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  1. PFP


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    PFP Protection Feu Pro. Comprehensive fire protection solutions. Enthusiastic experts in the field of fire protection, we aim to optimise your investments. With 25 years' experience in the field of special techniques, we specialise in passive fire protection. We are your preferred partner for finding suitable fire-break solutions for your requirements. We give advice, supply and fit full fire-break compartmentation to all types of buildings: administrative, hospitals, shops, industry, retirement homes, nurseries, private homes. Our products: Fire-seal doors, Partitions and Ceilings, Fire-Stop Grills and Dampers. Fire-stop protection for load-bearing structures and fire-stop cladding for ducts and cable trays. Fire protection is a specialist technical field that can save lives. Our mission is to pass on specialist knowledge and raise awareness. We provide services, design and consultancy in the field of fire prevention, protection and safety (passive fire protection). The company also aims to ensure the compliance of all types of buildings. We work with ITM-certified regulatory authorities to design the compartmentation plan, evacuation route and related signage.



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    BSM Industry and Global Trading is a customer-centric company dedicated to delivering quality services. With our experienced and dynamic team, we operate in two distinct areas to serve our valued clients effectively. BSM is a ship supply company and international trade company that excels in import-export, supply chain management, and spare parts procurement. Leveraging our skilled team and an extensive network of suppliers, we ensure the sourcing of products that align with desired quality and standards. We also specialize in Industrial Electrical Installations, Automation, Contracting, Projects, Electrical Panels Manufacturing, and Engineering. With 8 years of experience and a team of experts, we have established ourselves as a reputable player in the industry. Tailored solutions for our customers' needs. Our Services: 1. Ship Supply: Deck equipments Hydraulic equipments Spare parts Fire and safety equipments 2. Paper Box: Pizza boxes Burger boxes Special dimension boxes, etc. 3. Pet Foods: High-quality pet food products 4. Textile Products: clothing for men and women, home textile products 5. Signboard Design and Manufacturing: custom signboard design and signboard manufacturing 6. Fruits & Vegetables : Provide fresh fruits and vegetables



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    The company FIRST INCENDIE, is a Distributor, which operates in the Fire prevention equipment industry. It also operates in the Fire extinguishers, alarm device, fire fighting, Fire extinguishers, and portable extinguishers industries. It is based in Cesson-Sévigné, France.



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    The company ZUKOS - DIE SICHERE LÖSUNG - EINE MARKE DER Z&K GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fire prevention equipment industry. It is based in Chemnitz, Germany.

  5. RILLEX S.R.O.


    The main profile of RILLEX is manufacturing removable, reusable thermal insulating sleeves, fittings and jackets, mattresses from high quality thermal insulating materials, durable technical fabric. Product are Fire and Oil Proof Steam Insulation Pipe Sleeves, Thermal Insulation Sleeves, Pipe Insulation Jackets, Mattresses, Extreme Heat Sleeve (650ºC), Exhaust Insulation Sleeves, for Pipes, Valves, Filters, Side Valves, Flanges, Pumps. Industries: Automobile, Nuclear plants, Energy, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Gas, Pharmaceutical, Boiler houses, Heat production suppliers, Steam pipes... Our thermal insulation products reach up to 1850°C. Industrial fire resistant textiles up to 1100°C. Rillex was est. in 2014, Guarantees ISO 9001 quality, EU aproved materials and a Multilingual Team. Using our products Your Energy Saving may be up to 20-50%. Overall cost cutting up to 50%* beacuse of easy implementation. We offer Organic fillings* and an expertise in material selection to protect: Labour, Environment, Equipment, Processes Designing Non-Traditional solutions. RILLEX provides free samples for testing! Provides references of past projetcs! We design and manufacture, DIN and Non-Standard thermal insulation sleeves and mattresses and we love these challenges! Industrial textiles can be used for fire protection, welding curtains, filters, tank casings etc.

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    United Kingdom

    Since 2018 we have been specifying, designing, and installing Fume Cupboards, Extraction systems, providing COSHH safety testing and Fire trace fire suppression systems throughout the UK - to organisations which include: - Pharmaceutical - Educational - Research & Development - Health and Diagnostic Laboratories - Facilities Management. We are Fully insured and also a Member of Constructionline so you can be assured we are compliant with all matters relating to Fixed ducted, Filtered Fume Cupboards and Extraction Systems as well as COSHH safety. A full turn key solution for this with our team of professional engineers, this will include if necessary: De-commissioning strip out of existing cupboards - plumbing and electrical works - commissioning - COSHH testing. With over 30 years experience in the Fume Extraction Industry The Fume Cupboard Company Ltd. Prides itself on its attention to detail. Instilling confidence in its clients to use our services time and again. Choosing the correct Fume cupboard and associated Extraction system for your organisation or business can involve complex decisions. We offer full no obligation guidance throughout.



