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    EXOTIC WHIP is one of the biggest producers of high-quality European nitrous oxide cream chargers. The Exotic Whip cream charger is filled with a total of 640 grams of nitrous oxide compared to the usual 580g. Give your cocktail, or whipped cream a delicious tropical touch by simply adding one of the taste beads. Currently available in the following flavors: - Pleasure Passion Fruit - Wavey Watermelon - Pretty Pineapple If our webshop assortment doesn't provide the quantities you need, then becoming a distributor could be the perfect solution. You will be in direct contact with our sales directors who can help you manage your orders and answer your questions. Our WhatsApp service makes it easy for you to contact us even outside office hours. You will be the first to know about any price fluctuations and special offers, and we will always provide you with the best possible price and make sure that your business never runs out of stock! Simply by filling out the distributor form listed on our website you can get in contact with our sales representatives and start becoming an Exotic Whip cream charger distributor. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    We are suppliers of: oilseeds, sunflower, rapeseed, soy, corn, canola oil. European produced dairy products, powders, UHT and pulses from farming cooperatives. We are the brand owners of: African Queen. Europa Milk, Sunflower Queen oil, Stella Rosa Palma d'Oro. Mercurya France, is an agrifood business based in Nice on the legendary UNESCO World Heritage Promenade des Anglais. We are not a multinational business, but a socially responsible firm that supports the development of the communities with which we work, primarily in Africa and the developing countries. We strive to forge long-lasting relations with our customers and suppliers alike by understanding their requirements and treating them all equitably and respectfully. We are not producers but order givers and thus have our own brands. We take special care when selecting the farmers with whom we draw up strict specifications. Mercurya France is dedicated to offering its customers quality service. As we are aware of the speed and flexibility demands of international trade, we strive to satisfy our customers' requirements. We have built our slogan "Bien faire et le faire savoir" primarily thanks to our great field experience.



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    Since 2018, Boulevard BENIN has specialised in the following fields: farming; production sale of food products; commercial representation, partnerships and NICT. It is headquartered in Benin and its main activity centers on export and import of raw material and manufactured products. There are over 300 farmers' organisations across the whole of Benin. We provide training, development , planning and implementation assistance for farm projects centered on large-scale production of products such as cashew nuts; soya; Shea sesame; The company also supplies cacao pods, soya, sesame and groundnut to international markets. cotton; millet; corn; pepper; garlic; onions, etc., in every part of Benin. We are famed for our efficiency, go-ahead attitude and speed of service. Our guaranteed quaility with value for money and a perfect after-sales service are our number one attributes. We work strictly in accordance with the requirements of the OHADA uniform act. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.



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    RNC BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2020 and is based in Asnières Sur Seine, France. We are specialised in the import-export of food products, namely garlic, turnips, oranges, olive oil, wine, etc. The agrifood produces consumer goods from products farming and breeding. products like yoghurts, cheese, frozen dishes, pâté, chocolate and other confectionery from these companies. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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    ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH manufactures systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, filling, and emptying medium to high-viscosity fluids. The headquarter is in Töging a. Inn (Bavaria). ViscoTec has subsidiaries in the USA, in China, Singapore, India, in France and in Hong Kong and employs about 300 people worldwide. Numerous sales partners all over the world complete the international distribution network. Next to technically sophisticated solutions to even the most complicated application, ViscoTec is the single point of contact to deliver all components for a complete system: From emptying to preparing and to dosing. This guarantees successful interaction of all components. All fluids showing a viscosity of up to 7.000.000 mPas can be conveyed and dosed almost pulsation-free and with extremely low shear. ViscoTec offers comprehensive consulting for every application and, if required, extensive tests will be carried out in close cooperation with the customer. The dosing pumps and systems are perfectly adapted to their respective application whether it is the food sector, the e-mobility industry, the aerospace field, the medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry, electronics manufacturing or many other branches.

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    Welcome to Bikoula Complexe International Consultings Sarl, a French company that specialises in facilitating agreements and trading between partners in the west and their public and private sector partners in Africa. We work to bring Africa and the west closer together, an interface for companies with a desire to develop a presence on the African continent. Our commitment on your behalf consists of facilitating contacts with economic actors from the public and private sectors, guaranteeing the best approach and the greatest chance of success for your projects. As well as this activity, which represents the heart of our business, we play an essential role in trading and brokering foodstuffs and raw materials. We are committed to the import-export of the finest produce on behalf of our client partners located in Europe, the Americas, Russia and Asia. Our suppliers are meticulously selected for the quality of their products, testament to our dedication and commitment to quality and making sure that our partners are satisfied. Shape the future of your business in Africa by working with Bikoula Complexe International Consultings Sarl, your go-to partner for steering your ambitions towards a successful conclusion. Our expertise is rooted in a network of colleagues with long experience of working with the public and private sectors as well as with project owners and developers. Our team has in-depth understanding of the African market.



