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    With a passion for high quality bakery goods Flaky croissants, pastries with sweet fillings, savoury snacks – these are core competencies for this Franconian producer of premium quality frozen bakery goods. As part of the Martin Braun-Gruppe, the company offers the full range of traditional and innovative deep-frozen bakery goods for businesses that then process them further. The high quality pastries from Wolf ButterBack contain both excellent raw ingredients and a lot of craft knowledge from the bakery trade. It is not by chance that the company has been awarded ‘higher level’ IFS certification. • Many manual production steps and the latest technology – for consistently high quality • Up to 8 hours’ proving time – for a long shelf life after baking • Home-made fillings – for a natural flavour At Fuerth, the company’s sole operating site, 550 employees are actively engaged in an outstanding portfolio of products and services. They are united by the high standards of quality to which Wolf ButterBack has been committed for the last 30 years – to the benefit of your commercial success!



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    WE MANUFACTURE SOLUTIONS FOR DOSING YOUR PRODUCT We manufacture industrial bakery machinery and equipment for the food industry. We offer solutions in dosing processes for dense and semi-dense doughs, fillings, mixtures with solid particles, fluid and viscous pastes, and various other products. MACHINES THAT WILL HELP YOU TO: Increase production. Improve the uniformity of your product. Diversify your product range. Spend less time on your elaborations. MANUFACTURING RANGE: Dough dispensers for pastry and pre-cooked products. Filling injectors for pastries. Chocolate dispensers. Automatic capping machines. Machines for making biscuits. Machinery for decorations and topping. We are specialists in manufacturing workstations for making food products. By studying your product and the desired production we can create a work line adapted to your needs. WHAT CAN YOU MAKE? Cupcakes, muffins, cakes, shortbread, sponge cakes, ponquets, cakes, brownies, plum cake, sobaos, pancake, marble cake, creams, yoghurt, tarts, quiche, sauces, soups, brandades, mousse, croquette dough, lasagne, mashed potatoes.... YOUR PRODUCT. The company's philosophy is based on personalised customer service, advising and always looking for the best solutions for each case.



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    The company SEPA SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Cakes and pastries, factory-baked industry. It also operates in the Bread, cakes and pastries, cake, confectionery product, Bread, cakes and pastries, and pastry making workshop industries. It is based in Pieve Porto Morone, Italy.



    ALY, the factory of AKSULAR GRUP in Corum is based at 3 production sites, and total of 28.000 m2 big area. Here more than 10 different product lines and total around 90 flour goods are being produced – Tortilla, Pizza Base, Flavored tortilla, Pastry, Ravioli, Tacos, Cookies, and many others. Each month 1.500 – 2.000 tons of goods are produced and shipped. Maximum production capacity is 4 (four) 40’’HC containers per day. The most advanced technologies are used at production facility to develop tasty products of high quality. ALY continues to satisfy the constantly changing consumer demand. This has become possible mostly because of work of professional and experienced team members; the best ingredients (all ingredients are undergoing regular laboratory tests to ensure their quality) and meticulous hygienic conditions inside the factory. Since the very first export operation in March 2010, ALY brand shows rapid growth in recent years and, by the middle of 2020 ALY reached 5 continents and almost 80 countries. 75% of all goods are exported. The most distant place ALY goods delivered to end customer is 14.241 km. ALY is the biggest tortilla manufacturer in Turkey, Middle East, and Balkans. More than 50 different kind of tortillas are produced – different in size and flavors. From tiny 10 cm to mighty 33 cm Classic wheat tortilla, Whole Grain tortilla, Spicy tortilla, Tomato tortilla, Chocolate tortilla, Frozen tortilla, Black tortilla to name some of the ALY bestsellers.



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    Royal Gulf Chocolates was born of love for exquisite raw chocolate, and a desire to eat only pure, whole foods. Our delicious chocolate are created with passion in small batches using only the finest cocoa beans for making pure semi-finished chocolate easy melt buttons. We take great pleasure in bringing bliss to our happy customers. Taste it just once and...The love story begins... Our team of experts produce exquisite chocolates which always meet our customers’ requirements in terms of flavour, application & quality. With a history of more than 20 years of experience, we continuously work on innovating new products to fulfill the needs of our customers. We produce fine chocolates for both our wholesale and retail customers. Our range of chocolates are produced with great passion, and care, an extensive expertise with private labelled products will provide adequate support for your business.



