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    BELGIUM- Theux
    DOHOGNE SYSTEM SA - Verified by Europages

    Modular, upgradeable silos, suitable for industrial storage of all bulk products and allowing full emptying and filling with another product without requiring prior cleaning. DOHOGNE SYSTEM...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | manure tank | storage tank | water tank | Silos, metal [+] Vats, metal | silos | lime, cement and plaster silos | bottoms made in stainless steel | grain storage silos | metal silo construction belgium | water tank and reservoir | metal reservoir for treatment plant | steel tower silo | grain silos

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    ITALY- Stallavena-Grezzana
    ALBRIGI SRL - Verified by Europages

    ALBRIGI TECNOLOGIE The leading constructor of facilities for processing and storing liquids in the pharmaceutical, food, wine, chemicals and cosmetics sectors: we operate all over the world. The...

    Supplier of: Cooling tanks | Tanks, metal | steel tanks | tanks for tank trucks | Steels and metals - machining [+] Engineering - industrial contractors | stainless steel tanks | tanks for warehousing and storage | custom-made tanks | silos for warehousing and storage | stainless steel ice bank silos | tanks for liquid petroleum products | stainless steel tanks for sanitation | asme-tested stainless steel tanks | stainless steel vats

    • AL 202-003 AL 202-003
    • AL 202-002 AL 202-002
    • AL 200-001 AL 200-001
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  • LIPP GmbH – CONTAINERS AND SYSTEM SOLUTIONS FOR SOLID, LIQUID AND GAS FORMULATIONS. LIPP GmbH in Tannhausen is a specialist for container construction with more than 60 years of experience. We offer...

    Supplier of: gas tanks | buffer tank (heat storage tank) | Gasification - bioenergy systems | containers, temperature insulating | fire-fighting water supplies [+] anaerobic processes for biological wastewater treatment | stainless steel apparatus and containers | containers for wastewater treatment plants | fluid containers | sewage sludge containers | components for biogas plants | steel silos | potable water storage tanks | heat storage tanks for solar-thermal energy | equipment and containers made from steel

    • Lipp Gmbh Lipp Gmbh
    • Full Inspection By Qualified Professionals Full Inspection By Qualified Professionals SERVICE
    • Lipp Service & Inspection Lipp Service & Inspection SERVICE
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    FRANCE- Orange
    ARSILAC - Verified by Europages

    ARSILAC has been specialised since 2006 in sales, consignments and trading of industrial equipment, stainless steel and plastic tanks and pumps. Specialised in the wine-growing sector, we also buy...

    Supplier of: refrigerated tanks | steel tanks | fibreglass tanks | Vats, metal | Distilling - machinery and equipment [+] Brewing - machinery and equipment | Wine fermentation tanks | Wine-making - machinery, equipment and plants | Chemical industry - machinery and equipment | Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Cosmetics industry - machinery and equipment | stainless steel tanks | polyester storage tanks | used stainless steel tanks | new and used steel tanks

    • 304 Stainless Steel Tank - Model Spabp2800 - 03/21-12 304 Stainless Steel Tank - Model Spabp2800 - 03/21-12 STORAGE AND MIXING TANK
    • 304 Stainless Steel Tank - Spabp2800 Model - 03/21-18 304 Stainless Steel Tank - Spabp2800 Model - 03/21-18 STORAGE AND MIXING TANK
    • 304 Stainless Steel Tank - Stoipser4300 - 03/21-6 304 Stainless Steel Tank - Stoipser4300 - 03/21-6 STORAGE AND MIXING TANK
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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    TECHNOFILTER RME - Verified by Europages

    TECHNOFILTER RME company offers filtration systems and technologies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries, food and beverage industry, chemical, microelectronics and machine...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | Filters, liquid | Water purification | drinking water filters [+] filtering cartridges | filtration units | water filters | filtration equipment | filtration plants | filtering units for the beverages industry | filtration of beverages | filtration of beer | filtration of pharmaceuticals | cartridge filters

    • Head Tanks Head Tanks Equipment for laboratory filtration
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  • Josef Jasper GmbH & Co KG is a medium-sized family-owned enterprise with several production sites. For our customers from industry, plant manufacturing, the chemical and petrochemical industry and...

