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  • For over 20 years MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is producing innovative metal detection technology to be used in industrial applications. From the Headquarter in Kirchberg im Wald, Germany, we supply our... Supplier of: x-ray systems for the food industry | Monitoring and control equipment | Electromagnets | Surveying equipment | Testing of products and materials [+] metal detectors | metal detectors for conveyor belts | electromagnetic wave detectors | metrology | measurement and inspection tools | radiology machines | metal detectors for the food industry | metal detectors for the pharmaceutical industry | metal detectors for the sanitation industry
    GERMANY - Kirchberg
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  • ...innovative, user-friendly, and safe x-ray solutions, while accompanying them throughout the use of our products. For more than 20 years, Teledyne ICM has been a worldwide-active company specializing in developing and manufacturing portable x-ray... Supplier of: x-ray machine | industrial x-ray | manufacturer of x-ray equipment for industry | x-ray inspection systems for non-destructive material tests | x-ray generators for non-destructive material testing [+] x-ray for security | x-ray detectors | x-ray scanner | Radiology equipment, industrial | Testing of products and materials | digital radiography | ndt | welding inspection | eod
    BELGIUM - Andrimont
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  • Ultrasound, electromagnetic, penetrating liquid and radiography controls for companies and worksites. Civil engineering testing and diagnosis: non destructive tests on concrete civil buildings. Supplier of: x-rays | Testing of products and materials | non-destructive inspections | material control and analysis laboratories | testing and inspection of supporting pipes [+] tests on building materials | electromagnetic meters | radiographic, gammagraphic and ultrasound laboratory tests
    ITALY - Folzano-Brescia
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  • MEDIKORS Inc. developed ‘InAlyzer’, the world’s first digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system uses DXA(Dual X-ray Absorptiometry). Supplier of: x-rays | Laboratory equipment and instruments | animal analysis laboratory | analysis equipment | medical device
    SOUTH KOREA - Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi-Do
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  • ., LTD is the world's leading manufacture of high voltage power supply, X-ray generator and X-ray source. Supplier of: x-ray | Substations, high-voltage | high voltage
    CHINA - Xianyang
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  • Supplier of: x-rays | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | cobalt
    BELGIUM - Fleurus
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  • Supplier of: x-rays | Plastics - recovery and recycling | collection, recycling, elimination waste | waste collecion and disposal | salvaging of precious metals
    ITALY - Sesto Calende
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  • ...and services in the industrial x-ray sector. Our x-ray inspection and CT systems are used in a wide range of industries, from the automotive industry to the aerospace industry, to manufacturers of all types of plastics and even in the evaluation and restoration of works of art.... Supplier of: industrial 2d and 3d x-ray inspections | x-ray inspection system for the aerospace industry | x-ray inspection system for the automotive industry | x-ray inspection system for the electronics industry | x-ray inspection system for the plastics industry [+] x-ray inspection systems for tyre inspection | x-ray inspection system for pipe testing | automatic x-ray inspection systems for testing cast parts | manufacturer of x-ray equipment for industry | x-ray inspection systems for non-destructive material tests | x-ray inspection systems for pipe and boiler construction | industrial x-ray systems | x-ray systems for radioscopy and ct examinations | x-ray generators for non-destructive material testing | micro-focus x-ray tubes for geometric magnification
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • The product range includes high-resolution platform scales, load cells, tank and silo scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and software. Supplier of: x-ray inspection systems for bulk material | Weighing and dosing equipment | Metal detectors | dynamic checkweighers | load cells [+] weighing terminals | checkweighers | table and floor scales | foreign body detectors | tank and silo scales | lorry scales | programmable weighing terminals | industrial metal detectors | pallet scales | complete scales
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • ...provider, MSR equips your X-ray room or Hybrid OP with the associated heavy-lift covers for X-ray rooms, radiation shielding glass or radiation shielding lamella curtains. MSR will, of course, fit your... Supplier of: x-ray equipment | installation of x-ray systems | x-ray accessories | x-ray protective clothing | radiation shielding technology for x-ray systems [+] Medical imaging equipment and instruments | radioprotection devices | radiation protection | leaded windows | radiology machines | medical systems | hospital radiation protection services | lead rubber | medical equipment | interior radiation shielding systems