    Dely Wafels offers a range of frozen Belgian waffles. Our bywords are quality, ease of use, and flexibility. In 2001, Ellen Tournois and Davy Van Poucke created Dely Wafels with the aim of offering Brussels-style waffles to the largest possible number of lovers of fine foods. By keeping the flexibility of a family-run company, Dely Wafels has steadily grown to the point where it is now a maker of Brussels waffles that is known worldwide. Rigorous and utterly committed, we are a company that meets and adapts to every expectation.

  3. SLADO




    "Tahmis Coffee", one of the oldest coffee shops in the world, was established in 1635. THE STORY FOR COFFEE OF 400 YEARS "Tahmis" means the place where the coffee is pound. In the old days, coffee used to be pound in mortars carved from walnut trees. Tahmis cade was ordere to be built by the turkmen Agha and Flag Offiver Mustapha Agha Bin Yusun in 1635-1638 in order to create income for the Mevlevi Lodge. The Name of Tahmis Coffee, which was highly appreciated with the tasta of its coffees, reached the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV. Set out to seize Baghdad, IV: Murad stopped by Antep and Had Coffee at Tahmis Kahve. Our products; Turkish coffee: Traditional Turkish Coffee made with the same method since 1635. Pistachio Coffee: This Flavor opened to the world from Tahmis Kahve. 400 years old Pistachio Coffee. Turkish Coffee with Mastic Drops: Combination of unique flavor from the Mediterranean and Turkish Coffee. Mastic Coffee. Turkish Coffee with Cardamom: The Favorite of the drinks is cardamom, now with Turkish Coffee. Ottoman Coffee: The Coffee that the Ottoman Sultans drank in the Palaces.Enjoyable coffee with special spices. Strawberry Turkish Coffee: Strawberry is the most popular fruit of the summer months. Now it met with Turkish Coffee. Dibek Coffee: Turkish Dibek Coffee made by grinding Arabica beans in a stone mortar. Salep : The most popular drink of the winter months. Sahlep with 400 years old Tahmis coffee. Filter coffee Espresso Coffee Cacao

  5. UOTT


    We are expert in fresh & dry fruits and vegetables, coffee beans, sesame seeds, chestnuts, cocoa, cotton and all kind of nuts. Also we have organic products. Our products have all international certificate . We collaborate with best well known inspection companies in the world in order to guarantee our exported product are in the highest quality stander. We can help you to get best quality at the best price. We have branches in six countries and our distribution network in twenty four countries in all continent. We have experience more than thirty years in fmcg and food business. We have expert team do inspection for every product we sell. Our products chestnuts pistachio hazelnuts walnuts pine nuts walnuts dry apricot dry figs natural dry pineapple slides without sugar natural dry pineapple chunk without sugar natural dry pineapple rings without sugar natural dry banana slides without sugar natural dry papaya slides without sugar natural dry jack fruits slides without sugar natural dry mango slides without sugar natural dry lemon slides natural dry ginger slides green coffee beans ( ethiopia , uganda , rwanda, kenya ) sesame seeds ( ethiopia , sudan, chad , nigeria )



    About us “Special mix” enterprise is a company that operates since July 1995 and is active in the manufacture of bread improvers and ready mixes. The main core of our product line includes: confectionery mixes, bread improvers, improvers for flour mills , Gluten free cake mix & bread. We also develop and produce Private Label products All our products are top quality Ways of cooperation : 1. Representation of SPECIAL MIX’s products by your company. 2. Manufacture of SPECIAL MIX’S products with your tag (private label) 3. We can sell the knowledge we have , for the procedure of the production, including recipes ( at least 20 recipes ), in order to increase the possibilities of higher profit for your own benefit. Certified with quality control system HACCP.


