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  • The Hela Spice Company, Germany, founded in 1905 is a manufacturer and distributor of marinades, marinating oils, all kinds of seasonings, functional ingredients, single spices, customized blends,...

    Supplier of: Spices | Condiments, extracts and spices | Sauces | ketchup | toppings [+] marinade | mustard | vinegar | organic olive oil | walnut oils | pepper | vegetable broth | mixed spices | halal | convenience food

    • Compound for Vienna Sausages, 25 kg bag Compound for Vienna Sausages, 25 kg bag For hearty, juicy Viennese, spicy in taste and crisp in bite.
    • Frankfurter Compound, 25 Kg bag Frankfurter Compound, 25 Kg bag Compound for easy production of juicy and crunchy Frankfurter sausages
    • Compound ''FINE'' for Mettwurst Compound ''FINE'' for Mettwurst Piquant seasoning mix for fine, firm raw sausage varieties
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    SPAIN- Murcia
    THE GOURMET CORP - Verified by Europages

    We believe in the quality of products made in Spain, that is why we want to share them with the rest of the world. Asturians are proud of their goat cheese, Valencians of their paella, Riojans of...

    Supplier of: dry sausage | Crustaceans, tinned | Chicken | Wines - Rioja | Foods, precooked and gourmet [+] Foods, gourmet | seafood and shellfish | canned vegetables | tinned seafood | organic wines | cured raw ham | spanish ham | aged cheeses | honey | fine wines

    • Mini Chorizo in Fat Mini Chorizo in Fat Hams and Sausages
    • Iberico Pork Ham Natural Range Feed Boneless 50% Iberico Bre Iberico Pork Ham Natural Range Feed Boneless 50% Iberico Bre Hams and Sausages
    • Iberico Longaniza Spicy- Aljomar Iberico Longaniza Spicy- Aljomar Hams and Sausages
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    STAR-NATURDARM, LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...casing for the production of various types of sausage products. . Hog's bladder Quality category: standard with necks. Water calibers: 15/20, 20/25, 25/30, 30/35. Tags: the splits. Canning method: dry...

    Supplier of: Sausages | natural sausage casing | sausage casings | natural casings for sausage production | sausage production [+] sausage packaging | Pork | Meat cutting | Offal | Tripe | Miscellaneous products of animal origin | natural pork entrails | natural entrails | frozen butcher meat products | entrails

    • Natural sausage casing Natural sausage casing Сaliber 34/36
    • Natural sausage casing Natural sausage casing Сaliber 32/34
    • Natural sausage casing Natural sausage casing Caliber 36/38
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    ITALY- Mesoraca
    SALUMIFICIO LAVIGNA - Verified by Europages

    The Salumificio Lavigna snc of Lavigna Santo E. C. is in Mesoraca, in the province Crotone, produces and packages in house typical craft charcuterie which include cured meat, capocollo and bacon....

    Supplier of: sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | ham export | own production | ham [+] raw ham | pork | cooked meats export | salami distribution | ham curing | apulo-calabrese pig | canned charcuterie

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    ITALY- Crespina Lorenzana
    BERNARDINI GASTONE SRL - Verified by Europages

    Selected raw materials chosen and inspected on site, qualified staff, respect for craftmanship, and a pinch of creativity to give you the absolute best. Each cut is its own story: finely carved,...

    Supplier of: sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | own production | ham | salami [+] bacon | wholesale of dressed pork products | mortadella | supplies for restaurants | bresaola | pork | meats

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  • ...the Calabrian tradition, we produce soppressata, sausage, ‘nduja, capicollo and bacon with normal pork and also Nero di Calabria. Not only tradition - new ideas as well: mortadella, ham and pork...

    Supplier of: sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | Meats | capocollo | meats [+] beef | lamb and mutton | pork | lard | traditional product | deli meats | ham factories | pure pork mortadella | calabrian bacon

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  • Located in the province of Lucca, in via Ss. Annunziata, 1225/C, Salumi Benvenuti's production of salamis and cured meats represents the Tuscan tradition. Salumi Benvenuti uses highly innovative...

    Supplier of: sausages | sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | own production | ham factories [+] dressed pork factories | supplies for butchers | supplies for restaurants | traditional product | bacon

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    BELGIUM- Aubel
    DETRY - Verified by Europages

    DETRY is the producer of the Aubel brand of fresh and packed delicatessen meats. The result of local know-how, Aubel® comes in a range of delicious, quality Belgian specialities, prepared to...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | wholesale of dressed pork products | pork delicatessen meat processor | delicatessen meats supplier for butchers [+] pâté maker | cooked ham producer | pork cold cuts wholesaler | meatball maker | black pudding

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  • The company 'Nduja e Salumi di Bellantone Gabriella was founded in 1999 following in the footsteps of Gabriella's father-in-law, Tommaso Fiamingo (U Lisciu), a pork butcher who had been making Nduja...

    Supplier of: sausages | dry sausage | Meats, cooked and cured | dressed pork factories | deli meats [+] surprise | calabrian bacon | 'nduja di spilinga

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    SPAIN- Guijuelo-Salamanca
    CÉSAR NIETO - Verified by Europages

    ...- bellota lomito - bellota chorizo - bellota sausage - vela de bellota chorizo - Iberian bellota sobrasada - sliced fresh Iberian bellota products: - bellota head - bellota chops - bellota...