    GERMANY - Jünkerath
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  • Manufacturer of radiological equipment, engaged in marketing to international distributors an entire line covering all needs in both conventional & digital radiology, & especially flat panel detector... Supplier of: Radiology equipment, scientific | Medical imaging equipment and instruments | digital radiography | screening table | mobile radiology machine [+] digital radiography with dr flat panel detector | flat panel detector for digital radiography | brightness amplifier | mobile radiology with flat panel detector | flat panel remote-controlled table | mobile surgical c-arm with digital flat panel detector | radiology equipment for bone/lung room | full radiology equipment package | mobile surgical c-arm with brightness amplifier
    FRANCE - Nice
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  • Established in the year 2011, "Western Polyrub India Private Limited", is engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting of Inflatable Seal, Door Gasket, Silicone Pad, Rubber Seal, Expansion... Supplier of: x ray inspect able rubber | Rubber seals | o-rings | autoclave & sterilizer gasket | inflatable seal [+] inflatable gasket | rubber diaphragm | viton sponge
    INDIA - Mumbai
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  • SPENLE provides a full range of bespoke doors: Flexible industrial doors; Insulated doors for the food sector; Anti X-ray doors for clean rooms plus spare parts (hinges, joints, etc.) Supplier of: anti x-ray door | Doors, flexible - industrial | pvc strip doors | bulkhead doors | water proof door [+] mural protections | clean room doors | polyethylene swing door | polyethylene door block | air-tight doors | airtight door for hospitals | door for the food sector | strip doors | laboratory doors
    FRANCE - Sarrebourg
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  • Lead bearings and shot; laminated lead rolls with different thicknesses and lengths, lead for X-ray and radiograph protection, etc. Supplier of: Seals - custom packaging | Sealing wire | lead | security seals | high-security seals [+] engraved lead seal for meter | counter seals | lead ingots | lead work | sealing pliers | punching pliers | lead wire | non residue sticker | residue tape with numbering | security stickers
    BELGIUM - Uccle
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  • As one of the first X-ray tube production facilities in the world, Dunlee made the leap from manufacturing standard glass tubes to producing high-tech components for markets all around the world. Supplier of: x-ray accessories | Medical Equipment | 3d design work | 3d printing | tungsten components [+] precision parts for medical technology | medical equipment | 3d constructions, design and modelling
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • ...industrial computer tomography, 2D x-ray inspection, 3D scanning with light stripe technology and photogrammetry, optical and tactile 3D coordinate measuring technology, gear measurement, reverse... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | materials testing | metrology | photogrammetry | reverse engineering [+] computer tomography (ct) for industry | first sample measurement | optical measuring technology | materials testing, non-destructive | 3d scanning service | surface treatments | photogrammetric measurement | coordinate measurement technology | coordinate measuring technology, mobile | tool compensation of injection moulds and die-casting moulds
    GERMANY - Uhingen
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  • We can provide customer-specific colours, as well as fillers that are visible in x-rays. Supplier of: Inner tubes | endoscopic tubes | extruded tubes | catheter tubes | polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) tubes [+] fluoroplastic tubes | tubes for medical technology | shrink tubing
    GERMANY - Karlsruhe
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  • ...bent wire parts, springs, tube parts as well as surface and heat treatment, engineering consultancy for mechanical engineering – material analysis – with X-ray spectrometers and spark spectrometers. Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Industrial building construction [+] Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | Springs | Fastening devices | Nuts and bolts | springs for technical purposes | stamping parts | painting (service) | bent parts | hoop iron stamping parts
    AUSTRIA - Ötztal Bahnhof, Haiming
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  • Metals inspected by spectrometer, ultrasound, x-ray and magnetic particle inspection. Supplier of: Casting, steel | Casting of special and high-grade steels | Steel, special | light alloy foundries | sand casting [+] aluminium moulding | bronze foundry | casting of non ferrous metals | wood model modelling | stainless steel foundry | mechanical test laboratory | spectrum analysis centre | one-off moulding to serial machining | ferrous metal foundry