    United Kingdom

    OUR VISION AND MISSION We have one objective at Macrigi: to reach international customers with quality products that are made by international SMEs. In 2015, our ambitions became reality when our website macrigi.com launched worldwide! We are built on trust and our aim is to give all international SMEs the opportunity to conquer the B2B world. THE PROJECT The Macrigi Project, hand crafted by CEO and Founder G. Castelli, is founded on an idea of partnership between small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who need increased exposure, with the help of extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business management, and an in-depth understanding of the International Marketplace. THE EXTRAORDINARY NOVELTY The convenience of the Macrigi project is unmatched, with products reaching markets worldwide! By working together with importers and wholesalers all over the world, we have been able to gain an advantage in Europe, Asia, USA, South Africa and beyond! As a trusted name in SMEs goods, Macrigi is the one-stop shop for authentic SMEs products. GLOBAL SALES NETWORK With operations already working in the United Kingdom and Europe, our network is also present in Africa, the United States, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia! Our experienced team of sales agents offer exclusive access to SMEs and helps distributors globally, connecting producers and customers in a simplified and efficient way.



    Our company began its operations in 2022 in Giresun, the homeland of cultivated hazelnuts, the land where the most delicious and highest quality hazelnuts are cultivated. As a result of our research and development, we began to produce cold-pressed hazelnut oil and functional hazelnut flour from the Tombul Hazelnut variety. Our primary goal as a company is; to bring together the products obtained from the high quality and delicious Giresun hazelnuts with our customers. Hazelnut oil also has important functions such as maintaining body temperature, protection from external factors and transport of fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin E (21.9mg/100 g) and betasitosterol (about 89% of total sterols), which are fat-soluble bioactive compounds, constitute a large part of the total tocopherols and sterols of hazelnut oil. Cold pressed hazelnut oil is also used in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cosmetics, skin and hair care products with its high values of antioxidants and phenolics compounds. It is also used as a carrier oil when using spices and tree oils rich in essential oils.


    United Kingdom



  4. DIAMANT-93 LTD.


    "DIAMANT-93" Ltd. is a family-owned Bulgarian company founded in the year 1996. For more than 25 years, the company has managed to establish itself as one of the biggest confectionery manufacturers in Bulgaria with sales in Europe and Middle East. Our success is a result of continuous research and original ideas, as well as our policy to be open and flexible in developing, producing and providing high quality products to our beloved customers. Currently we have our own factory with an area of 800 m2. There we produce using the latest European technologies our main products - Cocoa Coated Honey Cake and Linzer Cake Bars in different varieties under our own brand "Desire" distinguished by its unique taste and strong brand awareness. Our products are made only from natural ingredients without any artificial food coloring, flavoring, sweeteners and trans fats. Along with the excellent quality and competitive prices, other particularly important priorities for us are fast delivery and constant focus on customers' needs and requirements. Therefore, if You are looking for a strong supplier, with the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices, we are ready to start negotiations immediately.



    Arpi çikolata is a factory started before 10 years, we manufacture Compound Chocolate, cake and candies. We sell to 26 countries over the world and we have exclusive distributors in most of it, and our goal for now is to reach 50 countries. Arpi çikolata is proudly one of Deresallar Group companies. Deresallar Group is a 35 years old distributor company, it is serving 1500 markets and wholesalers, and it has 30 markets in Konya, and a modern agriculture and animal husbandry department. We want to find companies that can be our exclusive distributor in countries. Our contact details is in the page and in our website.

  6. CD S.A.


    CD S.A. was established in 1989 Being present on the market since 1989, we constantly expand our offer. We are an experienced producer of honey, fat based spreads, and creams. Our products are available in many different packaging formats and recipes according to customers’ requirements. Supplying our products by all distribution channels: retail markets, B2B, and eventually HoReCa, has led us to extending our offer to icings, coatings, glazes, and pastes used in the confectionery industry. We're a global brand, private label producer, exporter, and distributor available on the market since 1989. Our products are distributed by us and our agents depending on the region.



