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  • FATI manufactures armoured heating elements in normal construction, leakproof construction to IP 65, IP 66, IP 67 and explosion-proof Ex construction, to be installed in places where there is a high... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers for chemical use | methane gas exchanger [+] heating cartridges with heating cables | Art reproductions | Elements, electric | Thermoresistors | electric immersion heaters | high load cartridge heaters | band resistance units | low load cartridge heaters | cartridge resistance | titanium heaters
    ITALY - Cusago
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  • WATTCO has been manufacturing custom designed industrial heaters and controls for over 50 years. With over 7000 customers, we design process heating solutions for oil and gas, chemical,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | process heating | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | electric immersion heaters | infrared heaters [+] water heaters | heaters | electric heaters | industrial heating elements | electric industrial heaters | duct heaters | circulation heaters | industrial heaters | immersion heaters | flanged heaters
    CANADA - Lachine, Québec
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  • Ing. For over 20 years, A. Rossi Impianti Industriali is a company operating in the food processing sector. Thanks to its innovations and on-going development, the company is able to meet exacting... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Food industry - machinery and equipment | steriliser for the food industry | systems and equipment for the fruit and vegetable canning industry | electric pasteurisers [+] systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | evaporators for the food industry | evaporators | systems and equipment for processing tomatoes | industrial juice pulpers for foodstuffs | aseptic filling units | tomato processing lines | complete turnkey lines | refining | blast chilling units
    ITALY - Parma
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  • Fischer Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH is an innovative, global engineering and machine manufacturing company which focuses on meeting customer-specific requirements in thermal process systems. Each... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | plate-type heat exchangers | heat exchangers for chemical use | panel-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | plate heat exchangers - magnetic filters [+] moulds for heat exchangers | waste water heat exchangers | heat exchanger cleaning | heat exchanger repair | heat exchanger restoration | heat exchangers made from titanium | heat exchangers made from special materials | heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry | seals for plate heat exchangers | plate exchangers
    AUSTRIA - Ebreichsdorf
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  • Bondioli & Pavesi was set up at Suzzara in 1950, and in the space of a few years became the leader of the cardan shaft market. It was the first Italian company in the farming machinery sector to... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Transmission systems, pneumatic | Piston pumps | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Farm machines [+] Valves, hydraulic | Speed variators and reducers | Mechanical transmission - components | axial piston pumps | gear boxes | valves | torque limiters | transmission shafts | cardan joints for transmissions | cardan shafts
    ITALY - Suzzara
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  • Design and manufacture of heat exchangers. Finned and leaf assembly pipes; heat reclaimers; carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper finned pipes. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | heat exchangers for cold water production | heat exchangers for hot water production | heat exchangers for the textile sector [+] heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical sector | heat exchangers for the leather tanning sector | plate-type heat exchangers for heating | plate-type heat exchangers for refrigeration | lamellar block exchangers | plate-type exchangers | coaxial exchangers | heat reclaimers | Radiators - fin-type | finned tubes for civil and industrial use
    ITALY - San Pietro In Cariano
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  • Leading Italian company setting the standards in the manufacture of components for wall heaters. Indeed, it offers a wide range of components capable of meeting all new needs in the construction... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | panel-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers-savers | plate-type heat exchangers [+] brazen welded heat exchangers | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | manifold heat exchangers | movable tube-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | spiral heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | air exchangers | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | thermal flywheels
    ITALY - Marudo
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  • ...flexibility and skills needs to be your ideal partner in the development and manufacture of heat exchangers, and we are able to machine outsize special parts: folded coils and stainless steel coils. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchange coils | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Water refrigerants [+] air conditioning unit | air conditioner | air condensers | double row liquid coolers | heating coil units for civil applications | folded coils | aero-cooler | cooling towers | encased evaporators | heatsinks
    ITALY - Castegnero
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  • ...sector, namely insulation for heat exchangers. We are specialised in the manufacture and sales of heat resistant boxes for housing braze-welded heat exchangers and all other sorts of heat exchangers. The... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | insulated safety box for heat exchangers | safety housing for heat exchangers | protective housing for heat exchangers | safety housing for heat exchangers [+] insulated housing for heat exchangers | protective housing for heat exchangers | protection for heat exchangers | insulated boxes for heat exchangers | Ship equipment | Naval construction | Ship maintenance and repairs | ship and sailboat parts and components | ship maintenance | ship repairs
    ITALY - Verona
