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    LITHUANIA- Siauliai
    REKYVA, AB - Verified by Europages

    ...Natural white/brown/black peat, pH adjusted peat, fertilized peat, professional substrates. Packaging: 20l, 45l, 70l, 250l, 300l, 3 to 6 cmb big bales. Fractions: 0-4, 0-7, 0-20, 7-20, 20-40, 0-40, 20-60.

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Peat and compost | ORGANIC FARMING | peat products [+] peat moss | lithuanian peat | peat moss for sale | organic peat moss | professional peat substrates | peat substrates for growers | peat substrates for agriculture | peat substrates for landscape | peat substrates for mushrooms | peat in grow bag

    Brands : SAULA | REMIX

    • Peat Fertilizers Peat Fertilizers Peat Fertilizers
    • Peat for Blueberries Peat for Blueberries Supliers
    • Peat for rhododendrons Peat for rhododendrons Supliers
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    EDAGUM SM RUS LLC - Verified by Europages

    ... As the best Russian organic products, fertilizer and feed additive EDAGUM®SM have been selected by the Ministry of Economic Development of the RF for promotion on world agricultural markets (Agreement No.С-923-АУ/Д12). More than 80% of EDAGUM®...

    Supplier of: Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Natural fertilizers | liquid fertilizer | special fertilizers | fertilizer for cereal crops [+] organic fertilizers | fulvic fertilizers | production of organic humic fertilizers and feed additives | Feeds for animal farming | biologically active feed additives | bio-stimulants - fertilisers | organic manures | humic acid | humic soil bio-activators | supplementary feeds

    • Edagum® Sм Liquid Humic Fertilizer (mark B) Edagum® Sм Liquid Humic Fertilizer (mark B)
    • Pasty Humic Fertilizer Edagum® Sм Pasty Humic Fertilizer Edagum® Sм
    • Liquid Humic Fertilizer Edagum® Sм Liquid Humic Fertilizer Edagum® Sм
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    NETHERLANDS- Schijndel
    FERM O FEED - Verified by Europages

    ...attained by a unique and fully automated production process that is strictly monitored by the Dutch veterinary service. We offer organic fertilizer for a wide variety of crops; from tomatoes to apple or pears and from bananas to potatoes, and from coffee to tea. Naturally...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | organic and biological fertilizer | liquid fertilizer | biological fertilizer [+] organic compound fertilizers | organic mineral fertilizers | organic liquid fertilizers | fertilizers | npk fertilizers | fertility | amino-acids | substrates | green roof substrates | potting soil


    • Organic Mineral Fertilizer 8-3-3 Organic Mineral Fertilizer 8-3-3 Organic mineral fertilizers
    • Organic Compound Fertilizer 4-2-10 Organic Compound Fertilizer 4-2-10 Biological fertilizers
    • Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3 Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3 Biological fertilizers
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    NETHERLANDS- Eindhoven
    BENEFERT - Verified by Europages

    With the growing world population, the climatic changes and the decrease of available fertile land, feeding the world will be a challenge. Our products will contribute to conventional and organic...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | liquid fertilizer | p-rich organic fertilizer | n-rich organic fertilizer [+] biological fertilizers | animal based fertilizers | plant based fertilizers | organic fertilizers garden | amino-acids | fulvic acid | biostimulants | natural plant biostimulants | plant growth promoter

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    NETHERLANDS- Haghorst
    BIOCOMPIG BV (ADMINISTRATIE) - Verified by Europages

    BIOCOMPIG provides consultancy services and supplies granular organic fertilisers to the European and world markets. We offer a full consultancy service and can provide our products to farms and...

    Supplier of: Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Natural fertilizers | granular fertilizer | plant nutrition | organic fertiliser for farms [+] organic fertilisers for ornamental horticulture | fertiliser for organic horticulture | fertiliser for organic farming | grape fertilisation | fruit fertilisation

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  • Our company, founded in 2017, is engaged in the supply of charcoal and its products. Our company has established stable business relations with contractors in 9 countries of the world. It was...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | charcoal | biochar | hookah briquette | briquette for shisha

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    PORTUGAL- Borba

    We are a company that works mainly with the production of cork granules, wood charcoal and biomass. We have more than 20 years of experience in the wood charcoal industry and recently we began to...

