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  • We are manufacturers of heat exchangers and cooling/heating units governed by a wide range of principles, for heating and cooling liquids and gases in industry and trade (PED, ASME, China Stamp).

    Supplier of: Condensers | vaporizers | steam wand | plate-type heat exchangers | waste gas heat exchangers [+] high-pressure heat exchangers | finned heat exchangers | air heating | shell and tube heat exchangers | sterile heat exchangers | pharmaceutical heat exchangers | double tube heat exchangers | safety recuperators | gasket plate heat exchangers | freeflow plate heat exchangers

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    SWITZERLAND- Wettingen
    PLUSTHERM POINT AG - Verified by Europages

    We are an established company in Switzerland that specialises in the construction of systems for industrial inductive and capacitive heating. We supply static converters in the medium frequency range...

    Supplier of: condensers | Induction heating systems | refrigeration equipment | induction generators | dielectric generators [+] inductor construction | matching transformers | inductive brazing | cable heating | inductive annealing | inductive smelting | conductor preheating | inductive expansion/shrinkage | cooling water heat exchangers | coating with induction heating

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  • BAŞARANLAR PROSES EKİPMANLARI is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey, specialized in the design and manufacturing of heat exchangers. Our wide product range includes several types of heat exchangers...

    Supplier of: nh3 condensers and evaporators | vacuum steam condensers | steam surface condenser | Heat exchangers | pressure vessels [+] air cooled heat exchangers | shell & tube heat exchangers | double tube heat exchangers | plate heat exchangers | waste heat boilers | economizers | hot air units | co2 coolers | natural gas coolers | steam-air heat exchangers

    • About Finned Tubes About Finned Tubes
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    ITALY- Castellanza
    ICEL SRL - Verified by Europages

    Icel was founded in 1960, and produces plastic film capacitors, RC networks and interference suppressors. Icel's uses its high level of automation to manufacture components using different methods...

    Supplier of: Condensers | condensers | fixed condensers for printed circuits | electronic strip condensers | tuning condensers [+] microelectronic condenser circuits | alternating current condensers | electric condensers | Electrical systems and equipment | Active electronic components | Passive electronic components and printed circuits | fixed electrical capacitors | passive electronic components | electronic components | optoelectronic components

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    ITALY- Castegnero
    STEFANI SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...high-performance air coolers, blast chillers, condensers, and dry coolers. The company offers complete support services, from design to delivery, endeavouring to find the best machines size to...

    Supplier of: condensers | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Heat exchangers | Air-conditioning systems, vehicles | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use [+] cubic air coolers | industrial refrigeration | refrigeration system | industrial refrigeration plants | double flow air coolers | angular air coolers | industrial and commercial refrigeration | logistics engineering | comfort and air conditioning | ventilated units

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  • ...and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. Now, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete program for all tasks related to the processing of compressed air. Expert advice and...

    Supplier of: condensers | Pneumatic systems and tools | Filtering equipment and supplies | Compressed-air installations | Gas, compressed [+] Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Air treatment - equipment and systems | Gas filters | desiccation | metrology | compressed air filters | compressed air systems and equipment | membrane filters | filtering membranes | activated carbon filter

    • Condensate drain Condensate drain electronically level-controlled condensate drain
    • Emulsion splitting unit Emulsion splitting unit BEKOSPLIT splitting plants clean emulsified condensates
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    RIMA HEATING SYSTEMS - Verified by Europages

    Rima Heating Systems, founded in 1969, is a company based in Istanbul and a registered trademark of Önmetal Döküm Sanayi (Önmetal Casting Industry) with more than 50 years of experience in cast iron...

    Supplier of: wall-hung condensation boilers | condensation boilers | wall type condensing boiler | floor type condensing boilers | floor standing condensing boilers [+] condensing boilers | Boilers, cast iron | gas-fired boiler | heating system | hot water boiler | gas and oil boilers | solid fuel boilers | heat exchangers | heating appliances | heat exchangers producer

    • Floor Standing Condensing Boiler Floor Standing Condensing Boiler
    • Wall Type Condensing Boiler Wall Type Condensing Boiler
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    BELGIUM- Mont-saint-guibert
    HAMON - Verified by Europages

    The HAMON group is a worldwide player in the field of engineering and contracting (project engineering, construction and management), present on all 5 continents, quoted on the Brussels stock...

    Supplier of: Cooling towers | Hearths, industrial | Engineering - industrial contractors | Extractors, gas and smoke - equipment | cooling systems [+] plume abated cooling towers | smoke cooling system | cooling of gases and smoke | electrofilters | cooling towers | smoke filtering | hybrid cooling towers | heat exchangers for the chemical industry | wet cooling towers

    • Air Cooled Condensers Air Cooled Condensers Dry Cooling
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  • Supplier of: Condensers

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  • ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH (former RFT Kondensatorenwerk Gera) have been associated with the manufacture of capacitors in Gera since the late 1930s, when the SIEMENS organisation moved part of...

    Supplier of: high voltage condenser | Electrical components and parts | capacitor | power electronics | power capacitor

    • 276 MKP(D)/MKP-1 capacitor oil filled 276 MKP(D)/MKP-1 capacitor oil filled The low-cost option for small installations
    • 280 MKP UHD capacitor oil filled 280 MKP UHD capacitor oil filled MKP Ultra Heavy Duty capacitor
    • E70 AC capacitor E70 AC capacitor AC capacitors in rectangular case
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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    JSC "Refra" is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing refrigeration equipment. The long-term work experience, an official representative of the leading world producers of...

    Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | Refrigerated display units and windows | Cold rooms | Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment

    • Air cooled condensers Air cooled condensers Air cooled condensers
    • Condensing units Condensing units BM Units
    • Condensing units Condensing units Galaxy
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  • As SONKAR REFRIGERATION COMPANY; we constructed a lot of warehouses, cooling storages, slaughterhouses, shopping mall cooling storages, milk and milking products cooling storage rooms, chocolate...

    Supplier of: condensers | Cold rooms | cold rooms for goods storage | cold rooms, cooling systems | industrial cooling

    • Ewerest 1000 Ewerest 1000
    • Ewerest 3000 Ewerest 3000 CONDENSER
    • Condenser Condenser
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  • A trading company with an emphasis on creativity and leading-edge technology, Hitachi High-Technologies Co., Ltd. Japan is a member of the Hitachi Group. Hitachi High-Technologies in Europe handles a...

    Supplier of: Condensers | GPS | diodes | high-performance semiconductors | magnetrons

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    CHINA- Dongguan

    Offering Capacitors and Resistors for 9 Years Founded in 2006, Zhengli group co Ltd main product categories are ceramic capacitor, film capacitor, safety capacitor ( Y1, Y2, X1, MKP-X2 ), zinc...

    Supplier of: Condensers | ceramic capacitors | film capacitors | varistors | ntc thermistors

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    SWITZERLAND- Dintikon

    We are an innovative Swiss engineering company with a focus on manufacturing drying systems for drying bulk material. Thanks to our many years of experience and innovative drying technology, we are...

    Supplier of: Condensers | belt filters | exhaust filter

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    HONG KONG- Hong Kong

    ...speakers, micro speakers, receivers, buzzers, condenser microphones, earphones etc. Doing so has enabled us to meet the differing demands and requirements of our targeted customers. Microsonic...

    Supplier of: Condensers | electronic components | piezo buzzers | electronic components

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  • ...Freezer, Blast/Quick freezing Rooms including Condensing Units, Air Cooler, Air Cooled Condenser, Evaporator, Cold Room Spare Parts and Accessaries etc. to oversea markets. Up to now, LVTE have...

    Supplier of: condenser | Heat pumps, industrial | heat pumps | fan coils | air conditioner

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  • We are a large enterprise has three factories and its own sales departments. We have products of three categories: The first is the pure aluminum plate and aluminum coils series. We can OEM different...

    Supplier of: Condensers | evaporators | evaporators for refrigeration

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  • ...refrigeration equipment such as air coolers, condensers and nonstandard evaporators widely used in cold stores. supermarket, blast stores, experiment boxes, ships, Ice-making machines, freeze tunnels and so on....

    Supplier of: condenser | Heat exchangers | air coolers for air conditioning systems

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    SWEDEN- Malmo high efficiency gas to gas heat exchanger used to recover heat from the hot air, condense the moisture out of hot air. Airec supply several OEM customers with unique heat exchanger solutions.

    Supplier of: condensation | Heat exchangers | heat recovery

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  • ...Co., Ltd is a professional manufactory of condenser and evaporator of refrigerator(freezer) and auto welding machine in China. Our company is founded in 2003 and located in Xinxiang city,...

    Supplier of: condenser | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | refrigerator part

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    GERMANY- Mannheim. with the following services: Surface Condensers Condensing systems Gland Vent Condensers Dump Condensers Barometric Condensers Feed Water Heaters Gas Skids Desuperheaters Cryogenic equipment’s Dumping Device...

    Supplier of: Condensers

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    UNITED STATES- Palm Coast

    July 25, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: AmRad Engineering is a family owned manufacturing company that has been operating in the United States since 1939. Thank you for your time and interest in...

    Supplier of: Condensers | capacitor | motor start capacitors

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  • Our company is professional supplier of electronic products. We are specialized in researching, developing and producing car auto electronic products, such as car DVR, car black boxes, car cameras...

    Supplier of: Condensers

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  • We are Zhengzhou Huaxin Refractories Industrial Co., Ltd., which was established in `1986. Now it is situated in Xinmi , Henan, China.which is a city being rich in mineral resources and one of the...

    Supplier of: condenser | Thermal insulation materials | thermal insulation - materials

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    SPAIN- Alcantarilla-Murcia

    Antonio Murcia Moreno, s.l. has been manufacturing pressure vessels, boilers and machines since 1990. The business of Antonio Murcia Moreno, s.l. is primarily geared to the chemical, pharmaceutical,...

    Supplier of: Condensers | Boilerwork | filters | reactors | tanks

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  • 2004.Is engaged in professional audio products for high-tech enterprises. The company specializes in professional microphones, condenser cartridges, headphones and other audio products.

    Supplier of: Condensers | condenser microphones | headset microphones | lavalier microphones | portable voice amplifier

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  • ...refrigeration compressors and cold rooms, water condensers and coolers. At our stores you can also buy air coolers, freezing tunnels, and freon or ammonia refrigeration systems. We are looking...

    Supplier of: Condensers | Dry aerorefrigerants | Cold rooms | industrial refrigeration plants

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    CHINA- Taizhou ,jiangsu ,china cool down.Diameter of copper tube for condensers: 7MM, 9.52MM, 12.7MM, 15.88MM material of tubes for evaporator: copper tube, stainless tube.Material of fins: aliuminum fin, hydrophilic coated...

    Supplier of: condensers | Radiators - fin-type | finned heating radiators

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  • At present we can design and produce most kinds of auto radiators, radiator cores, caps, hoses, filler necks and tubes, which are widely used in cars, tractors and trucks. both domestic and abroad....

    Supplier of: condenser | Automobiles | radiator

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