    FRANCE - Mérignac
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  • Silicone moulding for X-ray traceable medical use, and for the food-processing industry. Supplier of: Rubber - technical items for industry | technical articles in rubber | roller coverings | rubber gaskets | silicone rubber gaskets [+] rubber rollers | extruded rubber products | customised semi-finished and connected in rubber | silicone profiles | peel remover rollers
    ITALY - Parma
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  • ...products (long, flat and scrap) with steelworks and service centres; we separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals with band separators, pulleys, drums, sorters and separators with X ray sensors. Supplier of: Electromagnets | belt electromagnetic separators | electromagnets | lifting electromagnets | sorting machines [+] industrial waste processing machines | manufacturing of magnetic equipment | design of magnetic facilities | magnetic separators | magnetic installations
    ITALY - Manerbio
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  • equipped with XRF-1800 scanning X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, JEOL2013 high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, JJG009-2012 target-rotating X-ray polycrystal diffractometer,... Supplier of: Steel, carbon | Metal powders | Research and development of new materials | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | non-ferrous metals [+] titanium dioxide | zirconium | nitriding of metals | sub-nano ceramic powder | silicides | non-ferrous metal carbides | titanium, zirconium, hafnium metal and its compound powder | nano-materials | new materials
    CHINA - Changsha
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  • The x-ray room is fitted with digital machines for panoramic views, remote radiography and dental scanners. Supplier of: Advisory services - medical | house calls | oral hygiene | implantology | tooth whitening [+] oral surgery | filling | skeletal | devitalisation | dentist | school | quotations | online courses | specialised medical services and practices
    ITALY - Genova
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  • Our comprehensive range of Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-ray systems allow us to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for all food product inspection requirements. Supplier of: Weighing and dosing equipment | metal detectors | weighting systems | weighbridges
    BELGIUM - Zellik
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  • ...machinery such as; Laser Sorters, X-Ray Scanner, Camera Sorters, Metal Detector and Full Automatic Packaging, are the strategy of the RKP. please do not hesitate to contact us by using below... Supplier of: Dried fruits | Nuts | saffron | fruits | raisins
    IRAN - Tehran
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  • ...Crawler inspection system, Betatron Portable X-Ray systems and Digital X-Ray inspection systems, we also manufacture bespoke systems from design to completion, all from our facility in the U.K. Supplier of: portable betatron x-ray systems | digital x-ray inspection systems | Non-destructive tests | pipeline crawler inspection systems | ndt equipment rental
    UNITED KINGDOM - Lowestoft
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  • We use cutting-edge 3D measuring machines and a laboratory for X-ray analysis, spectral analysis and strength analysis to ensure the quality of our products. Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | light alloy die-casting | magnesium casting | pressure moulding
    SWITZERLAND - St. Gallen
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  • ...: 1- walk through metal detector2- X-ray inspection equipment3- handheld metal detectorand also we have under vehicle inspection systems and all of other security equipment's .in another hand we... Supplier of: x-ray defect detectors | Alarms - security devices | metal detectors | electronic security equipment and systems | security advice and services
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • ..., Film Viewer, Intraoral Light , x-ray Film viewer and soon on , with excellent quality advance technology reasonalbe price sincerely service. it is popular and apprecation for global customer.... Supplier of: Import-export - medical and surgical equipment | dental product | dental suction | oilless air compressor | led curing light
    CHINA - Foshan
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  • Eldon Enterprises is specialized in new weighing technologie - weighing in motion and automatic grading systems - mixers - X-ray metal detection systems and hospital projects. Supplier of: Weighing and dosing equipment | Hospital furnishings | mixers | industrial weighing tools | metal detectors for conveyor belts
    BELGIUM - Zaventem
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