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  • Additives and agents are used in many areas of daily life. We specialise in additives and services for fuels, combustibles and lubricants. There is a surprising variety of additives with properties that are... Supplier of: agents and additives | diesel additive | petrol additive | terminal additive | service additive [+] lubricant additive | agricultural additive | refinery additive | forwarding additive | industrial additive | fuel additive | Petroleum fuels and additives | flow improver | erc | fuel oil additive
    GERMANY - Buchholz I. D. N.
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  • No additives, preserving agents or colourants. Supplier of: Frozen and deep-frozen foods | frozen churros | deep frozen churros | churros | churro manufacture [+] churro producers | churro manufacture | frozen fried churros
    SPAIN - Salamanca
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  • ...BBQ and sous-vide cooking. We can deliver anywhere in the world, and have a network of agents and distributors, as well as additional manufacturing and/or offices in Poland, Mexico, Turkey and South Africa. Supplier of: Food packaging | absorbents | packaging for fish | packaging for meat | film for fruit and vegetable packaging
    UNITED KINGDOM - Telford
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  • ...antifoam additive, demusifying agent .Lubricant additive packages include internal combustion engine oil additive package, gear engine oil lubricant additive package, anti-wear hydraulic engine lubricant additive package.Application: they are... Supplier of: lubricant additive | Petrol | hydraulic oil additive package | pour point depressant | gear oil additive
    CHINA - Liaoning/shenyang
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  • ...or connectivity, acrylic acid is also used in flocculating agents, chelating agents and thickening agents. In addition, it copolymerises with monomers such as styrene, butadiene and vinyl acetate. Supplier of: Carboxylic and anhydric acids | Polymers | Natural polymers | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | cyanuric chloride
    GERMANY - Marl
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  • ...textured vegetable protein, sweet agent and other kinds of food additives and ingredients and different flavors seasoning powder packet, sauce packet, oil packet, vegetable bun vinegar packs and etc. Supplier of: food additive | Spices | seasonings | instant noodles | flavour
    CHINA - Jiaozuo
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  • ...Ceramic Additive, Water Reducing Agent, oil well additives, dyestuff additives, dispersant, bonding agent, ect Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde(SNF): Snf Used As Dispersing Agent in dyestuff , Super... Supplier of: cement additives | Chemical binders | concrete admixture | superplasticizer | lignosulphonate
    CHINA - Jinan
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  • ...plastic, chamical agents, Food additives, Dystuff, Pesticides, Paraffin waxes, Microcrystalline Waxes, Bitumen, We also supply diferent types of silicone for diferent usages: Silicone Gum,... Supplier of: agents additives paraffin waxes petrolum gelly | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | unsaturated polyester resins gelcoat alkyd resins | silicone compound rubber gum insulating fumed sheets | epoxy rods composite insulator fuse cutout
    FRANCE - Nanterre
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  •, surfaces are gently and safely cleaned of release agents and additives and sterilised (plasma sterilisation), while plasma activation makes later adhesion of glues and coatings possible. Supplier of: Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | sufrace modification | plasma treatment
    UNITED KINGDOM - Bicester
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  • ...coupling agent series products; 5, Food Additives, such as sweeteners, preservatives, natural colors etc....; 6, Nano chemicals, such as Nano TiO2, Nano Al2O3 etc....; ANHUI ELITE INDUSTRIAL CO.,... Supplier of: Epoxy resin | coating | painting
    CHINA - Hefei
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  • ...high temperature flux, analytical reagent, chromatogram fixing agent, food additive and health care products & medicine, which are used for keep the balance of sulfur element in human body. Supplier of: Phytotherapy products | methyl sulfonyl methane | dimethyl sulfone
    CHINA - Zhuzhou
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  • ...Color Masterbatch♦ Filler Masterbatch♦ Additives (Antistatic Agent, Anti-block Agent, Antifoaming, Barium-Sulfate Filler Masterbatch, Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch)Which are for use in a... Supplier of: Additives for plastics industry | masterbatch for plastics | color masterbatch