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    The company AQUAPOINT WATERCOOLER, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It is based in Dinslaken, Germany.



    TiaHORECA is an online service, whose primary goal is to be the most complete portal in the portuguese Hotel Equipament Supply Industry. Based on a set of products suitable for the professional sector, its offer goes across the entire hotel activity and not just products or accessories that are extensively advertised on competing portals. Our offer aims to be exhaustive to all types of Hotel and Restaurant activities in Portugal. It contains the most representative and high quality international brands at unbeatable prices, with delivery times adjusted to each type of product, always providing detailed information in each sale. As a company, we also believe that post-sales technical assistance is key for a complete customer satisfaction and loyalty, two very important assets in our business. For that reason, TiaHORECA's professionals have many years of experience in the industry (commercial, technical, logistical). Their mission is to help customers select the equipment that best suits their needs and provide a dedicated service in terms of installation and technical advice of professional Hotel Equipment.


    United Kingdom

    Bio Paper Cups is a paper cup manufacturer that produces fully compostable, biodegradable & recyclable paper cups, made from cornstarch, which is a naturally found in corn. Cornstarch nown as PLA makes recycling our cups easy, as they can be place in to any recycling bin. All our raw materials are FC meaning they are from sustainable resources. So you have full peace of mind when buying from bio cups that you are making your futer brighter and cleaner. We have an in-house studio to assist with your design ideas and produce for you a proof. All our printing uses food safe inks and have certifivates of conformancy for the paper & inks used. We offer three levels of production, 3-15 day turnaround so getting your cups to you in a rush is not a problem So for true peace of mind and a proffesional and greener service, we are here to help Visit our website for further information



    CEREX boasts extensive expertise and experience in its fields of industry. CEREX also continues to support your processes once you purchase CEREX equipment or turnkey production systems. Thanks to our long-established experience in the industry, we can offer clients extensive and in-depth advice in the following areas of cereal production: Processing techniques (puffing, coating, cooking, drying, tempering, flaking, toasting). In-house handling of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Filling and packing equipment for bulk material. CEREX also provides engineering services for your new cereal machinery, from a feasibility study and preliminary project through to project management and plant drawings. We can also provide all the information your architects/civil engineers need for building regulations, such as load data, wall openings and ceiling openings, infrastructure, etc.



    we specialized in small home appliance, including household pasta maker, induction cooker, infrared cooker etc. Being established in year 2006, Kerisson has now become one of the largest induction cooker manufacturers an annual production capacity of 100, 00, 00 pcs. As one of the pioneers of induction cooker manufacturers in China, Kerisson has more than 6 years experience and technology in small home appliances, presents of the highest technological standard in kitchenware industry with first class manufacturing caraftwork skill at the lowest labor cost. Technology innovation is the key for Kerisson to maintain its persistent competition and also the basic to satisfy personal need of all and each consumer. Most of its production equipments and testing devices used in Kerisson are from Japan, Germany and USD- made by the world most advanced technology. Quality control has been extended on whole process of production starting from in spection on raw materials, components and parts, on-l


    South Korea

    Hummer, eco-friendly company was established to develop the modern life necessity, home appliances ; esp. food-waste disposer for housewives, multipurpose mini-sunvisor for vehicles, auto-pencil wax dispenser for dental technician & laboratory with a new technology, self-design, R&D, manufacturing know-how, new engineering system, etc., (Product name) : Food-waste disposer (Features and Specification): Easy and simple installation, auto operation-stop(25sec), Low noise and electrical power fee, auto bioseptic injection, safety, eco-friendly made for house wives.(Usage) : food-waste disposing in kitchen sink(Strengths) : Wide size of food insert head, smooth start up, safety, auto start with cover sw & auto stop, auto bio-septicinjection for cleaning, malodor, bacteria etc.low maintenance fee just about 0.4USD per month.(M.O.Q) : 1, 000 ea(Packing detail); Depends on buyer’s requirements, Otherwise, seller’s basic export procedures and cond


    United Kingdom

    Hampshire Fare is committed to supporting and promoting the unique and talented local produce and craft communities. Hampshire Fare has been working with local farmers and producers across Hampshire for more than twenty years and is passionate about the benefits of buying locally. Hampshire Fare encourages and supports the development of sustainable food, drink and craft businesses that contribute to the rural economy in Hampshire. Hampshire Fare organizes marketing activities - festivals, meet-the-buyer events, exhibitions and promotions - to promote Hampshire products. Hampshire Fare brings local producers, retailers, hospitality venues and public sector organizations together to encourage the use of local food. Hampshire Fare works with local wine makers, pig farmers, brewers, leading hotels and independent retailers.


