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    ShenZhen PromoStar Hardware Co., Ltd is a company who specialize in Metal CNC machining parts, CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, stamping parts, sheet metal parts, welding products for all kinds of industry. The materials we used to worked were stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass, copper, carbon steel, POM, PEEK and so on. The headquater of Promostar located at ShenZhen, China with a 2000² meter workplant.Since 2016, Promostar has an office in Meerbusch, Germany. Since 2021 lunched a 3000² meter workplant in Jiangxi China. We can meet all industry demands, such as : Austronautic, Optik, Sensor, Electronic, Automotive, LED lighting, furniture, machinery & equipments, medicial equipments, plastic & moulds lines and so on. We can reach the tolerance within +/-0.002mm. The material we are using can be reached the standard cetifications from ROHS, REACH. Promostar invested a lot on the machines and worker technologies and we have a strong human resources department. All our team have more than 8 years relationship. We work on team. PromoStar is getting a good credit around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !


    United Kingdom

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    Established over 30 years ago, Knight Optical is a trusted and recognised name globally in the provision of precision optical components. Our optics are used in a wide range of industries including scientific, defence & aerospace, medical & biotech, oil & gas, engineering, research, and laser. With an extensive product catalogue of optics, including lenses, windows, mirrors, and filters, which can be ordered directly from our website, Knight Optical aims to have a quick solution for our customers. However, for application specific optics, Knight Optical excels at providing custom optics manufactured to individual specifications. We can work with different materials including standard glass, acrylic and more specialist materials such as sapphire, germanium, silicon, and zinc selenide. We do not rely on being a trusted name, we also test all optics in our metrology laboratory and visually inspect for surface imperfections ensuring that each component that leaves our premises does so in strict accordance with customer requirements, so our optics are ready-to-use upon arrival. We are ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified. If you are looking for premium-quality, bespoke optical components, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Technical Sales Team on info@knightoptical.co.uk.



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    Schniewindt was founded in Westfalia in 1829 and is an independent, performance-oriented family business. Since the invention of the “Schniewindt grid” in 1902, we have produced electrical high-voltage resistors and are thus one of the leading suppliers of electrical equipment for energy distribution. We use state-of-the-art process technology to continuously develop our products according to the requirements of our customers. With our worldwide partnerships, we are one of the leading manufacturers of electric high-voltage resistors and equipment and systems for electric heating technology for industrial and commercial purposes. Schniewindt heating technology covers the development, manufacture and distribution of heaters for heating gases, liquids and solids. This equipment reflects our expertise, even in potentially explosive areas and those susceptible to firedamp.



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    The company MTS MESSTECHNIK SCHAFFHAUSEN GMBH, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Scientific research equipment industry. It is based in Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland.



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    The company ING. WOLFGANG SETZER, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Scientific research equipment industry. It is based in Biedermannsdorf, Austria.

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    The company UMAD UMWELTMESSTECHNIK UND DATENVERARBEITUNGS GMBH, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Scientific research equipment industry. It is based in Berlin, Germany.



    AMT&C Group designs and manufactures magnetic equipment for domestic, industrial and scientific applications on the basis of permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems. The Group produces: —permanent magnet systems of highly intensive magnetic field (magnetic indicators of flaws, magnetic field sources of various shapes); —magnetic electrical and electronic measuring instruments for laboratories and re-searchers; —electromagnetic equipment. AMT&C focuses on contemporary areas of applied magnetism: energy-independent gas shut-off valves, electric actuators and electric machines with extremely high energy conversion effi-ciency, sprung in-wheel motors, scientific instrumentation and magnetic systems for control-ling endoscopic GI examination capsules. The Group designs and manufactures powerful magnetic systems for science and industry (magnetic separators, iron separators), as well as search coil magnetometers and devices for measuring magnetic quantities. AMT&C conducts R&D in magnetic hyperthermia, precision targeted magnetic field controlled desorption of drugs, magnetic refrigeration, as well as in methods of manufacturing nanoscale and nanostructured materials. AMT&C Group started its operations in magnetic equipment and technologies market in 1999 and currently benefits from over 40 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism and its applications.