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  • Mega Tech Marine Services established in 2011 with a vision to globally supply new, pre-owned as well as reconditioned spares and machineries of different class of ships, Mega Tech Marine Services is... Supplier of: heat exchangers | Engines & Parts | Radar and radio navigation equipment | Bearings, crankshaft | combined gas generator [+] oil filters | engines and pumps - hydraulic | hydraulic motors | vehicle oil filters | hot water generator rental | engine spares | winches | shipping automation | chargers for generating units | fenders
    INDIA - Bhavnagar
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  • Technologica is an expert in high-tech metals, materials and process technology used in the aluminium industry, the electronic equipment and electrical engineering industry, the biotechnology... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | graphite heat exchangers | heat exchangers made from special materials | heat exchangers made from titanium | Aluminium and aluminium alloys [+] niobium | tantalum | aluminium alloys | caesium compounds | special chemicals | non-ferrous scrap metal | equipment manufacturing using special materials | semi-finished niobium products | equipment and containers made from titanium | tantalum semi-finished products
    GERMANY - Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe
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  • ...Engineering GmbH specialises in designing, constructing and supplying heat exchangers. UNEX supplies heat exchangers for all applications, from large industrial plants to compact building equipment. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | heat exchangers-savers | spiral heat exchangers | heat exchangers made from titanium [+] accessories for heat exchangers | bath heat exchangers | software for heat exchangers | double-pipe heat exchangers | heat exchangers for sludge | heat exchanger pipes | finned tube heat exchangers | plate exchangers | heat pump heating | heat regeneration systems
    AUSTRIA - Eisenstadt
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  • As an expert and experienced system supplier for thermal processes, we plan, produce and service evaporators, crystallisers and dryers, as well as systems for recovering solvents. Solutions and... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | stainless steel heat exchangers | Construction machinery | evaporators | vaporizers [+] earthmoving machinery | vacuum evaporators | crystallisation systems | extrusion systems | short-path evaporator systems | vacuum distillation systems | circulation evaporators | apparatus and container manufacturing | design offices for plant construction | plants for the chemical industry
    GERMANY - Teningen
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  • ...fittings, pipelines for hydraulics, hose lines for high and low pressure, hydraulic hoses, tube bundle heat exchangers, hydraulic components for construction machinery, hydraulics advice and more Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | Hydraulic equipment | Inner tubes [+] hydraulic hoses | industrial hydraulics | pipes | ball cocks | flexible hoses | high pressure pipes | hydraulic systems | cnc pipe bending parts | hydraulic components | hydraulic components for farming machinery
    GERMANY - Löbichau
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  • At Thermic Energy we view ourselves as a young, modern business that specialises in renewable energy technology. All steps, from development and construction right through to testing and series... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | plate heat exchanger | heat pumps | stainless steel exchanger [+] heating systems | Solar energy | Solar energy - installations | heating plant installation | buffer tanks | batteries for photovoltaic plants | solar modules | potable water storage tanks and service water storage tanks | water storage tank | hot water tank
    GERMANY - Borna
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  • A leading manufacturer of heat exchangers since 1959. Manufacture of heating coils, finned radiators, thermoventilated units, pressure vessels and heat recovery units. For the sector's technicians, this brand, which... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | movable tube-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | panel-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | spiral heat exchangers for civil and industrial use [+] heat exchange coils | air exchangers | air heating | radiant coils | steam condenser | aluminium radiators | oil vapour processing | bearing oil cooler pumps | water cooling | air heating solvent recovery for extractor hoods
    ITALY - Segrate
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  • Planning, construction, preparation and delivery of systems, system components and devices for generating hot gas and energy, heat recovery using thermal oil and steam and the services associated... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | exhaust gas heat exchangers | exhaust gas heat exchangers (flue gas) | heating | Energy - production plants and equipment [+] recovery boilers | steam boilers for industrial use | pressure tanks | heating boilers | heat regeneration systems | steam wand | thermal oil heating systems | high-temperature systems | flue gas | steam boiler
    GERMANY - Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
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  • heatsystems plans, designs and produces electric heating elements and systems to meet customers' individual requirements, for example flow heaters for oil or water, infrared radiant heaters, heating... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | electric heat exchangers | safety heat exchangers | Fuel oil | flow heater [+] cartridge heaters | diesel air heaters | flow heaters for oil and water | flow heaters | flow heaters for gases and liquids | safety recuperators | electric heating radiators | explosion-protected radiators | heating flanges | tank heaters
    GERMANY - Reichshof
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  • ...GmbH produces and distributes heat exchangers and fittings. Our products include: Air-liquid heat exchangers, waste-water heat exchangers, twin-tube heat exchangers, air-air heat exchangers,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | wast gas heat exchanger | air heat exchangers | finned tube heat exchanger | heat regeneration systems [+] fittings acc. ansi b 16.11 and mss sp 97 | pillow plates | therm plate | evaporator plate | spectacle blind gaskets (fittings)