    The company SME Innovations LLC offers a wide range of innovative products for automatic fire extinguishing in electrical panels, 19-inch rack cabinets, cable trays, sockets, etc. The fire extinguishing agent of the proposed line of fire protection equipment is a gas that is safe for humans, animals and devices, which is in liquid form inside the device. Some of the devices use a unique innovation technology for microencapsulation of the gas used to fire fighting. The main advantages of these innovative products: -No maintenance within up to 5 years, -No current supply, -No switch off the electricity, -Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment up to 35kW, -Extinguish A, B, E fire classes (some of devices - plus С class), -Safe for human, -Wide range of application from - 40° С to + 60° С, -Easy to install, -Easy to remove from the surface, -No damage to protected object if installed properly, -Non-ozone-depleting. We offer fire-brakers, which can be used like fire prevention systems for industrials buildings, shopping centers, public buildings, underground, so for firefighting in flats or private houses as fire extinguishers for electrical panels, sockets, switches, etc. Our innovative automatic fire extinguishing solutions save you and your equipment by preventing the fire/ ignition at an early stage. Safety data sheet for extinguishing agent (gas) - MSDS, certificate of conformity.


    United Kingdom

    Tusker Industrial Safety is the trusted manufacturer and supplier of welding safety and industrial safety solutions and equipment in the UK. Our products include welding PPE, welding curtains and welding bays, welding blankets and industrial fabrics, construction safety products, fire barriers and more. Our solutions are made by us, in the UK. We can provide bespoke welding safety and industrial safety solutions to exactly meet your needs. Get in touch with our experts to discuss how we can help you with your industrial safety requirements or to buy a product. We have over 35 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of quality safety products and solutions to heavy industry in the UK and globally. Our customers come from a wide range of environments including automotive, aviation, education, manufacturing, construction, heavy machinery, mining, oil and gas, pipelines, rail, shipbuilding, warehousing, and engineering. Our range of solutions can be tailored to exactly meet your needs.


    United Kingdom


    United Kingdom

    GreCon makes people and places safer and enables the ‘smart factory’ as the leading provider of industrial fire prevention and process measurement solutions. Our fire prevention solutions protect premises, process and people, detecting and extinguishing ignition sources in filters, silos and production areas, making workplaces safer and enabling uninterrupted production. Our comprehensive range of measurement systems improve product quality and reduce raw material and energy costs, ultimately maximising operational efficiency. GreCon Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG. The company has been providing fire protection and measuring technology solutions in the UK & Ireland for over 28 years.



    We will accompany you on the way: from the audit of the different fire protection systems, the installation of fire safety equipment if necessary and their regular maintenance in compliance with the texts and the laws in force, but also the training of your staff. The purpose of fire regulations is to bring safety of property and people to commercial, industrial, residential, and public establishments. Rules and standards vary depending on the type of establishment concerned. France Protect experts can advise you effectively on the regulations in force. Our fire protection company first offers you a complete audit, and together create the design of a stratum We offer a wide variety of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to serve you with a smile, in order to satisfy you fully. From mandatory measures to additional precautionary measures, we realize that companies put safety first, as do we. We have a wide range of best quality fire prevention equipment on sale and we guarantee that we will match or beat our competitors prices, no questions asked.


    United Kingdom

    Allfire provide solutions to meet the Fire Safety demands of your organisation. Our team of Fire Safety Professionals specialise in working with clients to identify and provide advice, incorporating cost effective risk solutions on a wide range of Fire Safety issues. Failure to comply with current Fire Safety legislation may have a significant impact on the safety of your employees, customers and visitors with the potential to result in business disruption, financial losses and damaged reputation. Allfire focus on delivering peace of mind to employers, property owners and employees with fire safety responsibilities to ensure your organisation is protected and your people are kept safe from the risk of fire.



    Votre expert de la sécurité incendie à Bourges met son savoir-faire à votre service pour vous aider à la conformité en sécurité incendie. France Protect (CFPI - Entreprise de sécurité et Protection incendie) vous propose des prestations pour répondre au mieux à tous vos besoins. Nous mettons à votre service une équipe de techniciens professionnels de la sécurité incendie, dotés d’une solide expérience dans chacun des métiers liés à la détection et la prévention incendie, parce que la réglementation dans ce domaine est vaste et technique. Société de sécurité incendie, avec plus de 40 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la protection incendie auprès des particuliers, professionnels et collectivités locales. Un extincteur doit faire l’objet d'une vérification annuelle effectuée par une personne ou un organisme compétent, mais aussi d’une maintenance tous les 5 ans et d'une révision complète tous les 10 ans. L'extincteur doit être marqué d'une étiquette clairement identifiable et plombé par la personne ou l’organisme ayant réalisé l'intervention. Selon la norme NF S61-919, les années et mois des vérifications doivent apparaître sur l'étiquette de l'extincteur. Exemple de maintenance et vérification des extincteurs : Vérifier que chaque extincteur est visible, accessible et approprié au risque localisé Contrôler la masse de la cartouche et de la charge en gaz Vérifier les joints d'étanchéité, système de sécurité (verrou, goupille, percuteur, etc)



    The Intelligent Heat Sensor detects temperature and rate of temperature increase of the cooker surface. The alarm is triggered if the temperature change is faster than in normal cooking or if the overall temperature exceeds safe levels. The Control Unit executes the cut off command sent by the Intelligent Heat Sensor, monitors cooker use through an Intelligent Timer, and identifies the warning signals emitted by fire/CO/gas alarms. The Control Unit has an automatic Cooker Knob Safety Lock that can be used with children or people with memory disorders. The Control Unit is compatible with all cooker types. The system intelligently learns from and adjusts to individual cooking styles, which helps to minimize the incidence of false alarms.The Stove Guard is tested by SINTEF (NBL F12102), the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, specializing in technology.