    GPAINNOVA is a technology group based in Barcelona, with subsidiaries in Sunrise (Florida, USA), Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China) and specializing in surface metal finishing machinery, with two electropolishing brands: MURA and DLyte. DLyte is a technological solution that automatizes, simplifies and standardizes the post-processing of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems. DLyte machines are based on the patented DryLyte technology for surface finishing of metal alloys, for the dental, healthcare and industrial sectors. DLyte performs superior results when it comes to grinding, rounding, deburring, surface smoothing, high-gloss polishing and corrosion treatment of metal parts. Unlike traditional polishing systems, DLyte obtains consistent finish, avoiding any marks on the surface and patterns such as those generated by machining, and is able to process complex geometries without generating micro scratches on the surface. DLyte respects the tolerances of the piece, delivering a mirror finish. It also turns metal raw parts into high-value products, while offering a wide range of metal finishing machines and electrolytes, from desktop units for the production of small series to large-scale industrial machines. DLyte offers specific solutions according to your needs, production quantities or piece dimensions. GPAINNOVA has a team of about 200 professionals on staff, 55 distributors, more than 600 clients worldwide.



    Ostec company is a manufacturer of industrial and scientific instruments and equipment, a developer of comprehensive solutions in the production of scientific research equipment. The company picks out innovative technologies and laboratory equipment and instruments, upgrades them by efforts of its engineering departments and brings to the international market the equipment that meets customer requirements and uses customer technologies and applications. The company provides further technical support to the customer as well. Ostec holds its own brands of research and industrial equipment: •RAMOS — microscopes for Raman microscopy and spectroscopy. Research-grade compact and multilaser systems with the options of scanning by galvano mirrors, CARS-microscopy, 3D-scanning. •IROS — Research and industrial online FTIR spectrometers with a selection of cells, optional modules and FiPOS fiber probes for online monitoring of chemical processes. •NIOS — modular scanning nanomechanical testers that can be configured and functionally extended to satisfy any industry or research application. •OCOS — compact spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, digital cameras and single-channel detectors. •GAOS – gas analyzers based on sensors and process mass spectrometer gas analysis systems. •AVOS — active and passive antivibration tables. Ostec is a regular participant of the international trade fairs CNCLS, CDYPE, analytica China, analytica Munich, SciX, ARABLAB, Pittcon, IFEX, MRS



    NT-MDT LLC develops research instrumentation and scientific equipment: scanning probe microscopes, systems combining methods of scanning probe and optical microscopy and spectroscopy. The latest developments of NT-MDT S.I. include laboratory instruments and tools: • automated AFM VEGA with 200 mm wafer holder; • NTEGRA Nano IR combined system; • NTEGRA Spectra II automated combined system; • NEXT II fully automated AFM/STM for scientific research; • SOLVER Pipe II AFM for non-destructive tests of engineering materials. Key features of the scientific research equipment by NT-MDT are: • the widest range of AFM modes delivered in standard configurations • the highest level of automation at different levels, including self-testing, automated configuration for the selected AFM mode, adjusting the AFM sensor, laser alignment, tuning of scanning parameters, correlating video and scanned images; • lowest thermal drift The NT-MDT team has been developing and manufacturing equipment for studying the properties of nanoscale objects and has been providing support of research instrumentation and scientific equipment for over 30 years. The brands NT-MDT and NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments are recognized by scientists around the world. The company has produced more than 4000 scanning probe systems and microscopes for laboratories in 60 countries. NT-MDT LLC distributes its products through representative offices in Russia, Europe, USA and China.



    DataPhysics Instruments GmbH is a German company from the region of Stuttgart, which has been developing, producing and selling laboratory measuring devices for the analysis of interfaces for over 25 years. Now with 45 employees, an international sales network and customers in over 80 countries, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of highly precise analysis devices. Our competence In short, the measuring equipment of DataPhysics Instruments is always used when a liquid encounters another liquid or a solid. More precisely, important physical and chemical parameters, such as surface tension and energy, adhesive strength, static and dynamic contact angles, roughness profiles, zeta potential and destabilisation mechanisms, can be determined with the equipment. Our products. Our product range includes: – Contact angle measuring devices of the OCA series – Tensiometers of the DCAT series – Spinning drop tensiometer SVT 25 – Dispersion stability analysis system MultiScan MS 20 – Zeta potential analyser ZPA 20 – Surface profilometer SPA 25 – Humidity generators of the HGC series. Our expertise DataPhysics Instruments is not only a device manufacturer, but also sees itself as a research and development partner in the area of surface science. In the in-house application centre, the company therefore offers test and contract measurements, as well as training sessions for all aforementioned equipment.


