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    GERMANY- Wermelskirchen
    BORNEMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Bornemann GmbH is an owner-managed medium-sized company operating in the marking and special tools industry. Our die tools and specialist milling and erosion technical products are used in a wide...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | metal stamps | stamping presses | relief stamps | welding stamps [+] Embossing machine tools | relief printing stamp | tool manufacturing | prespaced stickers | cnc turned parts | cnc milling | cnc punched parts | cnc punching | punch cutting | systems and machinery for engraving metals

    • Manual stamping press Manual stamping press
    • Printing plates Printing plates
    • Punch tools Punch tools
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    GERMANY- Hirrlingen
    PROFILMETALL-GRUPPE - Verified by Europages

    The PROFILMETALL Group is your specialist for roll-formed metal profiles; our installations will enable you to undertake profiling on a whole new level. The PROFILMETALL Group is the only provider of...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | Sections and bars - ferrous metal | Cold rolled sections | aluminium profiles | steel profiles [+] aluminium sections for commercial vehicles | non-ferrous metal profiles | sections and bars – non-ferrous metal | roll-formed profiles | stainless-steel profiles | precision profiles | metal profiles | steel c profiles | steel u profiles | profiles made of belt material

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    SWITZERLAND- Lengnau Be
    GLOOR PRÄZISIONSWERKZEUGE AG - Verified by Europages

    We develop and produce high-quality tools. We sell these tools worldwide to companies in various industries with machining processes. Our primary goal is to manufacture tools that are always better...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | Drill bits and countersinks | circular saws | forming cutters with boreholes | forming end mills [+] modular forming cutters | multi-axis forming end mills | key forming cutters | radius cutters | v-shaped milling cutters | microcutters for torx | bone screw cutters | worm shaft cutters | spinning indexable inserts | precision grinding

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  • ends. In addition, JOKA offers special stamping tools for sheet metal and profiles of different material thickness for use as punching tools. All of the standard model punching units have replaceable cutting elements. Our range of services...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | stamping presses | Metal joinery, wrought-iron - machinery and equipment | Hydraulic tools | bending presses [+] cutting tools | machine building | tool manufacturing | die design | machines and systems for tube punching | sequencing punch systems | punched parts | tabletop presses | custom tool manufacturing | machines and installations for profile punching

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    GERMANY- Bornheim
    BARTSCH GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    ...erosion operations, metal compressing, die stamping for 15 different tool steel grades. Cold and hot-forming steels. Stock: More than 1, 000, 000 units. More than 10, 000 different dimensions of processed bars and...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | Steel | Steel, tool | rod steel | hot work steels [+] cold work steels | quenched and tempered steels | machine building | rough-machined tool steel | pre-ground steel | saw-cut parts | high-speed steel | flat steel | precision flat steel | quality steel

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    GERMANY- Schliengen
    IPS-WERKZEUGTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ips-werkzeugtechnik GmbH is completely focussed on our customers' needs. Our goal is to provide our customers with a die-cutting solution precisely suited to their requirements. From initial...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | metal stamping | stamping presses | Cutting - machine tools | Shearing - steels and metals [+] Presses, hydraulic | Metal industrial presses | Laser - cutting and welding machines | Industrial cutting machine tools | die-cutting machine dies | sheet shearing and pressing | pneumatic devices | crimping machines, automatic | mechanical presses for forming metals | cutting tools

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  • ...jointing machines for window and door frames, stamps and tools for profile machining, aluminium and plastic saws, and tailor-made special machines and retrofits according to customers' requirements. The latest 3D...

    Supplier of: stamping tools | Industrial cutting machine tools | Sawing machine tools | construction of jigs and fixtures | specialised mechanical engineering [+] corner jointing machines | milling systems | cnc contract manufacturing | 3d design | hydraulics servicing

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  • Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH produces components for electrical mechanical engineering, alternators and generator systems in two factories. Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH was founded in 1961....

    Supplier of: stamping tools | stamping | Electricity generators | Tripods | Generating units [+] current generators | aluminium die-casting | rotors | reducer gear casings | generator systems | emergency power supply | emergency power | blackout | din | emergency services

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    GERMANY- Pforzheim

    We are a German manufacturer of high-performance stamping tools, stamped and hybrid parts (assemblies out of metal and plastic) serving numerous sectors including e-mobility, automotive, medical technology,...

