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  • ...innovative, user-friendly, and safe x-ray solutions, while accompanying them throughout the use of our products. For more than 20 years, Teledyne ICM has been a worldwide-active company specializing in developing and manufacturing portable x-ray... Supplier of: x-ray machine | industrial x-ray | manufacturer of x-ray equipment for industry | x-ray inspection systems for non-destructive material tests | x-ray generators for non-destructive material testing [+] x-ray for security | x-ray detectors | x-ray scanner | Radiology equipment, industrial | Testing of products and materials | digital radiography | ndt | welding inspection | eod
    BELGIUM - Andrimont
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  • For over 20 years MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is producing innovative metal detection technology to be used in industrial applications. From the Headquarter in Kirchberg im Wald, Germany, we supply our... Supplier of: Monitoring and control equipment | Electromagnets | Surveying equipment | Testing of products and materials | metal detectors [+] metal detectors for conveyor belts | electromagnetic wave detectors | metrology | measurement and inspection tools | radiology machines
    GERMANY - Kirchberg
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  • Ultrasound, electromagnetic, penetrating liquid and radiography controls for companies and worksites. Civil engineering testing and diagnosis: non destructive tests on concrete civil buildings. Supplier of: x-rays | Testing of products and materials | non-destructive inspections | material control and analysis laboratories | testing and inspection of supporting pipes [+] tests on building materials | electromagnetic meters | radiographic, gammagraphic and ultrasound laboratory tests
    ITALY - Folzano-Brescia
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  • MEDIKORS Inc. developed ‘InAlyzer’, the world’s first digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system uses DXA(Dual X-ray Absorptiometry). Supplier of: x-rays | Laboratory equipment and instruments | animal analysis laboratory | analysis equipment | medical device
    SOUTH KOREA - Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi-Do
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  • ., LTD is the world's leading manufacture of high voltage power supply, X-ray generator and X-ray source. Supplier of: x-ray | Substations, high-voltage | high voltage
    CHINA - Xianyang
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  • Supplier of: x-rays | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | cobalt
    BELGIUM - Fleurus
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  • we deals in refurbrised imging system mri , ct scan, rf room , x-ray etc. in india or world. Supplier of: x-ray | Medical imaging equipment and instruments | mri scanner | ct scanner | mri rf shielding room
    INDIA - Karnal
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  • MAGFORCE, Europe's leading supplier of protective and security clothing. The go-to partner for many international administrations seeking a supply of personal equipment, vehicles and comprehensive... Supplier of: Protective and work clothing | fabrics for administrations | fire-protection equipment | french military netting specialist | bespoke uniform designer [+] riot protection armour | pocket and beret insignia designer | mine clearance equipment | military off-road vehicles | maritime and river patrol officers | fire-fighting tenders and equipment | private security equipment | first aid equipment | rescue and evacuation equipment | specialist policing vehicles
    FRANCE - Aubervilliers
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  • MAGFORCE EQUIPS THE ARMY. Today, Magforce's industrial experience allows the company to offer a full range of clothing, equipment and vehicles for professionals around the world. Our comprehensive... Supplier of: Formal wear | ceremonial uniforms | military ceremonial outfits | military braids and decorations | designer of ceremonial clothing for the army [+] military ceremonial outfits made in france | non-combat military equipment | military equipment for army protection | french manufacture of military battledress | supplier of military vehicles previously owned by the french army | design of military outfits | supplier of tents and field equipment | military off-road intervention vehicles | former french army troop carriers | field kitchen trailers
    FRANCE - Aubervilliers
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  • ...and services in the industrial x-ray sector. Our x-ray inspection and CT systems are used in a wide range of industries, from the automotive industry to the aerospace industry, to manufacturers of all types of plastics and even in the evaluation and restoration of works of art.... Supplier of: industrial 2d and 3d x-ray inspections | x-ray inspection system for the aerospace industry | x-ray inspection system for the automotive industry | x-ray inspection system for the electronics industry | x-ray inspection system for the plastics industry [+] x-ray inspection systems for tyre inspection | x-ray inspection system for pipe testing | automatic x-ray inspection systems for testing cast parts | manufacturer of x-ray equipment for industry | x-ray inspection systems for non-destructive material tests | x-ray inspection systems for pipe and boiler construction | industrial x-ray systems | x-ray systems for radioscopy and ct examinations | x-ray generators for non-destructive material testing | micro-focus x-ray tubes for geometric magnification
