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    Whether systems for cryogenic deburring and decoating, high-pressure washing, blasting media recovery & preparation or steel construction, welding technology, mechanical processing, sheet metal working and 3D printing – the owner-managed family business Berg Stahl- und Maschinenbau e.K. embodies first-class quality in development and production. With more than 40 years of experience we can fall back on a wide range of expertise: ■ machines for cryogenic deflashing and cryogenic decoating, special high pressure washing, blasting media recovery, coating, annealing furnace >elastomer and plastic industry ■ 3D-printing service silicone & plastics, microscopic analysis service ■ offshore constructions ■ steel constructions, soundproof cabins, cladding and coverings, machine frames, assemblies and much more ■ components for offshore technology ■ welding processes (MIG, MAG, TIG, resistance spot welding, stud welding, electric welding, welding robot systems), CNC milling machines 3/4/5-axis up to 7 m milling length, CNC lathes up to 3 m, CNC flame cutting machines, plasma and oxyfuel, CNC press brakes, hole punching machines, round roller and much more ■ surface finishing (painting, hot-dip galvanising, chromating, sand and glass bead blasting, pickling and burnishing) and much more Take profit from our broad business range! We supply worldwide.



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    Progenus, a Belgian company that specialises in working with DNA, stands out thanks to its innovative scientific approach. Our work covers four key areas: research, analyses for the agrifood sector, the production of analysis kits and analyses for animals. Our mission is to provide clients with a reliable, affordable and high quality scientific environment to assist them with their innovative projects and to perform custom DNA analyses. Our communications with all our clients are clear and easy to understand, anticipating risks to work for a safer world. Our laboratories are fitted with the most up-to-date technologies and comply will all quality requirements for molecular biology. We offer sequencers, real-time PCR apparatus, robotised DNA extraction systems, etc. Feel free to contact us for more details!



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    Analysis laboratory serving grain industry specialists: Storage organisations, farming cooperatives, traders, in France and EU countries. We identify and examine all the physical/chemical properties of cereals and oilseeds. Real guarantees: COFRAC accreditation. FranceAgriMer approval. Syndicat de Paris approval. FOSFA Member Analyst. GAFTA.



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    BIOMNIGENE, a company based in Besançon (Franche-Comté), is specialised in molecular biology and particularly genomic analyses. We provide genetic sequencing services for monoclonal genetic sequencing, an innovative method for sequencing amplicons, such as those carried out for microbiome analysis. We also study all molecular biology issues and endeavour to offer innovative approaches to solve them.



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    The company POLYMEX, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Industrial analysis laboratory industry. It also operates in the Polymers, Chemical analysis laboratory, chemical analyses, tests on materials, and Polymers industries. It is based in Fuveau, France.

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    United Kingdom

    LUBCON LUBRICANTS UK LTD is the UK subsidiary of LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH, a worldwide operating German lubricant manufacturer, developing, producing and distributing high-grade greases, oils, pastes and sprays for most industrial applications and manufacturing sectors. Known under the trademark “LUBCON®“ and founded in 1980, it has established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives around the globe. Efficient Technologies for Innovative Products The combination of the latest production technologies and qualification of staff enables the production of our tailor-made, economic and ecological lubricants. We operate according to the Quality Management System and attach great importance to the adherence of quality and environmental standards according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 for the protection of environmental resources. LUBCON complies with European and international standards and regulations such as REACH, RoHS, GOST, GOTS, GHS, enabling safety and transparency along the manufacturing and supply process. Engineering Services LUBCON’s extensive portfolio includes services such as laboratory analysis of lubricants and bearings, root cause failure analysis, lifetime calculations and comprehensive management of the entire lubrication process. Our focus is to provide sustainable cost-saving solutions using the right products and lubrication methods, leading to reduced consumption and downtimes and a minimised number of different lubricants on site.



    Rabwin Industries has world-class CNC machines of various types to deliver precision machined parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies with consistent quality. Rabwin strives to provide unbeatable "value for money" to its customers by introducing "world class quality products and services" with a focus on on-time delivery as our standard. Our commitment to meet customer expectations is based on a systematic approach to continuous improvement of our process and quality management system. This is what has set us apart from others. At Rabwin, we focus on quality and on-time delivery. Our machining centres are well-equipped CNC turning centres, CNC VTL, CNC VMC, HMC, CNC gear hobbing, CNC grinding, CNC balancing, CNC wire cutting, etc. We also have our own design and tool room where we can manufacture jigs and fixtures.