    Sweet Heaven is started to its life in 2007, Istanbul/Turkey with 2 cake masters. By combining their years of experience with the right planning, investment and technology, they have succeeded in becoming a big family of 200 people. The adventure which is started as boutique, today has reached more than 100 varieties of cake and 5.000 boxes per day capacity. In addition to the production of frozen cake, Sweet Heaven also produces assorted teas, Cocktail and topping sauces and coffee in-house. Sweet Heaven continues the way with the opinion of embelleshing dessert and beverage categories of restaurants and cafeterias by the purpose of natural and homemade cake production. We are honoured to represent better service and quality for you in this way.



    we are looking for active agency for our products at any country. we will support our agency by getting them services including our all products with suitable quality and acceptable quantity.


    United States

    AMC was founded in 2002 in Suzhou and two plants in Suzhou and Nantong. Now we have a team of 350 employees and our main products include cooling tunnel system, cooling machine, freezing tunnels for cake, chocolate, cosmetics, bread, shoe oil, bottles, chocolate tempering machine, food conveyor system, chocolate enrober, chiller, which are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. We can also design and manufacture a variety of customized chocolate equipments according to the needs of our customers. AMC has its own factories, R&D Center and international sales team, who have professional knowledge and rich experience. We provide customers with comprehensive solutions for factory automation. AMC believes in innovation, and has been awarded as a “National High-Tech Enterprise”, with a number of independent intellectual property patents and inventions. AMC serves the global market through a wide product portfolio with steady growth. Our products are widely sold not only in different cities of China, but also exported to United States, UK, Germany, Sweden, Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia and other countries. With high quality, positive attitude and complete after-sales service, we are the core supplier for multinational companies such as Mars, Kraft Foods, Mondelez foods, Nestle foods, Koko black, etc.


    United Kingdom

    Bakery & Confectionery Supplies, Manufacture of bread, manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes. We provide high quality frozen unbaked and baked products: wrapped sandwiches and oatcakes, savouries (pies, rolls, pasties, quiches, puddings, pastry and shells), quality foods (snacks, cakes, desserts, tex mex, British classics, italian range, sous-vide) and sweet (Shot glass desserts, dairy cream cakes, multi portion cakes, sweet bakers choice, thaw and serve). We only use fresh vegetables delivered every day. We care about hand crimping our pork pies and we have built a worldwide reputation for producing the very best food.


    Saudi Arabia

    From a small showroom in the downtown of Khobar, Cady has grown into 13 branches covering the whole Eastern province of Saudi Arabia with a plan to increase the number of outlets to go beyond the borders. More than 100 employees serve customers throughout the region. Based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, the company has operations in 4 cities (Khobar, Dammam, Hassa & Qatif). Ever since its establishment in 1996, Cady has been synonymous to fine chocolate, exquisite pastry and delicious cakes. Only the finest materials are used in the making of Cady’s products as we are committed to quality and supreme customer service. Cady offers a wide variety of chocolate arrangements, especially designed for those personal moments in gift giving. Our chocolate menu includes dark and milk chocolates, plain or filled with pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and other delectable fillings. For any occasion or celebration, Cady is present to make it an unforgettable moment. We proudly serve the best Pastries, Sandwiches, Finger foods, Sweets and “Petits Fours” in town. Cady serves you through home delivery, take away, online ordering or by providing you the freedom to select the package and product of your choice. Whether attending a meeting or preparing to celebrate, visiting friends or gathering with family, we pour our hearts into creating foods that are wholesome and delicious, foods you can feel good about.http: //siyaha.com.sa/imgs/logo-cady.png


    United Kingdom

    Hi, I’m Fliss, and I’m passionate about weddings, wedding cakes especially. I believe that a wedding cake is one of the most personal expressions of style that you can have on a wedding day, just as important as a dress! When it comes to wedding cakes, there are so many ways to get exactly what you want. I hope that with my site your creativity and imagination is not limited by traditional styles and formal etiquette. Whether you have seen something you like here, or elsewhere, or you have multiple ideas from different sources you want to incorporate into your wedding cake, I can help. If you know what your want for your wedding cake, you can e-mail me to discuss prices. If you don’t know what you want for your wedding cake, you can check out my wedding cake gallery to get your creative juices flowing. The size, colour and shape of all my cakes can be customised, so don’t feel bound to what you see. I can also reproduce cakes from pictures you’ve found elsewhere.