    Supplier of: Storage tanks | pressure tanks | buffer tanks | heat accumulator | trays [+] silos | pressure devices | fireplaces | chimney-tops | torches | autoclaves | quick closing mechanisms | plant construction | stainless steel apparatus and containers | apparatus and container manufacturing

    • Asembly, Construction Site Asembly, Construction Site
    • Logistics, Shipment Logistics, Shipment
    • Surface Treatment Surface Treatment
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  • B&P Engineering specialises in stainless steel processing. Our production experience is directly related to the food industry. Our company is one of the few in Europe, which produce high quality...

    Supplier of: process tanks, storage tanks | Food industry - machinery and equipment | stainless steel tanks | complete production lines for juices | falling film evaporators (industrial evaporators) [+] subcontracting of stainless steel products | shell and tube heat exchangers | cip stations (clean in place) | pressing units for nfc juices | pasteurisation systems | tanks for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries | grating, hammer, crushing and disk mills | ultra-filtration systems | food processing machines

    • Tanks for pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry Tanks for pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry large variety of stainless steel tanks and pressure reactors
    • Stainless steel tanks for food industry Stainless steel tanks for food industry Pulp tanks | Flat-bottom tanks | Storage tanks | Process tanks
    • Stainless steel tank fabrication | stank production Stainless steel tank fabrication | stank production tanks for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmeticindustry
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    POLAND- Koszwały
    BASE GROUP SP Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    Base Group is a family company that has been a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and high quality welded metal structures for nearly 30 years. 90% of the company sales are effected to...

    Supplier of: Metal construction, lightweight | robotised welding | aluminium welding | stainless steel welding | water heater tanks [+] water storage tanks | heat exchangers tanks | stainless steel process tanks | expansion tanks | heating/cooling package units | food industry tanks | chemical industry tanks | lubrication oil tank | hydraulic oil tank

    • conveyors and tanks conveyors and tanks manufacturing machines and constructions for food industry
    • Welding of tanks and vats Welding of tanks and vats for wide range of industry, in accordance with ISO 3834-2
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    LITHUANIA- Ilgakiemis
    GLORI IR KO, UAB - Verified by Europages

    ‘Glori’ ir Ko, Ltd was founded in 1993 in Lithuania. The company specializes in sheet metal processing. Main products are as follow: letter boxes, apartment letter boxes, parcel boxes, access...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Garden fittings | Letter boxes | Grids, metal | Finished Metal Products [+] Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Perforation of steels and metals | Bending - steels and metals | Folding - steels and metals | Steel sheets and strips | Forming - steels and metals | Steels and metals - welding and brazing | Import-export - steels and metals

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  • Comet is a company that since 1970 has been constructing stainless steel equipment for the storing, blending and dosage of liquids for the food and chemical industries. Its tanks are also equipped...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | tanks | Heat exchangers | Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Cocoa and chocolate - machines and equipment [+] Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | candy production systems and equipment | systems and equipment for the confectionery industry | systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry | cisterns

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    ITALY- Zavattarello
    GIANESI EDILIO - Verified by Europages

    Gianesi Edilio is a European leader in the production of pressure tanks for compressed air and oil separators, from the smallest capacity up to 2000 litres and more. Founded in 1960, the company uses...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | steel tanks | stainless steel tanks

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    GERMANY- Teistungen
    TLB-TECH INH. ODA PETRI - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal

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  • Supplier of: Tanks, metal

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    ITALY- Ravenna
    EUROVER - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Industrial paintings | Sand blasting - steels and metals | industrial painting | microsandblasting

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  • Supplier of: Tanks, metal | tanks | approved tanks | steel tanks | stainless steel tanks

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    GERMANY- Bad Hönningen

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal

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    TURKEY- Izmir

    OGGO Tech, a heavy industry manufacturing firm in Turkey. We manufacture heavy duty industrial parts, equipment and machinery for mining, shipbuilding, marine, offshore, wind, energy, dredging and...