    Supplier of: sausage | Ham | chorizo | pork loin | iberian hams [+] iberian | "de bellota" iberian ham | "de bellota" lomo tenderloin

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  • Supplier of: sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | dressed pork factories | deli meats | ham factories

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    GERMANY- Hattersheim Am Main

    ...areas, including both food items (such as sausages and poultry) and non-food items. Our product and service system contains a multitude of innovative solutions, from clip machines to...

    Supplier of: Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | labelling systems | salami | packing | environmentally-friendly packaging

    • SCH 7210 SCH 7210 Clipping device
    • PDC-A 600 PDC-A 600 Automatic Double-Clipper (clipping machine)
    • SCD 700 SCD 700 Single-Clip Machine
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    LITHUANIA- Bajorai, Vilniaus R.

    Gourmet Select Importas UAB is a specialty food wholesaler (B2B) and special market purveyor. Specializing in the international import and distribution of cheeses and cured meats, the company has...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | wholesale frozen fish seafood shellfish | wholesale specialty foods authentic rare genuine slowfood | wholesale cow goat sheep buffalo cheeses | wholesale fresh frozen cured meats

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    GREECE- Ionia, Thessaloniki

    About us “Special mix” enterprise is a company that operates since July 1995 and is active in the manufacture of bread improvers and ready mixes. The main core of our product line includes:...

    Supplier of: Additives, food | Cake mixes | gluten-free product | bread improvers | bread mixes

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    RUSSIA- St. Petersburg

    BIOSTAR is one of the largest artificial sausage casings manufacturer in Russia.Today BIOSTAR can offer you: — product made from high-quality raw materials, — modern up to date production facility, —...

    Supplier of: sausages | sausage casings | Plastics - packaging | meat processing | food packaging

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    SPAIN- Ribarroja De Turia-Valencia

    We have put thought into creating the flavour of each of our products since 1953 in order to come to the industrial butchery sector's aid and provide service with a plus factor. Our development team...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Food essences | Spices | flavourings

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    GERMANY- Großhöhenrain

    ...a big know-how in producing turkey ham and sausage products made of 100% pure turkey meat and offer a range of mores than 35 high quality products: turkey breasts, various different turkey...

    Supplier of: Sausages | turkey wurstel | turkey ham | turkey meat | halal delicatessen meats

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    POLAND- Warsaw

    ...and trade in successfully marketing their sausage products by means of our core competence. After all, “we produce the casings” of our customers with high-quality Natural Sausage Casing products.Sheep...

    Supplier of: sausage | Additives, food | natural | casings | sheep

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  • ...agricultural raw materials, production meat and sausages and prefabricated products .The enterprise can deliver its products with the help of their own transport and can offer any type of packaging. At present the plant offers more...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Beef | Pork | Ham | retail meat and meat product markets

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    UNITED KINGDOM- High Wycombe

    Tajent Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Natural Sheep casing. The expertise and skills of manufacturing natural casings runs in the family since three generations,...

    Supplier of: Sausages | sausage manufacturer | natural sheep casing | import-export - food and agriculture | natural beef casing

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  • ...largest manufacturer of polyamide and multilayer sausage casing in Middle East. In order to meet the need of consumers for top quality products, Pooshesh Tehran Navid Co. began manufacturing...

    Supplier of: Sausages | sausages | delicatessen meat packaging equipment and appliances | food packaging | polyamide packaging

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    SPAIN- Ripollet (Barcelona)

    ...since 1976. Our main products are : Bacon, Sausages, Cooked ham, Chorizo Rosario, Patés We are specialized in the commercial sector of HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) We are based in...

    Supplier of: sausages | Smoked meats | bacon | cold cuts

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    SERBIA- Backa Topola

    TOPOLA is leader in safe and healthy food processing in Serbia. Meat industry "TOPOLA", as a leader in safe and healthy food processing here in Serbia, returns to the European markets. The MI...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Meat | fine delicatessen

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Chichester

    ...Ltd specialise in production of high quality sausages and burgers for pubs, restaurants and catering companies.O'Hagan's have been pioneers of the Great British sausage revival of 1980's and currently offer over 150 varieties of fresh, hand crafted sausages...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Catering services | wholesale fresh meats | catering - services | hog roast

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  • Qingdao Hongchang Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, China. Our company is a professional one which introduces modern technology to produce plastic casings and shrinking bags. We have been in...

    Supplier of: Sausages | sausage casings | polyamide caisngs

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  • ...on retail sales of products that are vital for sausage and ham production. The product range consists mainly of natural casings (mainly to hog casings and sheep casings), artificial casings, ham...

    Supplier of: Sausages | artificial sausage casings | natural sausage casings

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    Biltong and droewors made to traditional South African recipes in Yorkshire.Buy in store or online. Delivered anywhere in UK and Ireland. Delivery free on orders over £50.Yorkshire Biltong is part of...

    Supplier of: Sausages | biltong | droewors

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  • We are natural sausage casings Manufacture located in Alexandria Egypt , we are at the sausage natural casings Market since 1983, we are specialist in sheep & Beef casings origins Middle east ,...

    Supplier of: Sausages | natural sausage casings

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    SPAIN- Lorca-Murcia

    Craft production using traditional cured meat techniques from the eastern region of Spain. The rich and long-established traditions used by the company have made its produce the benchmark reference...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Meats, cooked and cured | surprise | chorizo | mortadella

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    SPAIN- O Porriño-Pontevedra

    ...more general products, such as minced meat, sausage and creole sausage, but obviously with quality raw materials from our land and the know-how of expert hands and with a technological...

    Supplier of: Sausages | Meat | Meats, cooked and cured | chorizo | pork

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