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • ...provider, MSR equips your X-ray room or Hybrid OP with the associated heavy-lift covers for X-ray rooms, radiation shielding glass or radiation shielding lamella curtains. MSR will, of course, fit your... Supplier of: x-ray equipment | installation of x-ray systems | x-ray accessories | x-ray protective clothing | radiation shielding technology for x-ray systems [+] Medical imaging equipment and instruments | radioprotection devices | radiation protection | leaded windows | radiology machines | medical systems | hospital radiation protection services | lead rubber | medical equipment | interior radiation shielding systems
    GERMANY - Jünkerath
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  • Unifit Metalloys Inc.(UMI) an ISO 9001 Certified Company takes immense pleasure in Introducing itself as Manufacturer and Exporter of all types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Products like,... Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | stainless steel carbon steel alloy steel nickel efw pipes | slipon flange socket weld flange spacer and paddle flange | alloy steel galvanized steel bolts, hex bolts and studs | stainless steel hastelloy inconel monel titanium fasteners [+] titanium hastelloy monel nickel inconel sheets and plates | stainless steel alloy steel carbon steel round bars | high manganese alloy steel corten steel plates and sheets | copper brass cupro-nickel shims sheets pipe and tubes | duplex steel super duplex steel round bars forged bars | stainless steel duplex titanium hastelloy manifold valves | stainless steel carbon steel alloy steel forged fittings | weld neck flange awwa flange rtj flange blind flange | stainless steel carbon steel nickel alloy elbows and tees | stainless steel nickel alloy duplex steel tube fittings
    INDIA - Mumbai
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  • Founded in 2007, Xiantao Jialing Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a professional export-oriented enterprise in production and operation of medical dressings. After years of development, the Company has... Supplier of: Bandages and dressings | Hospital and medical services | Baby-care products | Plastics - household products | Technical textiles for medical applications [+] Technical textiles | Textile finishing | dusters | bathroom towelling | gauze scissors | gauges | medical gauzes | gauzes for technical uses | sponges
    CHINA - Xiantao
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  • Hubei V-Medical Products Co., Ltd. (V-Medical), established in August 2004, and located in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, with about 1-hour-drive to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, is a... Supplier of: Medical and surgical instruments | disposable face masks | disposable shoe covers | hospital and medical laboratory equipment and supplies | gauze roll [+] lap sponges | dressing kit | asbsorbent pad | bandage | sterile gauze swabs | sterile non woven swabs | face mask | isolation gown | shoe cover
    CHINA - Xiantao
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  • Manufacturer of radiological equipment, engaged in marketing to international distributors an entire line covering all needs in both conventional & digital radiology, & especially flat panel detector... Supplier of: Radiology equipment, scientific | Medical imaging equipment and instruments | screening table | digital bone and lung room | digital fluoroscopy with flat panel detector [+] digital radiography table | portable flat panel wifi detector | mobile radiology with flat panel detector | flat panel remote-controlled table | mobile surgical arch with digital flat panel detector
    FRANCE - Nice
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  • Our comprehensive range of Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-ray systems allow us to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for all food product inspection requirements. Supplier of: x-ray inspection systems | Weighing and dosing equipment | metal detectors | weighting systems | weighbridges [+] scales | load cell | checkweighing
    BELGIUM - Zellik
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  • We use cutting-edge 3D measuring machines and a laboratory for X-ray analysis, spectral analysis and strength analysis to ensure the quality of our products. Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Aluminium alloys | light alloy die-casting | magnesium casting [+] pressure moulding | brioche moulds | light alloy foundries | tool manufacturing | cast mould design | aluminium diecasting | die-casting foundries | diecasting | diecasting foundry products | finishing of die cast parts
    SWITZERLAND - St. Gallen
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  • Metals inspected by spectrometer, ultrasound, x-ray and magnetic particle inspection. Supplier of: Casting, steel | Casting of special and high-grade steels | Foundries, aluminium | Steel, special | light alloy foundries [+] aluminium moulding | alloy forging | machining | casting of non ferrous metals | sand moulding | wood model modelling | bronze casting | stainless steel foundry | mechanical test laboratory | spectrum analysis centre
    FRANCE - Mérignac
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  • Minimum lead 500kg: bearings and shot; laminated lead rolls with different thicknesses and lengths, lead for X-ray and radiograph protection, etc. Supplier of: Seals - custom packaging | lead | sealing wire | safety seal | safety seal for extinguisher [+] plastic seal | lead seal | lead wire | lead seal wire | lead for seals | sealer | sealing tongs | control tongs | meter security seal