    Supplier of: stamping parts | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | tool manufacturing | moulds production | connectors

    • KRAMSKI Carbide Bushings KRAMSKI Carbide Bushings with integrated slug retention
    • KRAMSKI Special processes KRAMSKI Special processes
    • KRAMSKI Single parts manufacturing KRAMSKI Single parts manufacturing
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  • Shenzhen Changdong Stamping Dies Co., Ltd. focuses on the designingand manufacturing of stamping dies for the worldwide customers. The companyis located in Xinxing Industrial Park, Fuyong Town,...

    Supplier of: stamping tool | metal stamping | stamping parts | automotive stamping dies | Transport - cars and caravans

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    CHINA- Tangxia/Dongguan

    ...goal to provide top quality tooling at a reasonable price. We specialize in stamping dies for automotive, appliance, electrical and community industries, such as progressive die, single die and transfer die.

    Supplier of: stamping tool and die | Moulds, precision | pressing tool and die

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    GERMANY- Bad Salzungen
    HFP BANDSTAHL GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    In our company, HFP Bandstahl in Bad Salzungen, we now look back on more than 100 years of experience in cold rolling and almost 150 years in the metal business. With over 250 employees, it is also...

    Supplier of: stamping parts | stamped strips | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Steel sheets and strips | Cold rolled steel strips [+] Steels and metals - machining | Industrial building construction | steel strips | stainless steel strip | surface treatment | metal - forming and cutting | steel processing | steel structural work | structural metalwork | case-hardened steels

    • Lanced and stamped metal carriers Lanced and stamped metal carriers Lanced and stamped metal strips
    • Stamped and punch-bend parts Stamped and punch-bend parts Stamped and punch-bend parts
    • Stamped carriers Stamped carriers Lanced and stamped metal strips
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    SLOVENIA- Ljubljana
    ERO PROJEKT D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ERO PROJEKT D.O.O. is a family-owned company with more than 35-years of experience in the die industry. The company design and manufacture products of sheet metal forming dies (transfer,...

    Supplier of: Stamping - machine tools | progressive stamping tools | transfer stamping tools | Industrial sheet metal work | Industrial design [+] Fabric design | aluminium moulds | aluminium casting | sheet metal | dies and moulds | dies for machining sheet metal | steel dies | metal forming | transfer moulds | zinc cast iron

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  • ...or embossed. Many sizes are already tooled. Interiors can be built using paper-board, plastic or foam to hold products. Jeweler's cotton can be inserted to cushion & protect products. Once we...

    Supplier of: Packaging | packaging boxes | packaging materials | paper box designer | packaging tubes [+] custom packaging manufacture | gift box | rigid box | jewellery boxes | wine box | slipcases | cosmetic box | wrapping paper | chocolate box | shopping bag

    • Rigid Gift Boxes Rigid Gift Boxes Hinged gift box with ribbon
    • Rigid Boxes Rigid Boxes
    • Rigid Boxes Rigid Boxes
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  • ...implemented more than 12, 000 customer-specific solutions. In addition to machine and plant engineering, Bihler is a premium provider of 3D technology software for the construction of stamping and forming tools.

    Supplier of: Automation - systems and equipment | assembling machines | resistance welding | automation solutions | stamping and forming technology [+] stamped and formed parts | multi-slide machines | servo technology | welding technology | design software | control technology | automation | tooling technolgy | process integration

    • Servo production and assembly system - BIMERIC SP Servo production and assembly system - BIMERIC SP BIMERIC SP - Progressive technology and Bihler technology on one system
    • Servo press - SP 500 Servo press - SP 500 Servo press SP 500 (Standalone or in combination with BIMERIC)
    • Design software bNX Design software bNX Bihler technology software bNX for designing stamping and formign tools
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  • ...and precision and are able to supply embossing stamps and tools at short notice. Our high-quality embossing solutions have left a lasting impression across the globe, and we are proud of our position as a European...

    Supplier of: Stamps and seals | metal stamps | rubber stamps | foil-stamping | stamping machine [+] silicone stamps | stamping presses | stamping accessories | Embossing machine tools | Stamping, plastics - machinery | relief printing stamp | adhesive tapes | moulding plastic materials for the watch industry | braille label | silicone sheets

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    GERMANY- Leopoldshöhe
    SPILKER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...stamping tools, rotational tools and punch sheets for their international customers in the printing, labelling, automotive, pharmaceutical and packaging industry. As a specialised...