    We are a garments company with 160 workers in Iasi, Romania.We have 20 years experience in garment, and especially in the field of protective equipment and military uniforms Laminated 2-layer and 3 layers. I worked for Barbour products, Royal Mail, EasyJet, UK Metropolitan Police, Carabinieri- Italy, Romanian Police, Underground, Firefighters. We specialize in companies Goretex and Sympatex, waterproofing seam technology with the necessary equipment. We place great emphasis on quality and timeliness of delivery.


    United States

    Prevenex offers a new technology for fire prevention that is popular for protecting computer rooms, telecom facilities, archives and any room of value. The technology reduces oxygen levels below the fire threshold (16%) and completly prevents fire. A 16% oxygen environment makes fire impossible, but safe for humans. The technology utilizes a molecular sieve to separate oxygen and nitrogen. A state of the art control system measures oxygen and precisely controls the environment to insure air quality and fire safety. Prevenex has been in business for over 10 years.



    Our company, owned by Bogdan Gil, was founded in 1996, offering high quality service ever since then. In that time we gained experience and trust of multiple customers. Company seat is located in Bielsko-Biała, Śląskie province. We specialize in fire fighting equipment. We may offer you high quality fire hoses. We offer firemen's hoses made of extruded and vacuformed materials. Our portfolio covers fire-hose nozzles, including for snow and water, as well as hydrant nozzles. In addition, we offer hydrant covers with a triangle, which may be used to close caps with metallic surfaces, securing and tightening the whole installation. We also sell towing bands and technical bands. We recommend in particular jacquard bands. We also offer hydrants. Our portfolio covers also lifelines and climbing lines. We also offer hydraulic cabinets. Our experienced and qualified personnel ensures individualized approach. We provide professional consulting services. We are a professional company. We guarantee reliable and timely deliveries. For detailed information visit our website, and in case of questions please dial our phone number. You are welcome to choose from our portfolio.



    Manufacturers and wholesalers of extinguishers, installation and maintenance of extinguishers: extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher, automatic extinguisher, wheeled extinguisher, manometer, valve, ring, fire hose, seals, wall bracket, fire blanket, floor stand, vehicle bracket, bin with cover, sand bin, wall-mounted cupboard, PVC cupboard, double cabinet, ABC chemical powder, reflective vest, CO2 canister trolley



    EXTHA is a group specialised in passive fire protection: we sell and fit cladding, sheets, formwork, firewalls, smoke evacuation and ventilation flues. We design and manufacture our products. Our main business is the design of passive protection, inventing technical solutions which respect the increasing number of worksite and market regulations and requirements. We design our products and systems.


    United Kingdom

    AMC Alarms founded in 2001 is one of the largest independent suppliers and installers of Fire and Security products in the North of Scotland. AMC has experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Fire and Security Systems. AMC's design team is fully trained on the latest standards and provide the most cost effective solution to suit our clients requirements. AMC Alarms provides quality installation and after sales service, including a 24 hour call out and maintenance package.



    ALGEBRA TEKSTİL is manufacturing fire protective clothing, we are one of the most experienced suppliers of fire-protective clothing for professional. Our products meet up to the heat and flame protection requirements of most countries in the world. We offer a choice of product and systems that are standard and certified to the latest requirements.



    Portable fire pump, high volume fire pump, high pressure fire pump, remote control floating fire pump.Sea water fire pump, diesel engine fire pump.Fire nozzle, gallonage constant nozzle, dry powder nozzle, foam nozzle.Ground fire water monitor, oscillating fire monitor, electric remote control fire monitor.



    PRE is a fire protection and security service providing companies in Sweden. They also sell fire safety equipment, sign and fire protection documentation to customers.


    South Korea

    Sprinkler Hose Size : 700MM / 1000MM / 1200MM / 1500MM / 1800MM Type : Unbraid / Braid Type -UL, FM Approval


    United Kingdom

    Fire Protection Consultants & Engineers, Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy



    The company KURAL YANGIN GÜVENLIGI A.S., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fire prevention equipment industry. It is based in Çerkezköy / Tekirdag, Turkey.



    The company LTD. "NOVOHARTSYZSKY ENGINEERING WORKS", is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fire prevention equipment industry. It also operates in the firefighting gear industries. It is based in Khartsizk, Ukraine.



    The company FAMUTEC BRANDSCHUTZ UND SICHERHEITSTECHNIK GMBH, is a Distributor, which operates in the Fire prevention equipment industry. It is based in Maria Anzbach, Austria.



    The company STOBICH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Fire prevention equipment industry. It also operates in the Fire protection equipment, Fire protection equipment, and fire prevention industries. It is based in Vénissieux, France.

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