    GERMANY - Kamen
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  • OGE Group is a sales organisation of a group of private companies from various industrial sectors. Our strategic supplier network meets all the demands of global value creation with a competitive mix... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Compensators | Oiling - machines and systems | stainless steel metalwork | filters [+] industrial hydraulics | ball cocks | special bearings | rubber gaskets | metal hoses | air-oil separators | heaters | machining | reloading presses | materials testing
    GERMANY - Düsseldorf
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  • We are involved in the heat recovery sector in particular. We focus our development and manufacturing on plate heat exchangers for heat exchange between two gas flows. Supplier of: heat exchangers | vaned-pipe heat exchangers | heat exchangers-savers | plate-type heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers [+] stainless steel exchanger | hot water exchangers | plate exchangers | Gas and oil - exploitation | Water - production and distribution | Industrial piping | Finishing work | Public works contractors | Energy and raw materials - services to industry | pipeline construction
    GERMANY - Wildeshausen
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  • As a successful medium-sized company from northern Münsterland, we offer our customers solutions in all areas of tube technology. With many years of experience in design and production engineering,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers with tube bundle | Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal [+] Industrial building construction | Metal construction, lightweight | Boilerwork | Machine tools - metal machining | Binding - machinery and equipment | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | cooling plate | pipe-bending work | cnc sheet metal work | orbital welding
    GERMANY - Hörstel
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  • Development: We develop and manufacture high quality control cabinet components necessary for the safe and practical functioning of a controller or control system. This includes equipment as well as... Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Hi-fi, television and video accessories | Electricity - distribution equipment | Electrical components and parts | Electrical systems and equipment [+] Passive electronic components and printed circuits | Active electronic components | Domestic appliances - large | Domestic appliances - small | Industrial equipment hire | De-humidifying equipment | heating devices for electrical control cabinets | electricity cabinets | filter fans | air conditioning units
    GERMANY - Liebenscheid
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  • ...manufacture of shell, tube and air heat exchangers, both for fluids and for industrial use. Our product line encompasses standard heat exchangers as well as products specially designed to meet our clients' specific... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | plate-type heat exchangers | double tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | spiral heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | manifold heat exchangers [+] heat exchangers for sea water | standard heat exchangers | special heat exchangers | fins for heat exchangers | exchangers for transformers | air-air exchangers | condensers
    ITALY - Grezzago
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  • Officina Meccanica Bonazzi manufactures machinery and installations for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The company has developed machinery manufacturing for the fine chemicals... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | pressurized apparatus for the petrochemicals sector | drying filters [+] reactors | mixers | buchner filters
    ITALY - Leffe
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  • Manufacture of industrial heat exchangers. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Diaphragm compressors | boilers | gas compressors | vanes [+] radial compressor | tyre compressors | centrifugal compressors | alternating compressors | screw compressors | piston compressors | components for refrigeration equipment | garage equipment | compressed air equipment
    ITALY - Ciserano
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  • Luoyang Sunrui Titanium Precision Casting Co., Ltd. was originally Titanium R&D Department of No.725 Research Institute (Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute) which is a branch of FORTUNE GLOBAL... Supplier of: heat exchangers | Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium and alloys | titanium sheet | titanium tube [+] titanium - turned screws and castings | titanium plate | titanium pipes and grates | titanium balls | titanium round | titanium alloy | titanium screw | titanium bars | titanium
    CHINA - Luoyang
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  • The company has over 150 employees and far-reaching experience in the electromechanical, heat exchanger and mechanical parts sectors. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium alloys | mechanical shaping | aluminium machining [+] aluminium nozzles | aluminium alloy smelting | underground smelting | sand casting | sand casting | heat treatments | prototypes | models for foundry | aluminium smelting
    ITALY - Bressanvido
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  • ...since 1997. Its activities include the design and manufacturing of key components, as well as installing and maintaining heat exchanger cooling systems and air depollution systems as well as chimneys. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Cooling towers | Hearths, industrial | Engineering - industrial contractors | cooling systems [+] smoke cooling system | cooling of gases and smoke | towers with reduced vapour cloud | cooling towers | smoke filtering
    BELGIUM - Mont-saint-guibert
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  • OVER srl is a modern, hard-driving company with more than 20 years' experience constructing industrial installations for the following sectors: chemicals petrochemicals pharmacy; food and water... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | Engineering - industrial contractors | chemical plant building | design of chemical installations [+] pipes | columns for chemical plants | tanks | chemical reactors | industrial plant construction
    ITALY - Medolago
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