    United States

    Creative Bioarray is an innovative biotechnology company whose mission is to develop unique technologies that provide researchers with the tools to investigate life science. We provide a wide range of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture medium and reagents, FISH probes, tissue array, microorganisms, equipments and related services for the research community. Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture medium and reagents, FISH probes, tissue array, microorganisms, equipments and related services for the research community.



    Die Unternehmensgruppe von Spa "ANDROID TECHNICS" entwickelt und fertigt seit 2009 Roboter. Dabei reagiert das Unternehmen stets dynamisch auf richtungsweisende Änderungen in der Robotik, von Industrierobotern bis hin zu dem ersten Astronautenroboter FEDOR, der eine komplette Weltraummission mit absolviert hat. Einer unserer Hauptvorteile ist die Fähigkeit, komplette Produktzyklen anbieten zu können – von der technischen Spezifikation bis hin zur automatisierten Serienproduktion. Zu den zentralen Bereichen unserer Entwicklungsarbeit zählen: - INDUSTRIELLE AUTOMATISIERUNG UND ROBOTIK; - MEDIZINISCHE AUSRÜSTUNG; - FORSCHUNGSZENTREN UND LABORE; ENTWICKLUNGEN IM BEREICH DER WELTRAUMFORSCHUNG.Seit 12 Jahren haben wir mehr als 110 Robotersysteme entwickelt und mehr als 15 Patente angemeldet. Zu unseren Kunden gehören das Ministerium für Industrie und Handel der Russischen Föderation, das Ministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft der Russischen Föderation, das Gesundheitsministerium der Russischen Föderation, die staatliche Gesellschaft "Roskosmos" und andere Unternehmen.



    Since 1960, Fratelli Galli is Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Service of Laboratory and Industrial Equipment. Galli Co. is Certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and FGAS CE 303/2008 Fratelli Galli offers a wide range of Equipment where Temperature, Humidity, Lights, Gas, Vacuum, Vibration and other environmental parameters are under control. Standard or Customized with Galli you will find your Solution. >Environmental Simulations Climatic Test Chambers, Thermal Shock, Shakers. Emission Test Chambers for VOCs Formadeide. Lithium Battery Test Chambers and Apparatus. >Drying, Heating, Ageing, Ashes Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Precision Ovens, Muffle Furnaces. >Heating, Growing, Testing Incubators, CO2, Cooled Incubators, Stability Climatic Chambes. >Cooling, Storage Refrigerators, Freezers, Deep Ultra Low Freezers. >Corrosion Test Cabinets Salt Spray Chambers, Ciclyc Corrosion Test Chambers, Acetic, SO2, Kesternich. >Thermostatic Baths and Circulators Water, Oil and Sand Baths, Criostats, Ultrasonic, Viscosity Baths. >Water treatment Distillators, Demineralizating columns, Flocculators. >Light Sources, Ageing, Test. UVC Light, IR Light, Xenon Light. >Service Installation, Calibration, Repair, Revamping. >Sell and Renting of Refurbished and Second Hand Equipments.


    United Kingdom

    OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC is a leading provider of high technology products, systems and tools to the world's leading industrial companies and scientific research communities. OXFORD INSTRUMENTS turns smart science into world-class products that support research and industry to address the great challenges of the 21st Century. Innovations enabling your analytical, manufacturing, monitoring and research goals across a wide range of industrial applications: - Advanced Manufacturing, - Agriculture & Food, - Astronomy, - Automotive & Aerospace, - Bio Imaging & Life Science, - Chemical & Catalysis, - Energy Generation & Storage, - Forensics & Environment, - Geology, Petrology & Mining, - Metals, Alloys, Composites & Ceramics, - Pharma, - Photonics, - Polymers, - Quantum Technology, - Semiconductors, Microelectronics and Data Storage.