    For several years our laboratory, located near to Avignon in southern France, has been studying the biological activities of essential oils. We are able to create one or more natural aromatic compositions to your exact specifications. We are distributors of essential oils for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and veterinary industries and direct to pharmacies. We also create blends of essential oils that combine proven biological properties (weight-loss, calming, hydrating, etc.) with highly attractive odours. On demand, we can create specific compositions for you (allergen-free, Ecocert certified, etc.). We have the in-house ability to carry out all physical controls, such as density, refraction index, optical deviation, etc., on all physical characteristics of essential oils. We also have our own gaseous phase chromatograph and mass spectrometer for identifying molecules. For all our organic and conventional essential oils, we work with suppliers from across the planet: from South Africa and Canada, China and Indonesia. Our number one goal is sourcing quality raw materials.



    The business for scales and measuring instruments is part of the leading dealers' product range in the field of professional measuring and weighing technology. In addition to our proven standard products for trade, commerce and industry as well as medicine, health and wellness, we sell and rent out scales and measuring technology mainly developed and produced in Germany and are active worldwide. Our medium-sized company is synonymous with a strong brand, quality products and customer-oriented service. Industrial scales – such variety! Find your new platform scales for incoming goods inspections, counting scales for inventory, etc. and ingredient scales for production. You will find almost every level in our product range – with individual material, dimensions and design. Laboratory scales and precision scales. Here, all scales and balances are highly sensitive and weigh on a micro scale: The analytical scales, the semi-micro balance and the precision scales for pharmacies and laboratories.



    Farmalchemy’s products are formulated by using natural ingredients, such as honey, suitably processed and mixed with other ingredients of natural origin, without the addition of allergenic substances and without any sort of preservative and / or colourants. Products are environmentally safe and if accidentally dispersed into the environment, will not release and harmful substance that can cause any sort of pollution. Main Raw materials are acquired from local producers, farmers, and beekeepers able to supply a natural and genuine product. We have recently opened to Private Label. We are ready to make our "Research and Development" available to client Companies to design and produce cosmetics products according to their needs and requests. Creating a new and exclusive product, starting from a project to meet the needs of a client, requires a work of synergy and collaboration between the client company and our team, which does not end after the creation of the formula but continues over time to guarantee the improvement of the same products. Farmalchemy offers also to clients the possibility to use a catalogue of ready to use formulas. Small batches from 50 to 100 pieces can be produced. We offer them customised products, guaranteeing all packaging, Responsible Person services, and notification to the CPNP. We guarantee our commitment to always provide a quality, safe and eco sustainable product. We put the same care and commitment in to small and large batches.


    United Kingdom

    Our laboratory is certified under the Department of Health’s GLP scheme, and has been since its foundation in 1989. Our quality assurance department undertakes an internal programme of self inspection to ensure that our exacting standards are met. Oxford Analytical Services Limited is an independent company founded in 1989, with the original focus of providing specialist GLP compliant pesticide residue analysis. Since then our services have expanded considerably and we have built upon our original areas of expertise in agrochemicals, technical material, formulated product testing, five batch analysis and storage stability testing to now include veterinary medicine and pharmaceutical analysis. Our primary services are: Agrochemicals & Biocides Metals & Impurities Storage Stability 5 Batch Analysis Method Development & Validation Physical & Chemical Testing Quality Control Testing Our packages can be tailored to suit your needs. Our laboratories are equipped to the highest standard to ensure we deliver high quality results for our clients. Our equipment includes: ICP-OES HPLC-MS/MS HPLC-UV HPLC-DAD HPLC-MS GC-FID GC/MS GC Headspace IC (Ion Chromatography) We also offer a range of physical testing equipment designed to meet the specifications of a large number of CIPAC/EEC/OECD methods and guidelines.



  2. CALIA


    Calia enables the condition of your lubricants and wear level or your equipment to be determined in order to cut down on oil changes and anticipate maintenance servicing. We have established analytical parameters to support your decisions regarding lubricant purchases and maintenance servicing. We also analyze heat transfer fluids and fuel. Analyses and results are available within 3 days commencing arrival at the laboratory. Reports are sent to you by message service. CALIA's structure is based on the use of high-performance equipment to monitor samples, from the moment they arrive at the laboratory to drafting the analysis report. Business development is handled to ensure it remains a "people-friendly" service company.The 6-person team includes chemist-technicians, a laboratory manager, a sales manager, executive director and quality control manager. We achieved ISO 9001: 1 2013 quality management system certificate on 1st February 2013.

  3. EKET


    EKET is a leading testing laboratory for chemical, microbiological, bacteriological, elemental, residue and toxin analysis in food, feed, agri-products, fruits, vegetables, honey, oil, water, wine/ enological, spirits, beverages, essential oils, salt, spices, soil, meat, dairy, milk, tobacco, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, wood, wastes, environmental samples, air, working areas, packaging materials, petroleum products, and more. EKET is based in Greece/ Patras and established in 2002. EKET is offering services to big and small companies, municipal organizations or private customers. Official methods are employed (ISO, USEPA, NIOSH, OSHA, AOAC, APHA, etc) to provide the best results that will satisfy any need.