    Our company based in Apulia ( one of the most tasty region in italy for its food products) is well known for handmade local products such as the famous " taralli", oilve oil, wine and every other product tailor made on the customer's request. We look forward to start a cooperation based on the conditions proposed by our buyers that we would be glad to satisfy in terms of labeling, special packaging, delivery and payment mode. On your demand we will send you our catalogue illustrating the chain of products we distribute wordlwide and a possible sample for your testing.


    United Kingdom

    We are an Italian pastry bakery based in the East Midlands and produce handmade traditional Cannoli, Cannoli kits both local and UK delivery. We started in 2021 both myself and my wife could not find quality Italian desserts or cannoli near me as such we decided with the help of our Italian family using recipes handed down by generations to bring everyone fresh authentic Italian pastries. Go on and taste some great Italian dessert best this side of Italy. Our Cannoli Kits are fresh and delivered to you fresh and can be filled as an when you fancy one due to our packaging which keeps the shells fresh for longer. the filling is packaged in with a special ice pack to keep it fresh throughout its journey to you. also the ice pack is recyclable and can be used over and over again. all love cannoli packaging is 100% recyclable as we care about our environment you can find more information on our website.


    Viet Nam

    Kinh Do Corporation is Vietnam’s largest confectionery company by both sales and production value. Over the last two decades, the company has developed plenty of products and divided into 05 SBU as Crackers, Cookies, Wafers, Cakes and Moon Cakes. Kinh Do invested modern factory with Europe machinery and technology. As a result, Kinh Do becomes a well-known brand in Vietnam with the best quality and exports product over 30 countries such as US, Japan, Canada, China, Korea and South Africa etc.Now we concentrate on finding new valuable partner to cooperate distributing our products in your country. Product brand can be used KINH DO BRAND or CO BRAND or OEM.



    Ferretti dessert is the result of Sandro Ferretti's long and rich experience in ice cream and frozen pastry. His dream has always been to become a pastry chef. In 2006 he joined the Academy of Italian Master Confectioners(AMPI) and became a Master Confectioner. His passion for his work led him to found in 2011 his own business in the field of small frozen pastries with Sweets Factory, which is the productive heart of Ferretti Dessert. Sandro Ferretti likes to say: "In my work I have always combined passion and creativity with the discipline that the pastry art requires. The company has worked almost exclusively on behalf of third parties for internationally recognized brands. Some of its main customers are SIPA spa (Bindi Dessert), Illy Caffè and Galileo France (of the French group Auchan) and its products are distributed in McDonald's, Autogrill, Sarni, Picard France, Brake France. During the last months, Sweets Factory has developed supply contracts with Autogrill and Costa Coffee. Currently, the company has 5 production lines and a production capacity of more than 20 million pieces per year. In addition to all the company has BRC and IFS certifications. Thanks to the industrialization of the artisanal process, production flexibility, strong consumer orientation and long experience in managing large customers, Ferretti dessert is a reliable partner on a national and international level.


    United Kingdom

    Simply the finest celebration cakes.Our reputation for fine sugar floristry, from individual stems to sprays and bouquets has become our trade mark. We can fashion hundreds of different varieties of flower in every shade and hue, matching your dress, bouquet or colour scheme.Fondantly Yours make cakes for any and every occasion: Engagements, Weddings, Civil Partnership, Christenings, Anniversaries, Mendhi celebrations, Birthdays, Corporate cakes, Tea parties or cake Fridays at the office. . .What ever style or design of cake you require, from classic to contemporary modern, fairy-tale to naughty, from your own design or with our help and guidance, you'll end up with the cake of your dreams, something that everyone will comment on and admire and that's before you cut and taste it!



    We have been producing Cheese Crackers for about 10 years now, and ever since our main focus was and still is on the quality of our crackers. Following the growing demand and the positive feedback from our customers and consumers, it gives us confidence and reassuring that our product is of great quality and meats all the high standards.Considering the high demand for different flavourings, we are in the process to extend the current range of flavours for our cheese crackers.We can also assist with unique packaging, if customer is wishing to have their own logo on the package.Hope you will find our pricing suitable, any feedback you can offer is much appreciated. If you wish, we could discuss any further details ( i.e. delivery terms and capacity) in a meeting at a suitable time for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail

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