    CHINA - QiaoTou Town.DongGuan City
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  • ...series, silicone oil series, oil field auxiliary additive series, surface active agent series, and plastic/rubber auxiliary additive series. Our total annual output is 26, 000 tons, of which our main... Supplier of: Silicones | silane coupling agnent
    CHINA - Jinghzou
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  • ...treatment agent.4. Other chemical agents: fuel additives, fouling corrosion inhibitors, limescale dispersant, paint residue suspending agent, paint residue destructive agent, spray painting of circulating water treatment agent, water towers detergents. Supplier of: Water treatment products
    TAIWAN R.O.C. - Kaohsiung
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  • ...supports.• Molecular desiccants and filters.• Carriers for the pharmaceutical industry.• Additives for the paper and foundry sectors.Animal foods• Binders and anti-caking agents.• Suspension additives.• Mycotoxin adsorbents. Supplier of: Mining services | additives animal feed industry
    SPAIN - Madrid
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  • ...agents, petroleum catalysts, oil additives, fire resistant hydraulic oil, thermal oil. Plastic raw materials, polyethylene, k resin, ABS alloy, plastic additives. Film-forming material, pigment,... Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | chemical raw materila | matel and matel scrap
    CHINA - Nanjing
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  • ...agents, petroleum catalysts, oil additives, fire resistant hydraulic oil, thermal oil; plastic raw materials polyethylene, ABS alloy, etc.Contact us: http: // Supplier of: Mineral oxides and peroxides | industrial chemical products | chemical raw materials
    CHINA - Nanjing
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  • Ingredients: natural vegetable oils, extracts of marine coral bleaching agents, polymer additives, bio-enzyme, Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | wash powder | liquid detergent
    CHINA - Hangzhou
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  • Rubber additives, crosslinking agent , Rubber ingredients, Actor-TDDS, Accel-BF, Actor-JCSS, Accel-808, Actor-512, Pharmaceutical intermediates, DMTD, DMCT, MTD, MMTD, MMTZ Fine chemical products , Lubricant... Supplier of: lubricant additives | Fuels, liquid | rubber chemicals
    CHINA - Yantai
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  • ...surfactant series, papermaking additive series, textile auxiliary series, fungicide series, water treatment agent series, oil field auxiliary additive series, unsaturated polymer resin series Supplier of: Organic oxides and peroxides
    CHINA - Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
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  • AM Chemie GmbH was founded in October 2001. Since 2003, their revenue on the market has increased continuously. In 2007, AM Chemie invested in storage and logistics. Alongside surface treatment... Supplier of: wetting agent/surfactant additives | Strippers and abrasives, chemical | strip finishing systems | chemicals for metal finishing | chemicals for surface cleaning [+] degreasing products for metals | development of specialist chemical products | development of specialist technical solutions | galvanic chemicals | surface pretreatment systems | etching systems for metals | passivation agents | phosphating agents | cleaning agents for metals | process development
    GERMANY - Altenberg
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  • Integrated Chemicals Specialties (ICS) is stock-keeping distributor of Specialty Chemicals, active in the Benelux & Germany. ICS mainly cooperates with producers who are long term partners, which is... Supplier of: bonding agents | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | chemicals | corrosion inhibitors | polyurethane [+] moisture scavengers | additief ti | accelerator masterbatches | pu elastomers | cut fibers | phosphonates | hyperdispersant | dispergents | acetales
    NETHERLANDS - Nieuw-Vennep
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  • DANA Lubricants Factory LLC (DANA LUBES) is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified , API Approved UAE BASED MANUFACTURER OF LUBRICANTS, OILS & GREASE is Quality Manufacturer & Supplier of Automotive ,... Supplier of: lubricant additives | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | cutting oils | gasoline engine oil [+] fully synthetic & semi synthetic gasoline engine oil | diesel engine oil | fully synthetic & semi synthetic diesel engine oils | hydraulic & gear oil | atf & clutch fluid | calcium grease multipurpose | lithium multipurpose grease | high temperature grease | brake fluid | coolant & antifreeze