    For nearly 10 years HISTALIM provides services in the fields of histology, cytology and molecular biology for clients from a wide range of sectors including human and animal health, dermo-cosmetics, chemistry, environment, agronomics, agri-food industry…Ranging from neurosciences to toxicity assessment, from the characterization of therapeutic antibodies to the evaluation of implantable medical devices… , our teams focus on accompanying each client to provide each of them with a perfectly controlled service. Our histological technical resources, our European network of histopathology experts, and our techniques in image processing and analysis enable us to meet efficiently each client’s specific need. The wide variety of our activities pushes us to constantly question ourselves in order to best get used to the requirements of each field of activity and to meet the standards and regulations of the different sectors we work in.


    United Kingdom

    Based in Belfast Harbour, from our purpose-built facility, Clinty Laboratories are an independent laboratory providing a large variety of tests to exceptionally high standards for water, waste, soil, and fuel analysis. In-house, we have a team of highly experienced and competent professionals who are using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to ensure optimum service and cost-effective technical analysis for our network of customers. Our testing services and analysis of water, waste, and other substrates coupled with being the only laboratory in Ireland providing waste-derived fuel analysis, makes us an essential hub for time-sensitive and stringent analytical testing for those in environmental, commercial waste, and industrial processing industries. At Clinty Laboratories we also provide a comprehensive suite of laboratory analysis, to businesses as well as domestic users throughout Ireland the UK, and further afield, to identify with complete precision, the existence, or nonexistence of specified parameters within industrial water, wastewater, and sludge. In tandem with this, we can also provide tailored chemistry testing packages based on your specific needs.



    The CRITT Horticole (Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer) is a research center in France (La Rochelle), specialized in horticulture engineering including greenhouse project management and living roof technologies : www.critt-horticole.com.As a part of our green roof research program, we are carrying out tests for the determination of resistance to root penetration on waterproofing membranes according the European norm EN 13948. This test is conducted in our experimental glass greenhouses with a climate control system. Our center is certified CRT (Technology Resources Center) by the French ministry of research and higher education. All our services obey the CRT confidentiality rules.



    Since 1964 we have been making Glass syringes on the outskirts of Mumbai. During the course of our 50 years of working we have been making number of products used in the medical and in laboratory field primarily based on glass tube conversion. DESCRIPTION : Syringes are made from borosilicate resistance glass as per ISO standards Colored plunger ends are fused around bottom beveled rim of plunger Physical-chemical properties of glass provide protection against thermal shock Corrosion resistant. Syringes are Numbered. Made In India.


    United States

    Welcome to the World of Design & Analysis, We provide services into FEA , CFD Analysis , 2D/3D CAD drafting and modelling, We help our Clients in converting their Dreams into Reality .We develop innovation strategies tailored to bridge our clients’ business goals and objectives with their customers’ needs.Our researchers immerse themselves in individual motives, behaviors, values, and desires. Using unique tools and processes, we transform this data into actionable insights that help creative teams develop innovative solutions that meet real user needs. We work on theory of Optimum solution with fulfilling Complete requirement of our Clients. Our company uses the latest design tools to meet your needs, including AnSys, AutoCad , SolidWorks , SolidEdge, Inventor, Catia software . We encourage continuing education, always striving to keep up with technology. FEA Heavy Machinery Tackles Lifting Heavy Objects Analysis for Cranes Frames Automotive Industry Marine Industry Telecom Towers Turbo Machinery CFD Basement Car Parking Heat Exchangers Drag- Coefficient Telecom Towers Boilers/Gas Coolers Evaporation Cooler Heat Sink


    United Kingdom

    Scientific Services to Industry at Nottingham Trent University has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. These include: Facilities Transmission Electron Microscopy Scanning Electron Microscopy Confocal Microscopy X-ray Diffraction NMR MRI Solid State NMR ELISA and Antibody technologies Mass Spectroscopy Microbacterial analysis Excimer Laser Processing Luminescent analysis Thin Film Deposition Thin Film Characterisation Electrical Characterisation To discuss your specific requirements in detail, please contact Gordon Arnott at SS2i or call us on +44(0)115 848 8665


    United Kingdom

    Our extensive suite of contract testing and development services combines BioOutsource includes bioanalytical testing, biosafety testing and cell bank manufacturing, supporting biopharmaceutical companies throughout the drug development lifecycle from preclinical through to lot release. As a contract research organization, our service delivery and customer interaction are of the up most importance to us. Our service offering is underpinned by our commitment to delivering excellent customer service, navigating our customers through the complexities of the drug development cycle and enabling them to make informed data-driven decisions. Our client management team provide an intimate customer experience and ensure your project is managed efficiently and delivered on time. Effective communication is key to success, and our team understands that a transparent, proactive approach to customer service will ensure the delivery of a truly differentiated solution. Our scientists have over 150 years combined experience in the industry and offer unparalleled guidance and advice to customers to solve complex scientific challenges and advance clients’ drug candidates from early stage development through to commercialization.