    United Kingdom

    GoKart matches your food business with your ideal supplier. Our technology checks the best suppliers in real time to find the best deal for you. Gokart’s size means we get special pricing. We are able to give you the same fresh ingredients at prices the large chains enjoy. Order fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. All via our convenient app. We deliver 6 days a week. Receive your vibrant, fresh ingredients to your doorstep. Waiting to be transformed in to the day’s specials. The everything store for chefs. Our super catalogue spans the best suppliers in London. Making finding a supplier for your new menu a doodle. In an instant find who can provide you what you need, when and for how much.



    Jiangmen Pukui Drinking Water Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the famous vending machine manufacturer in South China since 1996. We are professional in ice vending machine, water vending machine, condom and snack vending machine’s production which are popular all over the world. Such as Italy, Spain, Australia, USA, Venezuela, Russia, Kazakhstan, ect. It is no doubt that we are qualified to provide you suggestion on these territory. Water vending machine, we have economy model, standard model, bottle wash model, cold water and boiled water model for your option. Ice vending machine, there are bagged ice and bulk ice model, give change model, with RO system model, with advertising model for your requirement. Vending machine, customized model and normal model also available.


    United Kingdom

    Quench Me supply and maintain Vending Machines in the London area and throughout the UK. Visit our site today for our wide range of Vending Machines for hire including Bean to Cup, Snack and Food Vending Machines!

  5. SEDDA


    Wholesale food for Food Professionals, Professionals Boul-Pat, Professional Communities. A wide range of quality products is offered: The Corsican Products, Meat and Poultry, Dairy Products, Frozen Food Products, Ice, of Charcuterie, Cheese, Yoghurts of all the World Flavors , Canning, of Starch, Vegetables, Fish, Dessert, Soups, Sauces Tomato 'Flour, butters, fruit purée, Ready Meals and many more.

  6. SIDA S.P.A.


    The company SIDA S.P.A., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the Cash registers, automatic, Food dispensers, Cash registers, automatic, coin dispenser, and Food dispensers industries. It is based in Montichiari, Italy.



    The company SERVIMATIC S. A., is a Service Provider, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the Drink dispensers, Food dispensers, Drink dispensers, and Food dispensers industries. It is based in Leganes (madrid), Spain.



    The company COFFEEWEB DI CARACCIOLI DANILO, is a Retailer, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It is based in Catania, Italy.



    The company BICOM SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It also operates in the food vending machines industries. It is based in Zola Predosa, Italy.



    The company SVMATIC DISTRIBUTORI AUTOMATICI, is a Distributor, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the Food dispensers, automatic snack dispensers, and Food dispensers industries. It is based in Poirino, Italy.



    The company COFFEE TIMES, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It is based in Fasano, Italy.



    The company SLY COMMERCE LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food flavourings industry. It also operates in the Food dispensers, and Food dispensers industries. It is based in Pleven, Bulgaria.

  5. SH


    The company SH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Dried fruits industry. It also operates in the Food dispensers, oil, drinks, meats, and Food dispensers industries. It is based in Drancy, France.



    The company MY COFFEE DI MASSIMO LISIERO, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It is based in Negrar, Italy.



    The company LE CAPSULE "I PREZIOSI", is a Retailer, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It also operates in the coffee vending machine management industries. It is based in Forlì, Italy.



    The company DISTRI FULL, is a Retailer, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the Food dispensers, Drink dispensers, Food dispensers, water cooler fountains for institutions, Drink dispensers, and automatic hot drink dispensers industries. It is based in Mortroux, Belgium.



    The company BAMAR ITALIA SRL, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Automatic dispensers industry. It also operates in the Food dispensers, automatic refrigerated distribution management, management of vending machines, Food dispensers, and automatic hot drink dispensers industries. It is based in Torino, Italy.



    The company NUTRITION & SANTÉ, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Food dispensers industry. It also operates in the Foods, health, Foods, health, and organic foods industries. It is based in Revel, France.

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