market....

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | Gears | transmission gearing | couplings for transmissions | crown wheels for transmissions [+] racks | supplies for metal rolling systems and machinery | cylinder gears | cone drive | helicoidal gears | gears for goods hoists | precision reducers | cog wheels | worm gears

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    ITALY- Calderino-Monte San Pietro
    RUBINI SRL - Verified by Europages

    Rubini is precision engineering company with over 30 years' experience, boasting highly expert staff and its own vehicle fleet it is able to meet its clients' demands in full, manufacturing high...

    Supplier of: Gears | transmission gearing | gears | crown wheels for transmissions | Milling - steels and metals [+] Precision mechanics | Driveshafts and micro-motors - electric | number control rolling | mechanical turning shop | automatic turning | metal turning | precision turning | precision machine shops | metal drilling

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    ITALY- Cusano Milanino
    MASSIMO MOLTRASIO INGRANAGGI - Verified by Europages

    Company that works in the field of gears and mechanical engineering. The company has invested in new computer-controlled machinery, guaranteeing superior results thanks to the use of complex...

    Supplier of: Gears | transmission gearing | transmission shafts | couplings for transmissions | gears for goods hoists [+] gears for pumps | pignone | helicoidal gears | goods hoist parts and accessories | cylinder gears | cog wheels | trapezoid screws | worm gears

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    GERMANY- Kippenheim
    NEUGART GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Neugart is a family-owned company among gearbox manufacturers. Founded in 1928, Neugart remains in family hands, now in the fourth generation. Neugart develops, produces and sells planetary gearboxes...

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | transmission gears | epicyclic reduction gears | industrial reducers | right angle gearbox [+] special gearboxes | coaxial reducers | multi-stage gearboxes | hypoid gears | conical gears | right-angle planetary gear trains | precision gearboxes | hollow shaft gear units

    Brands : Neugart

    • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox WPLQE Right Angle Planetary Gearbox WPLQE Economy Gearbox with Output Shaft - Spur gear - Bevel gear right angle stage
    • Planetary Gearbox PLE Planetary Gearbox PLE Economy Gearbox with Output Shaft - Spur gear - NEUGART
    • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox WPLPE Right Angle Planetary Gearbox WPLPE Economy Gearbox with Output Shaft - Spur gear - Bevel gear right angle stage
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  • AGOSTI INGRANAGGI is a precision mechanical workshop located in ROSATE, Milan, Via Aldo Moro, 5/6. Gear factory, applications for all industries. Services: broaching, milling, turning, tooth cutting,...

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | transmission gears | couplings for transmissions | cog wheels | cylinder gears [+] steel gears | machining | gears for label printers

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    TURKEY- Izmir

    COMPANY PROFILE Birlik Automotive Sub-Industry Co. has been established since 1967 in order to enter service in automotive mechanical parts.. Birlik Auto has grown quickly and started to work with...

    Supplier of: Gears | Steels and metals - machining | cnc milling | automotive - components and parts | machining with automatic lathes

    • Gears Gears Gear Box , Bevel Gear , Worm Gear, ChainGear, Spline Gear
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  • For the past 96 years, the name Groschopp has been synonymous with cutting edge electrical drive technology. We consider ourselves a supplier of custom solutions, specialising in tailor-made...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | Moto-reducers | Electric motors - dC | servo motors | epicycloidal gear reducers

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    FRANCE- Pont-Salomon

    The company BILLARD ENGRENAGES has specialised for over 60 years in the field of cylindrical gears, straight bevel gearings, and spiro-conical gears. We adapt our technical know-how to your...

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | Gears | transmission gearing | Vehicles - mechanical components and parts

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  • Actuator technology made in Vorarlberg... "ischt all dra"! Translation: Does what it says on the tin! And even if ZIMM isn't on it, it's often inside it! End consumers use everyday items and...

    Supplier of: transmission gears | Toothed wheels | Clutches | drives | linear guides

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  • Luoyang Zhongrong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 and located in luoyang where is famous for heavy industry and peony of China. We are specializing in manufacture and export of...

    Supplier of: Gears | transmission gears | Metallurgy - machinery and installations

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  • C.R.G. SNC
    ITALY- Monteveglio-Valsamoggia

    C.R.G. was founded as a gear manufacturer. It specializes in the specific sector of RACKS. The firm offers an increasing array of different racks for generic use that come in a standardized series...

    Supplier of: Gears | transmission gearing | racks | cog wheels | mechanical drives

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    ITES ltd company is a leading supplier and distributor of spare parts for tractors “BELARUS”. We are a solid and perspective company you can really rely on! Responding to market demands we provide a...

    Supplier of: transmission gearing | Tractors and trailers, agricultural | tractor spares | tractor gaskets | brake spare parts

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    SOUTH KOREA- Incheon

    manufacturer of transmission and differential replacement gears of commercial vehicles for aftermarket

    Supplier of: Transmission elements | transmission gears | differential gears for cars

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  • Supplier of: transmission gears | speed variators for transmissions | Gearboxes for vehicles | vehicles - electrical repairs

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    ITALY- Villanova

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission - components | transmission gears | torque limiters

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    FRANCE- Gallardon

    Supplier of: transmission gears | Reducing gears, hydraulic | mechanical drives

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