    Gold APP analyzers cover F-Sorb X400 series based on flow nitrogen adsorption and V-Sorb X800 series rely on volumetric nitrogen adsorption for surface area and pore size analysis. Further, an extremely sophisticated high pressure gas sorption H-Sorb 2600 and the revolutionary true density analyzer G-DenPyc 2900 left other components far behind. Gold APP’s scientists have revolutionized measurement techniques and designed instrumentation to enable the accurate, precise, and reliable characterization of powdered and porous materials: battery and fuel cell materials, heterogeneous catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, zeolites, projectile propellant, cosmetics, aerospace, nanotubes, medical implants, pigments and foodstuffs, indeed any solid whose performance depends on some interaction with its surroundings through its surface.All series of instruments had approved by ISO9001, national calibration certificate etc. these makes it hold the biggest market share in China.


    South Korea

    Our company, part of the SEAN IT Corp. that was KOSDAQ listed in the year 2002, started operations in May 2005 with capital of Fifty million Korean won. At that time, we developed devices to analyze urine samples based on medical techniques that were being developed by SEAN IT Corp. and now we have achieved stability in our operations and acquired advanced technology thanks to our ongoing, long term R&D. The CEO of our company, Mr. Jong gi Kim, who is the founder and former CEO of SEAN IT, has 20 years of experience as a CEO. He acquired our company in January 2010, moved the business to 91-2 Jangrimdong Saha-gu and restarted operations in August 2010. Our company has the best technology in the field of urine analysis in Korea based on its R&D efforts over a long period of time.



    Dongguan Annray Test Co., Ltd. is one of leading product testing and certification third party company in China. Providing comprehensive services for virtually all consumer products. Annray ensures quality and enables companies to sell their products to markets worldwide.Annray provid toxic and hazardous substances testing services to a wide range of industries such as electrical and electronics, toys, textiles, footwear, leather etc.Annray has the qualifications of CNAS, has recently been accredited by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). and provide testing services according to national, regional and international standards, to have the product of our valued clients to compliance with the regulations in the market.We provide exceptional service. Results delivered promptly and always on or before the promised date.We strive to be a continually improving company delivering reliable and timely scientific testing in pursuit of total customer satisfaction.



    With over a decade of industry experience in manufacturing Weiber range of scientific laboratory equipments, we have established ourselves with the name of Acmas Technocracy (P) Ltd. to provide highest quality equipments for various applications. We represent latest and directive technologies and incorporate an up to date know how of modern techniques, through our partners worldwide. We have a technology transfer agreement with Weiber Consultancy GMBH Germany, a renowned technical consultancy company, to aid the product designing and development of our indigenous products and to help us provide International quality products at economical prices.We have successfully catered the needs of above 600 institutions in India and exported our products to more than 42 countries, besides serving more than 1500 customers in corporate and private sector. The dedicated and cumulative efforts of Acmas team members has produced and delivered the comprehensive range of scientific instruments and labor


    United Kingdom

    Elemental Microanalysis produces high qualities products for elemental analysers for almost 40 years. (organic elemental analysis and inorganic elemental analysis) They offer tin and silver capsules, specialist reagents, quartz and glassware, ceramic and graphite crucibles and much more – everything you need for the daily operation of your analyser.



    At Bio-Aliment Lab, we have been providing services to the food and environmental hygiene sector since 1998. Our philosophy is about quality and professionalism, which is why we have a team of biologists, microbiologists and chemists who will immediately provide you details about insufficient results and advice about how to correct and follow up incidents. At Bio-Aliment Lab we provide services to maintenance companies, hotels, schools, sports centres.


    United Kingdom

    Explosion Hazard Testing Ltd carries out a full range of dust explosion and dust ignition tests to UK, EN, ASTM and ISO standards. Tests include Kst, Pmax, MIT, LIT, MIE, LOC, self heating, powder resistivity, UN classification, auto ignition temperature, flash point and flammability limits in air.


    United Kingdom

    Transoil Laboratory specializes in transformer condition monitoring, providing insulating oil / fluid analysis services to aid early transformer fault detection.

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