    BELGIUM - Uccle
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  • ...cooperation with renowned partners in the fields of ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing and plant engineering, we are able to offer a broad range of non-destructive materials testing products. Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Radiology - films and accessories | Suitcases | ultrasound welding | magnets [+] cases for measurement and testing instruments | magnetising devices | fracture testing equipment | weld testing | ultrasonic probes | non-destructive materials testing | surface crack testing
    GERMANY - Alpen
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  • ...bent wire parts, springs, tube parts as well as surface and heat treatment, engineering consultancy for mechanical engineering – material analysis – with X-ray spectrometers and spark spectrometers. Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Industrial building construction [+] Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | Springs | Fastening devices | Nuts and bolts | painting (service) | springs for technical purposes | bent parts | stamping parts | hoop iron stamping parts
    AUSTRIA - Ötztal Bahnhof, Haiming
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  • The X-ray room has a panoramic radiography machine, teleradiology system and a dental scanner – all of which are digital. Supplier of: Advisory services - medical | house calls | oral hygiene | implantology | tooth whitening [+] oral surgery | filling | skeletal | devitalisation | dentist | school | quotations | online courses | specialised medical research and services
    ITALY - Genova
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  • ...products (long, flat and scrap) with steelworks and service centres; we separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals with band separators, pulleys, drums, sorters and separators with X ray sensors. Supplier of: Electromagnets | belt electromagnetic separators | electromagnets | lifting electromagnets | sorting machines [+] industrial waste processing machines | manufacturing of magnetic equipment | design of magnetic facilities | magnetic separators | magnetic installations
    ITALY - Manerbio
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  • Stainless steel tubes A106/333, sixth category in ISPEL tests and X-rays. Supplier of: Flanges | Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | steel flanges | stainless steel connections | carbon steel connectors [+] carbon fittings | cast-iron fittings | carbon flanges | stainless steel curved parts
    ITALY - Treviolo
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  • Compact silicone for medical use, X-ray traceable, and for the food-processing industry. Supplier of: Rubber - technical items for industry | technical articles in rubber | roller coverings | rubber gaskets | silicone rubber gaskets [+] rubber rollers | extruded rubber products | customised semi-finished and connected in rubber | silicone profiles | roller peelers
    ITALY - Parma
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  • ...plating of small tin and brass parts, natural and black anodic oxidation, in-house laboratory for chemical analyses, coating thickness measured using magnetic, electrochemical and X-ray methods Supplier of: Electroplating - machines | metal anodizing | metallography | tinning | nickel barrel plating [+] static galvanizing
    ITALY - Cavaria Con Premezzo
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  • ...surgeons; SIUI portable or static x-ray generators for examining horses and dogs; CHISON and ANASONIC ultrasound scanners and a wide choice of probes for gynaecology, obstetrics, rhumatology,... Supplier of: x-ray film | x-rat generators | Medical imaging equipment and instruments | Medical Equipment | radiology equipment [+] echography | digital radiology | medical imaging equipment | distribution of radiological films and development chemicals | ultrasound | cone beam ct scanners | medical scanners | ultrasound probes | radiology development products | medical scanners
    FRANCE - Ondes
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  • ...Crawler inspection system, Betatron Portable X-Ray systems and Digital X-Ray inspection systems, we also manufacture bespoke systems from design to completion, all from our facility in the U.K. Supplier of: portable betatron x-ray systems | digital x-ray inspection systems | Non-destructive tests | pipeline crawler inspection systems | ndt equipment rental
    UNITED KINGDOM - Lowestoft
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  • Dental training manikins simulators & X-ray training manikin used by students to simulate patients, dental techniques training in schools. Dental models, for education posters: orthodontic, periodontal, implantation,... Supplier of: Dentistry - equipment and instruments | design of dental equipment | dental models simulators manikins | dental education materials


    UNITED STATES - Carlsbad
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  • ...Medical's main product line including X-ray Equipment & Related Instrument, Clinical Laboratory Equipment, Hematology Analyzer, Clinical Diagnosis Reagents, Hematology Reagents, Fast Diagnosis... Supplier of: x ray machine | Import-export - medical and surgical equipment | hematology analyzer
    CHINA - Nanjing
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