    United Kingdom

    Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, clinical, government and academic laboratories. From drug discovery and pharmaceutical development to disease diagnosis, food safety to environmental analysis, Phenomenex chromatography products, technical services and chemical reference standards accelerate science and help researchers improve global health and well-being.


    United Kingdom

    Applied Photophysics Ltd. (APL) has firmly established itself as a global developer and manufacturer of high quality, high performance, modern spectrometers for the study of structural, thermodynamic and kinetic properties of a wide range of samples with particular focus on proteins and other bio-macromolecules. From research through development to production, their scientific expertise and world-class support help life science researchers to understand complex biological systems, allowing them to be at the forefront of discovery.


    United Kingdom

    MULTI-AWARD WINNING MICROSCOPE COMPANY Dedicated to providing high-quality products and industry-leading services, we are proud to have won multiple awards in the UK SOUTHERN ENTERPRISE AWARDS High-Quality Microscope Products & Services 2020 CENTRAL ENGLAND PRESTIGE AWARDS Microscope Specialists of the Year 2020 WE ONLY RECOMMEND HIGH-QUALITY, RELIABLE PRODUCTS We care more about recommending the right product than achieving the highest margins. All of the brands we represent have been carefully vetted to ensure that they meet the standards we expect for our clients WE PROVIDE THE BEST RANGE OF MICROSCOPE SERVICES We offer a full range of services to ensure all of our clients’ needs are fulfilled. From microscope repairs, annual servicing contracts and a full range of hireable equipment - we have you covered whatever your need OUR STORY Fullerscope was formed to deliver high-quality microscope products and services at affordable prices. We are proud to work with some amazing brands - including Olympus, Euromex, CoolLED & Teledyne Imaging - to bring our customers the best and latest scientific products. We supply microscopes, cameras, lighting and accessories to the entire scientific industry from hobbyist to professional levels. Fullerscope provides a full range of services for microscopes including training, hires, servicing and repairs.



    At genomics-online.com, our goal is to fundamentally improve life-science research by making it easy to find and buy the genomics and transcriptomics tools that researchers desperately need. We offer researchers and procurement agents the opportunity to search for the tools that make research possible. Primers, DNA extraction kits, plasmids, nucleotides and enzymes for genome editing, as well as other critical reagents from dozens of top-quality manufacturers around the globe are all available under one roof - easy to find, quick to procure, and supported by a world-class team of friendly experts. We also offer a variety of high-quality technical resource material - such as our plasmid resource, polymerases, a short introduction to CRISPR, or our overview of viral gene delivery vectors - for a quick review or in-depth education on the latest tools and techniques. Here you can find a list of the vector backbones that our products use. If you are looking for genomics tools and software, you may find a huge list of free tools, software and more for genomics, flow cytometry, imaging, CRISPR/Cas9 and other fields.


    United Kingdom

    OptiGene Limited was formed in 2008 to develop and deliver advanced molecular diagnostics solutions for applications across a range of market sectors. The company is privately owned and is based in Horsham in the South of England, close to Gatwick Airport and within an hour of Heathrow Airport and the centre of London. OptiGene was established with the primary goal of providing the highest quality instrumentation and performance-leading reagents to support isothermal amplification of DNA and RNA. The market pull for this venture came from the growing demands around the world for field testing, rapid results and point-of-care diagnostics.



    MBRAUN has over thirty years experience providing inert glove box solutions for clean environments. Our core market segments include university, OLED research and mass production, lithium ion battery research and production, high intensity discharge lamps and ceramic lamp production, inert gas welding, pharmaceutical, nuclear containment and research in chemistry applications. Whether your work involves gloveboxes, inert gas purification, thin-film technology, isolators or custom system solutions in clean environments, MBRAUN has the right solution for you. We're the market leader in providing customer-specific controlled environment solutions. We continue to develop world-class core technologies and then adapt them to an application, yielding the most efficient clean environments based on our intimate knowledge of the many markets we serve.