    Supplier of: Cork products | Charcoal | granulated cork | raw cork | biofuel biomass

    • Enhanced Biochar Enhanced Biochar
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    TURKEY- Bursa

    Olimpum Foreign Trade and Marketing Ltd., is a manufacturer and trade company engaged in import and export of many products and supplying chemicals since 1985. Being in international trading and...

    Supplier of: Plants & Fertilizers | chemical fertilizers | combi and trace element fertilizers | manufacturer of liquid - powder - granular type fertilizers | water soluble npk fertilizers

    • Olitar KTS Olitar KTS organic - organomineral fertilizers
    • oligro sulfotar sc 800 oligro sulfotar sc 800 organic - organomineral fertilizers
    • Oligro solare Oligro solare Inorganic liquid fertilizers
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  • Üretici firmayız.Leonardit menşeyli Hümik asit üretiyoruz.Tamamen doğaldır.Bütün meyve sebze vetahıllar için kullanılır.Türkiye malatyada üretiyoruz.Fazla kullanılması halinde bitkiye zarar...

    Supplier of: Plants & Fertilizers | fertilizer for cereal crops | fertilizer for tree-growers | humic acid | leonardit

    • ŞİLEMPE VİNASSE ŞİLEMPE VİNASSE Organic fertilizer in 25 lt drums
    • BRİDGE-Pure Algae BRİDGE-Pure Algae Pure Algae
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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    PRESTO DURPES UAB provides peat and prepares various peat mixes. The company is interested in cooperating with wholesalers only. Our company prepares peat mixes according our Customer demands. The...

    Supplier of: Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Peat and compost | peat products

    • ORGANIC PEAT MOSS - 8 ORGANIC PEAT MOSS - 8 Peat Suppliers
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  • LTBS CO.,
    TURKEY- Istanbul

    LTBS Co ., (Private Joint Stock) was founded in 2010 as a family owned company in Iran and Turkey categorized under the wholesale and Export of Fresh Fruits and Nuts. Our main target is spot...

    Supplier of: Fruit | raisin | barberry saffron | kiwi orange apple pomegranate annar | salt garlic tomato tomato paste

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  • The POITTEMILL group brigs together Broyeurs POITTEMILL Ingénierie and FORPLEX industries which have been designing crushing and industrial classification solutions for over 80 years. The POITTEMILL...

    Supplier of: Crushing and grinding machinery | hammer mills | laboratory grinder

    • Fertilizers Fertilizers APPLICATIONS
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    UKRAINE- Poltava

    The GlobeCore company manufactures equipment for purification of various oils, production of bitumen emulsions and bitumen modifications, compounding of biodiesel and fuel, electromagnetic mills...

    Supplier of: equipment for the production of manures and fertilizers | Treatment of industrial waste water | liquid manure mixers | powder mixers | analysis of insulating oil

    • AVS-100 AVS-100 for grinding, mixing, wastewater/manure treatment
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  • Ever since our beginning in 1968, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation has continued the proud heritage of extracting alginate from seaweed. Today we grow to be one of the largest manufacturer and...

    Supplier of: Extracts, food | sodium alginate | fucoidan | alginate oligosaccharides | potassium alginate

    • Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder organic fertiliser plant stimulant alginic acid 18% organic matter 48% K2O 18%
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    IRELAND- County Donegal

    ...olive green/brown colour and a characteristic natural aroma. It is both a micronutrient and a bio-stimulant. It contains all of the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth. This is one of...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | seaweed fertilizer | foliar biostimulant | ascoboost

    • Ascoboost Ascoboost Come in 5L,10L, 20L, 200L, 1000L, IBC
    • GARDEN fORCE GARDEN fORCE Seaweed Extract
    • Ascoboost Ascoboost Seaweed Extract
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  • KNK International Trade and Consultancy company is located in İzmir/Turkey with the understanding; “business means creative solutions, trust, punctuality, credibility, and integrity”. Conduct...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | extra virgin organic olive oil | peanuts | disposable face masks | mops

    • SOHO SOHO Water-soluble organomineral drip fertilizer
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    TURKEY- Kepez

    BioIpm is the first and the leading manufacturer of natural product based biofertilizer, biofungicide, biostimulant and biopesticide in Turkey. Our core expertise is the sustainable biorational plant...