    Supplier of: Naval construction | Mining, surface - machinery and equipment | dredging | shipbuilding equipments | heavy metal structural work products

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    UKRAINE- Zhovkva

    ...horizontal underground and onground storage tanks for oil products with a volume of 1 to 100 cubic meters. We produce single-walled and double-walled tanks. One of the main directions is the production of...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | production of tanks | manufacture of metal structures | manufacture of metal parts | metalworking metalwork

    • Steel storage and dispensing tank in a container Steel storage and dispensing tank in a container
    • Single-walled fuel storage tank Single-walled fuel storage tank
    • Double-skinned  fuel storage tank Double-skinned fuel storage tank
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    TURKEY- Karatay-Konya

    OPTIMA TANKS is a manufacturer of OEM-quality vehicle tanks with large and reliable production capacity since 1996. We offer the following products for VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, IVECO,...

    Supplier of: fuel tanks | oil tanks | hydraulic tanks | Spare parts for lorries and trailers | hydraulic accessories for pumps and tanks

    • Combi Tanks Combi Tanks
    • Custom Made Tanks Custom Made Tanks
    • Diesel Tank Diesel Tank
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  • SELMANI sh.p.k. is a company established in 1994 in Tirana, Albania. It operates in the civil construction industry offering the service of Hot Dip Galvanizing and customized steel structures as well...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Galvanization - steels and metals | Stairs and handrails | Fences and gates | metal constructions

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    FRANCE- Dole

    MAHYTEC, a French company based at DOLE in the Jura, develops high-pressure gaseous and solid hydrogen storage solutions as hydrides for stationary and mobile applications. MAHYTEC offers you...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | hydrogen tanks | hydrogen for energy

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    FINLAND- Ähtäri

    Tankki makes stainless steel tanks and vessels for use in different types of industrial installations, such as dairies, breweries and pharmaceutical, biochemical, chemical and other processing...

    Supplier of: Storage tanks | Tanks, metal | storage tanks

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  • N & J FABS LTD
    UNITED KINGDOM- Cleckheaton

    Steel Fabricators based in West Yorkshire. N & J Fabs specialize in steel tanks and vessels, Steelwork structures, Steel fabrications and Architectural Metalwork, through to storage vessels, tanks,...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | stainless steel tanks | stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical industry | steel fabricators | steel pressure vessels

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    ITALY- Trecastelli (an)

    Steel Line is highly skilled in manufacturing of special equipment, high pressure vessels and storage tanks, technical shelters, stainless and carbon steel complex structures for Oil & Gas, Power ,...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | reactors - tanks - heat exchangers | pressurized equipment | tecnical shelters | special steel structures

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  • Our , have own factory established in 1992, doing oem steel sheet metal fabrication.we are good at: 1 stainless steel IBC tank2 steel/stainless steel/aluminum sheet metal fabrication, like welding,...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | welding | sheet metal work | metal fabrication | steel

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    ...70 mm in the world.Head Dished-Ends: Leading in Metal forming since 1945, with the plant that has the largest capacity in the production area of head and profile bending. Plants are based on 40.000 m2 outdoor and...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | dished ends | vessel heads

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    DOUBLE SKIN FUEL STORAGE TANKSManufactured and certified according BS EN 12285 Workshop fabricated steel tanks. Horizontal cylindrical double skin tanks for the underground or aboveground storage of...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | storage tanks | diesel storage tanks

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  • TENEZ A.S.
    CZECH REP.- Chotebor

    TENEZ produces stainless steel tanks, enameled tanks, heat exchangers and complete technologies for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and power industry. TENEZ has a long tradition of producing quality...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Stainless steels | Heat exchangers

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    LITHUANIA- Pasvalis Lituhuania.Since company has been producing tanks construkctions from stainless steel and mild steel.Our streength is non- standart and custom-made products.All employees of jansvis posseess both the...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | storage tanks | storage tanks

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  • ...Silos; Heat-exchangers; Manufacturing of metal-chimnies; Manufacturing of building equipments; Ventilating fans; Heating fans; Hot water equipments; Manufacturing of Individual Steelconstructions; Fan casings ; Silencers; Waste flue-gas pipes;...

    Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Industrial building construction | Metal construction, lightweight

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