    Suzhou Lanscientific Instrument Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, manufacture and sales of handheld XRF spectrometers. It is located in High-Tech District, Suzhou City. And we not only possess first-rate XRF analyzers technical professionals at home and abroad, we also have abundant RD ability and advanced service concept and management model. We mainly produce handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzers. At the mean time, we keep close cooperation relationship with worldwide relative professional research institutes and enterprises to follow the cutting-edge technology and theory of international XRF analysis in real time.Our company summarizes the experience and lessons in developing this instrument over years and conducts industrialized RD deeply to high technology products on the basis of absorbing international advanced technology, so that various technical performance index all can reach international similar products level.



    The company concentrates on the market of optical multichannel spectrometer technology with the diversity of its products. The building blocks of this technology are permanently adjusted, thermally stable, and compactly-constructed-diffraction-components coupled with the corresponding multichannel photo sensors and sensor electronics. These assemblies defined as spectrometer modules are implemented for applications from UV to NIR (190 to 2500 nm). The respective spectral performance is realised according to the application by means of a suitable combination of optical gratings, slits, and sensor technologies. We also offer a broad range of individual parts and components for realising proprietary measurement systems to OEM customers.



    Since 2002 Raymetrics has been designing and building high end technology solutions for studying the atmosphere. We provide a range of laser-based remote sensing instruments (LIDARs) which are suitable for variety of purposes.These include academic uses such as scientific studies of the atmosphere, commercial uses such as dust trackers for use in and around mines, and operational uses such as our newly launched volcanic ash detection system.Through a large network of partnerships we have been selling our products internationally for more than ten years. Our clients are based all over the world, including in the USA, India, South America, Europe, and China. Through a combination of extensive experience and exceptional products, Raymetrics is uniquely placed to deliver atmospheric LIDAR products to suit your needs.Please contact info@raymetrics.gr to discuss your atmospheric LIDAR needs or to obtain a quotation for any of our systems.



    We are one of the pioneer manufacture and supplier of all kinds of laboratory glassware, plastic ware, thermometers, ovens, overhead projector, microscopes, incubators, slide projector, biological models and other scientific instruments having a technical excellence of 35 years in trade for educational, scientific, medical, research, industrial laboratories & bio-medical institutes. We can make any type of fabrications of special design. GLACIER is an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company and is also awarded with: - Award of National Excellence and Noble Ratan Shri Award.


    South Korea

    We are extremely grateful to our customers for visiting our website. Since 2000 Golden Wheels Defense Fire Co., Ltd was established. We has been consistently focused on research and development and training human resources (talents), there by becoming self-reliant in successful development of patented technologies, based on this source technology, we have grown to become a comprehensive manufacturer encompassing a wide range of products : Flame detector, Super sensitivity Suction type smoke detector, Automatic Fire Extinguisher using solid aerosol, Catenary Arc detector, Intelligent video fire monitoring system and infrared thermal image camera intended for disaster prevention, the first of its kind at home.



    The Institute of Aviation was founded in 1926. Offering services in the following fields of expertise: aviation structures, materials testing, aircraft engines, aerodynamics and space technologies. The tests are conducted by staff of 1800 scientists and engineers using 30 accredited laboratories in four departments: •The Centre of New Technologies, •The Engineering Desig Center, technologies, •The Materials and Structure Research Centre, •The Center of Space Technologies.



    Izovac company is engaged in development and production of vacuum coating equipment for optics, display industry, microelectronics and photovoltaics.Thin-film application technologies development. Optical elements production.(optical filters, mirrors, beamsplitters and so on), coating service. Izovac company - is a reliable partner for solution of your tasks and problems in thin-films.



    Dealing in Forestry and Wildlife Equipments in India such as Camera Trap, Night Vision, Laser Range Finder, Spotting Scopes, Time Lapse Camera Trap, Snake Tongs, Munsell Soil Color Chart, Tree Caliper, 3 D Printer, Solar Laptop, LED Projector, Rechargeable Solar Kit for Laptop, Cameras, Mobile Phone Booster for Forests, Metal Detector, Camping Stove that can charge Mobile in Field, Tents and Sleeping Bags, Lights and Headlamps etc.


    United Kingdom

    Clinipath supply equipment to the medical research, laboratory and mortuary industries with a focus on biomedical research. We supply formalin systems, downflow tables, ivc's, change stations, safety cabinets, data-loggers, restrainers, dump stations, animal cages, photo catalytic devices, uv,

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