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  • With its workforce of over 90 people, family company Schwarzwälder Textil-Werke Heinrich Kautzmann GmbH (STW) develops and produces top quality fibres for your industry and applications. As a leading... Supplier of: screed additives | thixotropic agents | Optical fibres | natural fibres | reinforced fibres [+] fibre fillers | fibreglass for reinforcing plastics | aramide fibres | reinforcements | fibres, synthetic | fillers | lyocell fibres | polyacrylonitrile (pan) fibres | polyester fibres | polypropylene fibres
    GERMANY - Schenkenzell
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  • We are among the market leaders in the production of masterbatches of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films. We provide masterbatch solutions that can be used to manufacture high-quality end... Supplier of: additives for polyurethane | raising agents | Films, plastic | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | additives for plastic materials [+] anti-statics for plastics | plastic materials in pellet form | masterbatch for plastics | rubber antistatic | anti-static fabrics | plastic packaging for the food and food preservation industry | stretch films and wrap | polycarbonate profiles | additive concentrates for the plastics industry | flame retardants
    GERMANY - Rüthen
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  • Creating value through research and the production of innovative and safe solutions. Enartis provides the best quality and safety in wine-making adjuvants, by going beyond the traditional concept of... Supplier of: Wine additives | surfeiting agents | yeasts for the beverage industry | wine-making coadjuvants | wine-making tannins [+] products for wine-making | natural emulsifiers for the beverage industry | acidity correctors | natural wine colouring | bead range for wine and sparkling wine | analysis kits | malolactic fermentation | yeast polysaccharides | enzymes for wine-making
    ITALY - San Martino-Trecate
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  • D.W. RENZMANN APPARATEBAU GMBH offers design, production and sales services for the aforementioned systems. We perform profitability calculations with regard to performance, personnel requirements,... Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | washing machines for containers and bins | washers | machines for dry cleaners | solvent distillers [+] distillers | industrial washing facilities | washing installation design | cleaning systems for printing press parts | washing machines for the paint and coatings industry | washing machines for the graphics industry | distillation machines | washing machines for ink pans | washing machines for cleaning printing unit parts | washing machines for cleaning anilox rollers
    GERMANY - Monzingen
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  • ...wetting and dispersing agents and grinding and application techniques. In addition to providing optimum technical solutions, we help customers to maximise their profits with our attractive pricing. Supplier of: Pigments and dyes, nonfood | colourings for paper | pigment colours | pigment pastes | pigment preparations
    GERMANY - Düren
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  • ...and manufacture of masterbatches and additives since 1968. The varied range of additives includes: Anti-fog agents, UV protection, flame retardants, antistatic agents, antiblock agents, etc. Supplier of: additive | Dyes and pigments, industrial - nonfood | paints - production | masterbatch for plastics | additives for plastic materials [+] industrial colourants and pigment | pigments for plastics | anti-statics for plastics | effect pigments | antioxidants | liquid dyes | dye pastes | colour concentrates for plastics | masterbatches | antioxidants for plastics
    GERMANY - Remscheid
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  • ...Chemical raw materials; Dispersion powder; Anti-foaming agents; Raw materials for adhesives; Shea butter; Preservatives for paints; Release agents for rubber processing; Flame retardants (fire retardants) Supplier of: Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Paints and varnishes | industrial chemical products | chemicals for the construction industry | adhesive labels [+] biocides | chemical products for the food and preserved food industry | flameproof | shea butter | polyurethane dispersions | chemical trade | chemical raw materials | dispersion powder | anti-foam agents | release agents for rubber processing
    GERMANY - Kakenstorf
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