    Supplier of: fertilizer | organic and biological fertilizer | Crop planting and protection | Phytosanitary products, fungicides and pesticides | pesticides

    • Activ Combi Ec Fertilizer Activ Combi Ec Fertilizer Activ Combi Ec Fertilizer
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  • SOLID AND LIQUID VERMICOMPOST PRODUCTION Our company produce solid and lquid vermicompost in Turkey. VERMIS Agricultural Trade Co.Ltd. was established in 2016. For the sustainability of healthy...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | vermicompost | liquid vermicompost | solid vermicompost

    • Vermis Liquid Vermicompost - Earthworm Manure Vermis Liquid Vermicompost - Earthworm Manure Vermis Liquid
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    RUSSIA- Ekaterinburg

    Peat humic fertilizers of high quality for professionals. TM Humimax fertilizer is produced on the basis of eco-friendly lowland peat and sapropel. Lowland peat provides fertilizer with biologically...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | liquid fertilizer | humate | humic acid | fulvic acid

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  • We Chengdu Chelation Biology Technology Co., Ltd. are a big and special manufacturer on Organic Fertilizer and Feed Grade AMINO ACIDS POWDER, AMINO ACID GRANULES and LIQUID, AMINO ACID CHELATED...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | amino acid powder | amino acid chelate | amino acids | compound amino acid powder

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    TURKEY- Balikesir

    ORGANIKSA A.S. an independently owned and operated mining and processing company located in Canakkale -Turkey in a closed area 7.000m2 opened area 50.000 m2 an area boasting one of the richest...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | humic acid | potassium humate

    • Magic Leon Leonardite Magic Leon Leonardite Soil Conditioner
    • Black Diamond Amino Calcium Black Diamond Amino Calcium Amino Calcium
    • Magic Leon Granular NPK 7-7-7 Magic Leon Granular NPK 7-7-7 MICRO ELEMENT
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  • Shanghai Vitalyield Biotech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in humic acid & humate products. We are committed to R&D, manufacture, sales and service for high quality mineral source...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | humic acid | fulvic acid | potassium humate | sodium humate

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    UKRAINE- Kyiv

    Organomineral fertilizer RevivalECO contains up to 40% of organic substances as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other essential micronutrients. The fertilizer is intended for...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organomineral fertilizer | agricultural fertilizers | mineral fertilizer | fertilizer for garden centres

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    RUSSIA- St Petersburg

    Our company is the manufacturer of humic and fulvic substances under the trade mark “Lignohumate”. We produce Soda humates, Potash humates, humic products with microelement complex, humate with Iron,...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | soil conditioners and fertilizers | fulvic acid | humic acid

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    GERMANY- Falkenberg/elster Ot Kölsa

    The philosophy behind our business is combining environmentally friendly organic farming with cost efficiency. Thanks to our development of environmentally friendly fertilisers and plant growing...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | foliar feed | organic manures | hemp

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    BELARUS- Minsk

    LLC ASTRONA is a producer and exporter of highly efficient bioorganic fertilizers and fodder additives. We produce environmentally compatible biological fertilizers and fodder additives to support...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | vermicompost | humates | sapropel

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    AUSTRALIA- Narangba

    Quality domestic and commercial organic fertilisers Qld Organics is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of quality domestic and commercial organic fertilisers. Our range of organic fertilisers...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | organic xtra | eco88s | organic farming

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    Envirolizer is a natural mineral plant growth enhancer and adaptogen. Contains finely micronized and augmented natural calcite. The effective supply of calcium and silicon to plants increases...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizers | calcium fertilizer | manufacture of organic fertilisers | foliar biostimulant

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    UKRAINE- Odessa

    ...issues of restoration and maintenance of soil fertility, we have taken up the scientific research to produce the preparations solving these problems. The basis for our research has been the natural organic concentrate of...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizer | organic stimulator | natural organic concentrate | liquid organic

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    ISRAEL- Modi'in St. 21

    Ramona organic LTD. manufactures pellets, organic and non-organic, made of cattle and poultry manure. As one of Israel's largest companies in the field, with over fifty employees, we guarantee high...

    Supplier of: Natural fertilizers | organic fertilizer | organic manures | pellets | soil enrichment

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