    Supplier of: stamping tools for print processing | Machine tools, cutting - parts and accessories | tool manufacturing | rotary die-cutting machines | rotary cutting tools [+] flexible dies | rotary cutting tools | printing cylinders for labels | label die cutting tools | engraved cutting cylinders | magnetic flexible dies | magnetic cylinders | mechanical engineering | rotary die-cutter units | die cutting tools

    Brands : MicroGap | PowerCheck | S-CON Smartline | S-CON Starline | S-CON Signline

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    GERMANY- Stein
    KREMSER GMBH - Verified by Europages and all kinds of hot foil stamping tools. 35 years of experience combined with our use of the latest CAD and CNC technology make us a strong, specialist partner in the field. Our long-serving,...

    Supplier of: hot foil stamping tools | metal stamps | silicone stamps | relief stamps | signature stamps [+] stamping presses | steel stamps | Shaping - steels and metals | Embossing machine tools | relief printing stamp | industrial engraving | puncture engraving | embossing plates | paper embossing stamps | embossed printing

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    AUSTRIA- Villach
    MEC-ENERGIETECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...of plastic and stamping tools and tool manufacturing with subsequent metal processing. The result is the reliable supply of electronics and device manufacture, on time and in top quality. Our...

    Supplier of: Accumulators and batteries | Battery chargers | battery chargers | lithium batteries | switch mode power supplies [+] battery accessories | direct current converters (dc/dc converters) | storage batteries | power supply units, electronic | chargers with ventilators (for lithium/lead batteries) | ip65 and ip68 chargers (for lithium/lead batteries) | battery chargers for motorbike and nimh batteries | charging concept development | battery packaging | battery charger for vehicles

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    LITHUANIA- Panevezys

    ...manufacturing, tool making, metal stamping, manufacturing welded constructions, sheet stamping (cold presswork), steel welding, stamping of details, EDM machining, electrical-discharge machining, heat treatment,...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Metal construction, lightweight | Welding work - steels and metal | Milling - steels and metals

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    AUSTRIA- Finkenstein

    ...of plastic and stamping tools and tool manufacturing with subsequent metal processing. The result is the reliable supply of electronics and device manufacture, on time and in top quality. This...

    Supplier of: Battery chargers

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  • ...expertise in stamping technology and tool manufacturing so that you can get everything from a single source? Then you have come to the right place. According to the individual needs of our customers, we manufacture progressive tools as well as drawing die and bending...

    Supplier of: Drawing - steel and metals | aluminium punched parts | precision stamping parts | tool manufacturing | part cleaning

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    SERBIA- Sevojno and producing tools and stamping parts as per order. The production of machines for shaping and deformation of tubes is another activity within business activities of the company. High efficiency in...

    Supplier of: Sheet metals - stamping | SMALL METAL PARTS | thermowells for temperature sensors | brass turned parts | tab terminal

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  • ...foil is a dry process. It involves transferring a symbol, either two-dimensional or linear, onto a surface with a tool that applies pressure to a pigmented foil for a specific length of time at a specific temperature.

    Supplier of: Embossing machine tools | cables for industry | product customisation | prespaced stickers | industrial machines

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    BELGIUM- Saint-Vith

    ...cutting. Development, design and construction of tooling for cutting, stamping and pressing; sub-contract press-forming and cutting; prototyping. Manufacture of casings for exhaust systems, catalysers and...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | Shaping - steels and metals | metal welding | production of tools

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  • ...and production of stamps and press tool equipment together with a wide range of plastic products. As a part of production structure there is the tool-making department equipped with special and...

    Supplier of: Chains | Transportation chains | bush handling chains | roller chains | leaf chains

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    TURKEY- Nilüfer

    ...Sheet Stamping parts’s process and tool design engineering. Serving to a well recognized customer portfolio for feasibility, reverse engineering and production process development studies through a good...

    Supplier of: CAD/CAM Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing - software | sheet metal feasibility studies and process design | sheet metal die tool design | reverse engineering with 3d print output | project follow up

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  • a professional designer & manufacturer of stamping tool & dies in China. Such as, Progressive Dies, Transfer Dies, Compound Dies, Line Dies (Blanking Dies, Piercing Dies, Drawing Dies, Forming Dies, Trimming Dies and...

    Supplier of: Stamping - machine tools | Sheet metals - stamping | manual tooling | transfer moulds | cold pressing of metals

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  • ...making, such as injection mold, die casting, stamping tool, extrusion tool. What's more, we have 24 set molding machining to meet your production demand. 3)assembly line: we can help you to assemble and...

    Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | die casting moulds | mould | machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories

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    CHINA- Shenzhen flat and rotary embossing and hot foil stamping tooling. Complemented by their high quality and constant driven path to excellence, the company is undoubtedly the most competitive enterprise in China and worldwide....

    Supplier of: Import-export - books, newspapers and periodicals | die cutting | printing | tool | mould

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